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With the parking problem gradually affecting people's daily life, the intelligent parking lot system is gradually emerging, so as to develop into the parking mode loved by people. The reason for this development trend is the aggravation of the problem of parking difficulty. Of course, parking lot management is accompanied by charging. The traditional charging method is not only cumbersome, but also unsafe. However, with the addition of license plate recognition technology, this problem has been greatly solved.

What Are the Advantages of the Parking Lot Charging System with License Plate Recognition - Tigerwon 1

Then, what are the advantages of the parking lot charging system with license plate recognition? Come and have a look with tiger Wong Xiaobian. With the rapid growth of vehicles, the parking problem has become a major problem affecting people's life. Some people also take this opportunity to take some improper means to collect parking fees, and the parking lot charging system of license plate recognition can solve this problem in many ways. I. The management level and image are more outstanding. The use of license plate recognition parking lot charging system will greatly improve the parking lot management level and establish a good image, whether in terms of product modeling, convenience and practicability brought by automatic control and scientific management.

II. The management is more convenient and safe. For the parking lot users with only fixed vehicles, the fixed vehicle license plate number can be directly imported into the easy parking HD license plate recognition all-in-one camera. When the fixed vehicles enter and leave the parking lot, the license plate recognition parking lot charging system will automatically recognize the vehicle license plate number and compare it with the white list in the license plate recognition all-in-one camera, After the calibration is successful, the intelligent gate will be released automatically. The whole parking process does not need PC and manual intervention, and the access can be realized without parking. The off-line parking lot charging system has the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable performance and convenient installation, maintenance and use.

For the parking lot users with both temporary and fixed vehicles, the license plate recognition parking lot charging system is different from the traditional IC card and Bluetooth card parking charging mode. The integrated license plate recognition machine is used to collect the license plate information, and judge whether it is a temporary vehicle or a fixed vehicle through license plate recognition, so as to charge and manage the incoming and outgoing vehicles. III. The system is more reliable. The off-line license plate recognition car parking management system adopts embedded license plate recognition technology. License plate recognition, parking lot billing system and database all run in the Linux system of license plate recognition camera, and the system is stable and reliable.

The charging version of the car parking management system allows fixed vehicles to pass in and out without stopping, and temporary vehicles can enter without stopping and leave without stopping. The whole parking lot management scheme has simple structure, stability and reliability. IV. charging is more strict. For the artificial cash charging method, on the one hand, it has high labor intensity and low efficiency. Another major disadvantage is that it causes great loopholes and cash loss in finance. Using the license plate recognition parking lot charging system, the system has a client and a management end.

What Are the Advantages of the Parking Lot Charging System with License Plate Recognition - Tigerwon 2

The management end can provide rich report statistics functions. The fees charged by the toll collector per shift need to match the fees displayed by the system, so as to eliminate cheating and protect the interests of the parking lot manager. V. it is more convenient to expand the open design of software and hardware, so that the management mode and use mode can easily meet the special needs of different occasions, and can be set and changed according to their own requirements. For example, the classification of vehicle categories, charging methods, processing of various licensed vehicles, etc., the system software can be easily changed according to specific requirements. Vi. the background management is more perfect.

The powerful background management system can comprehensively track the access of each vehicle. The application of SQL Server database can store data and automatically generate statistics and other related reports. There are no rules and no surrounding area, which has always been a great truth since ancient times. The design purpose of the car parking management system is: 1. In order to facilitate the owner to drive in and out of the parking lot, ensure the safety of parked vehicles and reflect the humanization of property management; 2. In order to reduce the number of managers in the parking lot and improve work efficiency; 3. Improve the image of property management and increase the economic benefits of parking lot. The same is true of the charging system.

Adding new technology only makes people feel more at ease about the parking lot. Of course, it also has its core advantages. The times are changing, science and technology are improving, and various industries will change accordingly. Adding the parking lot charging system of license plate recognition will make unattended and charging further. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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