Turn Your Old Smartphone into a Security Camera

Originally published at security is no joke, and the closer you live to the city the higher chances you have of burglary. But when it comes to security cameras, there are a ton of options that are expensive and take time to learn how to use. Now theres an app that turns your smartphone into a security camera- a really efficient way to put your old technology to use!

Turn Your Old Smartphone into a Security Camera 1

Alfred Video Surveillance CameraThe Alfred App offers a ton of great features for turning your smartphone into a security camera. Just download the app on the device youre planning to use as the camera, as well as the device you are using to monitor the feed. You can select which device is being used for what!

With the app comes a ton of features:Remote access so you can livestream your feed from anywhere (maybe while working remotely?)motion sensors and instant alerts so you always know whats going onfree cloud storage to store your videoswalkie talkie feature so you can talk through the device speakergreat zooming features so you can catch every little detailYou can download the Alfred app for either Android or iOS. Once your camera is up and running, you can also view the live stream from a web browser, for added monitoring flexibility.

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Turn Your Old Smartphone into a Security Camera 2

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ISmartSafe  Best DIY Home Security System at Your DoorStep
ISmartSafe Best DIY Home Security System at Your DoorStep
iSmartSafe Home Security SystemiSmartSafe home security systems provide the best self controlled and self monitored home security solutions. Their DIY Home Security Systems are the first wireless home security systems that combines wireless and cellular connection together. Compared to the traditional home burglar alarm, iSmartSafe is much more secure and reliable. Also, the installation is much easier. iSmartSafe provide the instant alert notification to the home owner or renter when someone breaks into the house. The home owners can easily monitor their house without paying any monthly fee or contract fee.Wireless Cellular ConnectionThe wireless home security systems of iSmartSafe replaces the stress of having to connect and install the wire. With the wireless connection technology, the Wireless Home Security Systems create a wireless connection between home burglar panel and sensors around. The iSmartSafe home security systems have the best and safest technology in modern day home security business, combining WiFi and cellular connection together. This creates a perfect wireless home security system. Security Camera with Video DoorbelliSmartSafe DIY home security systems provide wireless indoor and outdoor cameras. Their DIY home security systems have Home Burglar Alarms that allow these cameras to interact and send alarm information to the owner of the home. The home burglar alarms, home security cameras, and the video cameras all work together. This means the home owner can view the happenings around the home at anytime, and anywhere.Other outstanding features of the iSmartSafe home security systems include; A self-monitored alarm system which is a free app that lets you monitor your home security system. Wireless sensor. This allows for about 100 sensors that can cover a wide range depending on the home size. It uses independent cellular connection powered by strong batteries. This doesnt require any monthly fee. It offers a free app that gives you access to your home burglar alarm system from anywhere in the world. You can also do this through any means. This free app also notifies you of any activity. The iSmartSafe DIY home security system is very portable and you can go anywhere with it. You can also install and re-install anywhere. It also allows you communicate with others through its two way communication system. With the iSmartSafe DIY home security system, you do not need to worry about the power shortage. It still functions even when the house loses the Wi-Fi and power.When it comes to the selection of DIY home security systems, the best option is iSmartSafe home security systems. It provides the best DIY home security systems that comes with a free app that lets you personalize and monitor your home security system yourself. As a wireless home security system, combining wireless and cellular connection for the home security system is one innovation accorded to iSmartSafe home security system alone. Its home burglar alarm is also comparable with home security cameras and Video Doorbells, which can send the alert notification to the home owner at any time, and can be accessed by home owner from anywhere.
The Best DIY Home Security Systems
The Best DIY Home Security Systems
Whether you are a new homeowner or just looking to add a security system to your existing family home, it can be hard to know which system would work best for you. There are a lot of options out there and they all over a large variety of different features. Here is a guide to help you know what to look for in a security system and decide which system will work best for you!What size system do you need?Working as a representative for a security company, I can tell you this is the question we hear most often. Customers often ask us Which size system will work best for me? What I recommend is that you purchase a sensor for all the doors and windows in your house, but if this seems like a lot and you are worried about the expense, the bare minimum we recommend covering the ground level of your house. It is going to be fairly noticeable to your neighbors if an intruder props a ladder outside your house. However, we dont recommend leaving the upstairs unprotected. You can use motion detectors to cover the rooms upstairs and hallways so that a wide area is covered to save some money. Most homes need a system that uses about 8 contact sensors and 23 motion detectors, this usually is enough to cover the average home.Self Monitored vs Central MonitoringThis is a big factor in choosing a system because it can also help point you to which company is going to work best for you as well. Ideally getting a versatile system that allows for both self-monitored or central monitoring because then if you change your mind you dont have to change systems. You might be asking yourself at this point What is she talking about? What is central monitoring vs self-monitoring? Excellent question! Let me explain! Probably the type you are most familiar with is central monitoring, this is the traditional security system where when the alarm is triggered it calls to a central monitoring station who then calls you to ask if everything is ok. The agent on the phone will ask for the passcode and if they dont provide that or if you dont answer they will send out the local law enforcement. The company will charge a monthly fee for this service.Self-monitoring cuts out the middleman, the system is an auto-dialing system where you program the number you want it to call and then it calls you directly to notify you when the alarm is triggered. You can even program multiple numbers so that if you are not available it can call a neighbor, spouse, friend, or even the police. And best of all? There is no charge for this service. Self-monitoring essentially offers the same service as a centrally monitored system but instead, it calls you directly, saving you money!Communication CapabilitiesIn a similar vein of monitoring, another big factor in deciding which system is best for you is how you want the system to contact you when the alarm is triggered. Whether you use self-monitoring or central monitoring, your system will need to be able to send out the message that the alarm is triggered. This can be done 1 of 3 days- WiFI, Phone Line, or SIM card. When connected to WiFI, the system can communicate with an app on your phone to send pop-up notifications directly to your phone, including a siren to attract your attention. This is a free service, it connects to a free app and utilizes your existing WiFI connection. With WiFi, you can not get phone calls so if you want a phone call you will need a phone line or a SIM card.When connected to a phone line, the system will work just like a traditional landline. You can program the numbers that you want the system to call and then when the panel receives an alarm signal it will start dialing out immediately. The advantage of this is you can utilize an existing phone line without extra cost. However there is an increasing number of downsides to using a phone line, the most pressing is that the majority of consumers are doing away with standard landlines in favor of cell phones. Adding a new line to your house for the security system can be pretty expensive, plus there are vulnerabilities with potentially cut lines or loss of power. This leads us to the best option, the SIM card.With a SIM card, the system is basically acting like a cell phone. When the alarm is triggered the panel will place a call through the cellular network. This also allows for the additional feature of text messages as well. When used in conjunction with Wifi as a backup you can get communication in all 3 methods: Pop up notifications, text messages, and a phone call. Talk about triple protection! Also if the power goes out the panels backup battery will kick in and with the cellular network will still work so the panel will continue operations as if nothing happened. What have we learned?The best advice I can give any customer is to do lots of research! A good agent will be happy to answer any and every question you have to make sure you get the best system for you. It is important that you have a good understanding of how the system works, the good and the bad. Also, make sure you are familiar enough with your home set up that you know the vulnerabilities. Think like an intruder and try and spot the places in your house that need the most coverage. Then find a system that best meets those needs! Nobody regrets making a smart, well-informed purchase!
How to Choose a Home Security System?
How to Choose a Home Security System?
A home needs to be a secure, comforting environment for the people who inhabit it. Not just in an emotional sense, a home needs to physically secure the people and possessions it contains. As a responsible homeowner, you are therefore also in charge of your familys well being and security. While you may have invested in insurance in terms of injury, illness and unforeseen acts of nature like floods, quakes and the like, installing the home security systems can be an excellent way to ensure your loved ones well being. No matter whether you are living in a safe neighborhood or locality, it is essential to make sure that you have the latest security measures to protect your home. So to help you out heres all you need to know about choosing the right security system. 1. The DNA of home security systemsThere are several types of home security systems and devices. Most of them consist of a video door phone in order to identify entrants into your home. Some sort of a smart lock that can be controlled only by designated users, and a camera system that enables you, via the internet to get a live stream of whats happening in the space while youre away at work. 2. Which one must you chooseAs a homeowner, your decision about a home security system is contingent on several elements. For starters, do you live in an apartment or a standalone bungalow? If you live in an apartment located in a new housing society, chances are that there will be a closed-circuit television system already installed on the premises. So a peripheral system monitoring the outdoors isnt going to be necessary. However, if you do live in a bungalow, a more elaborate security system with motion detectors and an alarm might be a prudent course of action.3. What youll need to keep in mindTwo things are going to be extremely crucial for the functioning of your home security system, first, an uninterrupted high-speed internet connection, that will need to be on 24/7. This will give you a live stream of the activity happening in your space. The second and most crucial must-have for a home security system is uninterrupted electricity, without which the system is obviously going to be compromised and unable to function. A backup generator is also recommended.4. The major components of the systemWireless cameras, with infrared capabilities, may have seemed like an overkill in the past, but with the way, crime has evolved, they have now become a necessity. Video door phones are another important component of a stable security system. A central command console that backs up footage and is capable of transmitting the same to the police and emergency services is also extremely important.5. Ancillary or add on componentsBiometrically secured locks, that are opened by a fingerprint scan and safes built into walls or a cupboard depending on whether or not you plan to keep sensitive information or valuables in the home are all ancillary components of the system.Thanks to technological breakthroughs and the proliferation of high-speed internet, securing your home has never been simpler. We hope this guide is helpful for your purchase of a reliable home security system
Secure Your Home with Smart Home Security System and H
Secure Your Home with Smart Home Security System and H
In the recent years, it is the great increase in the burglary. So by seeing this to secure our home smart home security systems are the best option to secure our home from the burglar. We all know that when we leave our home whether it is for some short time or a long time the burglar takes only a few seconds to enter and ransack our property. Installing the smart home security systems can definitely help us to save from the burglar. It gives us a peace of mind and total tension free mind.Burglar Alarm system:There are thousands of companies in the market who specialize in providing home security cameras. It is worthwhile to spend a decent amount of money on a proper burglar alarm and we can also consult with the expert company. Because the professionals of this work are able to suggest us the best ways of protecting our property. But the security alarms are not always good at their work or sometimes they just dont set in our required work. Security Cameras:By having the security cameras will defiantly fulfill our need of work which we actually need. There are also many different types of cameras are available in the market. Cameras have their different ranges of work. There are some cameras that have black and white footage and no sound. They are the old version of security cameras. If we talk about the recent years, the cameras are best for the security purpose. Now the cameras have color footage or even HD footage to get the best result. They move in 360 angles so we dont have installed many cameras for security. In these type of cameras, the sound is also enabled by which we exactly know what the people are talking in front of our cameras.
Interview with Andrey Gabisov of Oco: Super Simple Smart Home Monitoring Camera!
Interview with Andrey Gabisov of Oco: Super Simple Smart Home Monitoring Camera!
Weve had a number of great interviews with some of the coolest and feature rich smart home security systems and gadgets to date! And we do this becauseWe want the best content for our readers andWe enjoy talking to different people from different companiesAnd were just getting startedLadies and Gents Meet Oco! The super simple home monitoring camera Its a smart one too!With us today is Andrey Gabisov, chief marketing officer at Oco.Andrey, thanks for joining us! Youll be answering questions for us. We hope to get the most out of your time!Here we goConventionally, every company has their own story to tell. Whats yours?The company was founded by fathers, all who are very concerned about keeping their families and homes safe and secure. However, when you look at the home monitoring and security devices market you see that the only options to choose from are either expensive devices with huge monthly fees or product thats cheaply designed, lacks basic features, performs poorly and are vulnerable to hacks. Therefore, we decided to change it, and set out to develop innovative, full-featured security devices that are easy to use and affordable. Two years ago, we started developing our first smart camera, the Oco, and brought it to the market in just five months. Now, its sold in US, Europe and several other countries around the world.Where did the name Oco came from?Oco comes from oculus in Latin, and means eye in old Slavic languages. You were amongst the first to truly take home security to the next level. But you took a different path away from crowdfunding Why so? Can you tell us what happened?When introducing our first Oco camera, we saw plenty of video surveillance camera options out there, but less so for solutions that embraced Cloud technology, which is a growing category, and that were also affordable. By matching up our hardware design with our partner Ivideon, a recognized leader in cloud surveillance systems for video steaming and recording, we knew we had a solid offering the could be introduced directly to market, and we had the resources to make it happen. At first, we were surprised by the avid interest from retailers, particularly in the US, since this was a new brand. However, it reinforced what we already knew about the need for security solutions like Oco among consumers. As a result, Oco hit store shelves in no time without the need for crowdfunding. However, we may consider this instrument in the future.In that case, how were you able to bring Oco to the market?It was a lot of hard work by an incredible team. The key was securing a very strong network of retail partners, which given that our Oco smart home monitoring cameras offer advanced features, solid design and competitive pricing, we were able to do. Today, Oco cameras are available online at most major retailers, including Amazon, Target, Walmart,Home Depot and Best Buy, and in-store at Target, Macys and Frys across the US. Our Oco Pro line of professional surveillance cameras is now available to distributors and installers across the US.When you started out you knew youre on an uphill battle against the likes of Nest Cam. How were you able to par with a well- established and longtime player?The simple answer is we delivered a very high quality product that stood out against the competition. We looked at what home owners and small business owners were searching for advanced features like two-way talk and self-learning sound and motion detection with no fake notifications, truly easy installation (less than 60 seconds), cloud-based video storage, the ability to easily monitor captured video and control the camera from any connected device or laptop, premium video quality, affordability and a smart, sleek design. By delivering a product that met this demand, Oco became a very enticing option in the market. Oco comes with motion and sound sensor. How smart are these sensors?Very smart. Oco uses self-learning algorithms that essentially, get smarter every day, and learns to avoid false triggers. For example, if you have a tree outside your home that always brushing up against your window, Oco is going to learn that this is a reoccurring noise that isnt of concern. This ability makes Oco stand from many other more expensive cameras. You got wide angle viewing and 720p HD video streaming. Whats more is that your cloud storage plan is very affordable. But whats even better is the smart bandwidth consumption. Can you share with us how this feature works?We designed Oco to require a broadband Internet connection with just a minimal bandwidth of 0.5 Mbit/s. However, depending on the bandwidth currently available, Oco will automatically adapt its video quality, or you can adjust it manually. We stream video directly to the cloud only when you activate live streaming in your app or if motion or sound triggers have been activated. That helps us to send less data and minimize bandwidth use.The ever growing demand for smart home security system lead to the emergence of new players in the market. How would you take on the challenge? What future is set for Oco Home Monitoring Camera?Were going to continue to do exactly what weve been doing develop great surveillance cameras that offer home and business owners all the innovative features and cloud-based technologies they want their security surveillance systems to have, and all at an affordable price. Moving forward, youll continue to see us add more advanced video capture and analysis features, expanded compatibility for integration with other smart home and security system platforms and much more. In fact, we just announced Ocos integration with IFTTT, enabling you to connect your Oco to more than 225 smart home devices and apps. So now, you can pair your Oco to work with your Phillips Hue lamps, activate geofencing around your property, and so many other options. [Andrey], I want to order Oco. Where, or how can I get a discount?You can buy it on our website or in any major US retailer from Amazon to Home Depot and Walmart.So in a nutshell, if youre looking for a reliable plug and play solution to monitor your home away from home, Oco Home Monitoring Camera is for you!This is great,[Andrey]! This is why interviews are great in our opinion. Not only that real people representing the company are answer real questions, we can also get a good feel your core value as a team. In a way we are not just buying your products, but your passion towards your craft!HSL would like to congratulate you and your team for a great job! Thanks again for the opportunity to know you more!We are looking forward to posting our full review of Oco!To our readers Share your thoughts with us by commenting below!Source: RELATED QUESTION People with really long hair, whats something people with short/medium hair dont understand? And how long is your hair? 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Excellent Thermal Security Cameras From ADT Home Security Systems
Excellent Thermal Security Cameras From ADT Home Security Systems
Looking for a cost-effective alternative for the security of your home? Thermal cameras from ADT Home Security Systems can meet your security specifications.Thermal cameras allow users to see what they cant see with their naked eyes. Regardless of the lighting conditions, they will let you see the person or incident with the help of invisible heat radiation emitted or reflected by all objects. Thermal cameras deployed in the security sector can help the home and business owners with many benefits. With the help of the constant monitoring in bad to no light conditions, you can impede potential burglars from breaking into your security. At ADT Home Security Cameras, you can avail superior-quality thermal cameras at the best affordable rates. With the installation of the thermal security cameras, you can harvest the below-given benefits-Work In Low Light ConditionsThese security cameras can work in the poor light scenarios such as during night hours when the premises are the most prone to the security break or intrusion.Overcome Visual LimitationsNormal security cameras cannot see through the naturally occurring visual obscurant that block reflected light. Thermal cameras can overcome these visual obstacles and can see what normal security cameras cannot. Reduce False AlarmsThermal cameras can reduce the number of the false alarms, thus saving a bundle in the business security scenario. Thermal security cameras deploy the advanced analytics software that can perform at its maximum caliber to furnish the exceptional quality of image and video footages.Cost-effective Security SolutionThermal security cameras are very affordable and cater to your security needs efficiently. Thermal cameras are much cheaper as compared to the CCTV cameras. Moreover, the range covered by many CCTV cameras does not exceed 200 meters at the night time, but thermal home security solutions can overcome this visibility shortcoming.Improved SecurityWith the help of the security cameras, you can improve the security of your home and workplaces. It is very easy to fool the security cameras that capture only visible light. In case, where similar color or patterns blend together, it becomes difficult to identify a person or the activity. Thermal security cameras are not easy to deceive. ADT Home Security is a single stop shop for all your security needs
Tips for Choosing Home Security Systems
Tips for Choosing Home Security Systems
The fact is that there are more than 2 million homes that are burglarized in the US per year. The best method for this problem is a home security system. In this post, we will give you tips on the best home security system to protect your home. Be sure to read the article for a list of 9 things you need to know before buying a home security system.Choose Asset protection devicesThese devices are very important. You should install the devices that can be able to alert you once your valuables are tampered with. They allow you to know when your jewelry box is opened even without physical evidence. In addition, these devices give you peace of mind. For instances, if any strange person comes into your home, you will know if he disturbed your valuable items or not. But, its important to consider the number of money you need when it comes to buying asset protection devices.Burglar alarms are different from home security systemsIts true. The home security systems provide you additional benefits to protect you as well as your home. But, they require the better investment than burglar alarms. Thats why you need to know what is protected as well as how the system performs. A burglar alarm comes with sensors on doors and windows. It can be able to alert you once an intruder has entered the home. Also, it can help to warn you about environmental dangers as carbon monoxide, fire, and flooding.Security systems work even while power outagesMany homeowners pay attention to the power of the home security system. Dont worry! The home security systems can be able to operate even without power at your home. Indeed, they come with a large battery that backs up the system once the main power is out.You can also think about a solar-powered security system. You can set it as an outdoor security camera. This system is more expensive a bit. But, its a great choice for those who are finding a green solution operating even during power outages.Consider the sizeNot just one kind of security system is made for everyone. In fact, there is a wide range of types and sizes available on the market. They allow you to customize to fit your needs. Although this is more expensive, it can be able to offer a higher level of security. Especially, it will be designed to suit your home as well as your way of life. If you are living in a small house, you need a small system. On the contrary, a larger system may be fine for a large home. And, it requires one that can cover all the doors, windows, and the grounds.Home security systems are at reasonable priceYou can get a home security system on your budget even when its limited. Indeed, you can choose a traditional burglar alarm system. It offers sensors on your doors as well as windows. Also, it can be able to alert your sensors on your doors. This is a reasonable choice but still provides adequate protection for your home. You can also choose a larger system if your budget allows. It comes with more features such as fire alarms, intruder alerts, carbon monoxide alerts, and even immediate access to emergency personnel. Also, it can come with the use of asset protection devices. The various installation processesThe installation process depends on the types of home security system you buy. You need to ask a professional to install a traditional wired system. Also, this system requires some drilling. They purpose to connect the sensors to the main alarm system. Its easier to install a wireless system. Most of them are powered by the battery. Installation is based on the company you buy. Consider your provider carefullyWhen buying a home security system, you have to consider a service provider. First, learn about the time the company you choose has been in business. You should choose one that has been in business at least 10 years. Dont forget to look for customer feedback as well as peace of mind. Then, determine the distance between the monitoring location and you. Its ideal to be no more than 250 miles away. Not all additional services are worthIndeed, you just need to invest in asset protection devices if you have high-priced items in your home. On the contrary, you neednt pay for asset protection devices to protect if there is no valuable painting, jewelry, or other items.Other high-tech devices come with immediate access to emergency personnel and security cameras. These personal alarm systems can be linked to your smartphone. So, you can monitor your home even if youre away.Other less-obvious benefitsIn addition, there are also many different benefits when buying a home security system. You can depend on them to decide to buy a product. For examples, many homeowners provide a reduction in premiums for people with a home security system installed. Talk to your insurance carrier for the discount. Also, more advanced home security systems offer an alert. Plus, home security systems ensure to give peace of mind for guests, nannies, as well as babysitters.ConclusionIf you want to buy a home security system, you have to do a little research. Determine the difference between the types of systems. That aims to know what you need. Dont waste your money on investing in unnecessary extras. Its best to look for a provider within 250 miles for the best protection. Its really essential to get a home security system
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