To Alleviate the Difficulty of Parking, Intelligent Parking Mode Has Become the Development Trend of

With the large increase of vehicles, the problem of difficult parking has seriously affected people's travel and urban operation efficiency. Therefore, countries all over the world regard solving the problem of difficult parking as a major topic. In addition to conventional measures such as building parking lots and developing three-dimensional garages, it is still in constant touch and practice. In the face of this situation, many parking industries are not backward, and they have offered their own big moves to deal with the difficulty of parking. The intelligent parking management system model is the big move released by tigerwong.

To Alleviate the Difficulty of Parking, Intelligent Parking Mode Has Become the Development Trend of 1

Tigerwong intelligent parking management system mode deals with parking problems from three aspects: first, from the aspect of parking access management. 1. License plate recognition wechat scanning code, unattended is so simple. Tigerwong adopts advanced license plate recognition technology to realize rapid recognition and rapid passage of incoming and outgoing vehicles, without parking and card collection. For unlicensed vehicles, self-service registration and admission can be realized by scanning the QR code on the column, so as to truly realize unattended parking and bring more comfortable parking and management experience. 2. The super-high recognition rate can adapt to many harsh environments and accurately identify the license plates of various models. The recognition rate is as high as 99.9%, which is not affected by any environment. License plate recognition camera can be debugged from multiple angles.

Combined with big data analysis algorithm, no matter what model you are, you can realize accurate license plate recognition. 3. Intelligent remote maintenance, multi device linkage, through tigerwong management cloud platform, you can see the operation status of the parking lot on the computer, and you can upgrade the maintenance equipment when you are not on site. At the same time, it can also carry out linkage control with other intelligent products of tigerwong. II. In terms of parking guidance and reverse car search, many car owners lack the necessary guidance after entering. In addition, they are not familiar with the environment. They often turn inside for a long time, but in the end, it is a difficult situation, and the experience of car owners is poor.

Tigerwong parking guidance system, guided by three system modes, helps car owners stop quickly and enjoy convenient travel, which greatly improves the car owner's experience. 1. Ultrasonic parking space guidance system tigerwong ultrasonic guidance system enables car owners to understand the information of vacant parking spaces in the parking lot in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid parking. The parking space display screen provides real-time parking space use information to guide car owners to park quickly, solves the difficulty of finding parking spaces due to the lack of parking information, reduces the congestion of the parking lot and improves the parking space turnover rate of the parking lot. 2. Video parking space guidance system after the vehicle enters the parking lot, the owner will quickly and conveniently park the vehicle to the free parking space through guidance instructions according to the real-time parking space status information provided by the system! Where there is an empty parking space, it is clear at a glance and quickly guide parking. The owner can observe the status of the front indicator light in the parking lot. If the green light is on, it means that there is an empty parking space here. There is no need to look for a parking space everywhere to quickly guide the owner to park. 3. The vision of the reverse car search system is to find a car intelligently and never worry about finding a car.

When the owner leaves, the specific location of the vehicle can be found by entering the vehicle license plate number or parking space number or admission time, and the best route to pick up the vehicle can be displayed on the map. Moreover, it also supports the search engine to find cars, mobile phone app to find cars or WeChat official account to find cars, and is not worried about finding a car. Three, from the owners to pay parking fees TigerWongcar parking management system self service payment method, owners can pay through WeChat, Alipay scan code payment, no sense of payment, self service payment terminal, mobile phone APP, WeChat official account, etc., without the need to export or central queue long, pay for the time, save time and save the car owners, improve the parking experience of the owners. Increase the stickiness between the parking lot and the owner. Any amount paid by the owner can be directly transferred to the property account without going through a third party to ensure the safety of funds.

To Alleviate the Difficulty of Parking, Intelligent Parking Mode Has Become the Development Trend of 2

You can also use tigerwong parking self-service payment machine. One machine can meet a variety of payment needs, plug cash loopholes and make money roll in. It not only supports WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay flashcards, but also supports paper currency, coins payment and redemption. It meets many needs and gives users a great user experience. Avoid the security guard's contact with cash, avoid the risk of counterfeit money, and let the fee charged be a lot.The development of intelligent parking management system has become the consensus of major cities across the country. The construction of a new, efficient and transparent Internet plus city parking intelligent parking service and supervision system is the future trend of parking industry. Tigerwong parking management system has been inherited for many years! If you have any questions about parking lot system, etc., welcome to consult and exchange.

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