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Entrance Control System is getting enhancement in the automation market. In the present day every industry are moving with automation solution because of crowd getting increase in public area. So to manage them solution is also very necessary that ensures the flow of passage at crowded area. Ensuring security and crowd management at the entrance in areas such as railway platforms, passenger terminals, sports stadiums, etc requires a turnstile. Turnstile Gate is a affordable and compatible solution for public area to manage the flow of passage and allow only one person to pass at at time. It has many type Two Arm Turnstile, 3-Arm Turnstile, Drop Arm Turnstile. Straight Arm Turnstile. So, in order to manage crowds at busy hours and restrict entries effectively, TimeWatch Security Solutions presents Slim Tripod Turnstile.Our Turnstile Gate are designed for pedestrian flow of passage entrance. these turnstile gates allow access to those who have token or have authorized access. Once the person touch the token or authorized access card turnstile will sense the authentication and allow person to get enter into the premises. Tripod Turnstile name itself states that it has 3-rotating arm that rotate and allows one person throughput at a time.Our tripod turnstile are simple in design but robust to allow entry and exit of any third-party into the building. Our entrance solution are customizable you can integrate with biometric product also to monitor the visitor information with complete IN/OUT time, accessible resources information, and visitor duration. Our Tripod Turnstile Gate is Bi-directional passage control Tripod turnstile gates that work in both clock and anti-clock wise. It provide the highest security at the places where highest crowd have to manage. It ensures security to manage heavy traffic in public area

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Which are the best tripods under $500?

Stills or Motion?Stills:Monfroto with ball head with removable camera plate for quick release.I like their leg locks & ball heads are rock solid. Get a head that pans as well if you want to sequence any stitching or panarama shooting. Video or Motion: Mathews with leveling fluid head & balanced tilt with spreaders.Always buy a tripod that matches the weight of camera & accessories. Stills may use strobes & long lenses which both add weight that can tilt or wiggle which is the worse sin from a tripod. Video may have added audio & mic or lights so get a balancing plate for video on your fluid head. You slide the camera back & forth to find its balance before locking it down.I like to have a spider or other low height multi position tripod that I use the ball head from my tripod on. A good head can always be bolted to other surfaces that tripods would be in the way do make sure you get a good, removable head for either stills or Motion

Does the 99 Cents store sell tripods?

Go look. These stores get bargains where and when they can. They might have tripods one day and none for months who knows. Ask the staff at the store near you if they ever get any.

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What's the best camera for clear, well-focused low-light pictures, under $800?

The problem with the price is not going to be the camera body. As others have stated, most modern DSLRs will suffice. Your going to get killed on the cost of lenses that are better for low light situations. Some rough idea of lens prices from canon (Nikon, and others will be similar in cost) 50MM f/1.4 - $350 24-70MM f/2.8 $1450 70-200MM f/2.8 $1500-$2500 (depends on version) 70-200MM f/4 $710 (Not as good as f/2.8) 135MM f/2 $1100 35MM f/1.4 $1375 16-35MM f/2.8 $1700 The smaller the "f" number (aperture) the better the lens can perform in lower light. Other less expensive lenses could be used, but you would have to have extremely steady hands or shoot tripod mounted with a shutter release to get the best quality image. One tip if your shooting something stationary, take a nice flashlight with you. Set up your subjects, shine the light on them as you focus. If your camera lets you lock the focus (sometimes by holding shutter halfway down) turn flashlight off. Then use a self-timer or remote shutter release.

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