There Are Many Parking Problems in Urban Areas. Can the Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Be

In recent years, more and more people have flocked to big cities, with an increase in residential areas. The improvement of per capita living standards has driven many people's desire to buy private cars, which has led to the aggravation of parking problems in residential areas. There is an increasing demand for parking spaces in residential areas. Generally, the parking requirements of one household and one car in residential areas. Now with the increase of households, many cars still have no parking spaces.

There Are Many Parking Problems in Urban Areas. Can the Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Be 1

Can the intelligent car parking management system solve the problem of parking in residential areas? I. existing parking status of urban residential areas: 1. Parking mode in residential areas nowadays, there are few formal parking structures in residential areas. Generally, they are open-air parking. Vehicles are parked on the planned parking lot land and on the side of the community road. Due to non-standard management, it is often prone to vehicle damage and parking space occupation disputes. Another disadvantage of open-air parking is the need to occupy a large area of land. Based on the characteristics that residential parking is mostly long-term parking, it should not become the main way of residential parking. 2. There are generally two ways to allocate parking space in the community: one is that the developer has installed it when it is completed.

Such a community is generally standard equipment, such as card issuing and ticket issuing machine, card reader, railing machine, one in and one out or two in and two out, which is compatible with the all-in-one card of the community, and the signs and markings inside the garage, deceleration ridge, wheel locator, parapet Parking space locks are also available. Another situation is that the property management company purchases by itself in order to improve the management level. In this case, most buyers have their own specific requirements, such as the need to distinguish between resident and non resident vehicles, the need for entrance and exit monitoring, the need to charge non residents, etc. Moreover, they will also be more concerned about the quality of the equipment, because they are the operators of the equipment, and certainly do not want the equipment they spend money to buy to always fail, which will also affect the image of the property. 3. Parking management in the community parking management in the community is a headache for many property companies. On the one hand, it is due to the lack of early parking space planning, and more importantly, it is due to the lack of effective management measures or a set of useful parking management system. The shortage of parking spaces leads to the owners' preemption of parking spaces, resulting in contradictions between owners; The parking fee is obviously unreasonable, resulting in many operators not paying the parking fee, and there is a serious contradiction between the owner and the property; In order to increase income, the property opens the parking space in the community to the society, resulting in potential safety hazards; If the vehicle is damaged, the responsibility can not be determined, etc. II. How to effectively solve the problem of parking in residential areas 1. The introduction of professional intelligent car parking management system architecture is a relatively fast way for property companies to improve the level of parking management, which mainly benefits from the standardized community parking management and action to prevent car related cases carried out by the public security organs, and the management of vehicles in residential areas, While decomposing the risks of property companies, it can also mediate the contradictions between residents and property due to parking problems.

Intelligent car parking management system also has obvious advantages: 1) license plate recognition and non-stop traffic; 2) Full network and convenient payment management; 3) First class quality, safety and reliability; 4) Simple installation and convenient maintenance. 2. Standardizing the parking facilities and signs in the community, cleaning the existing parking lot, re marking, and setting up sufficient parking signs and markings can also increase parking spaces and strengthen management. This method is not difficult to implement. 3. Combined with wechat, the mainstream community platform of the Internet, wechat uses wechat to manage the parking lot, which can now quickly pass through the entrance and exit of the community and implement rapid payment. Sharing parking at the wrong time is also a good method. Setting the time limit can reach an agreement with the community property. On the one hand, the parking demand of the community can be met, on the other hand, it is convenient to increase personal income. 4. Some large commercial communities can access the parking cloud platform for management.

Tigerwong parking cloud platform is a parking management and operation service platform based on the Internet of things and cloud computing services. It is generally composed of parking management cloud platform, deue (user experience) system and terminal products, breaking the current situation of single parking lot system information island, Realize centralized and unified management of multiple parking lots on the same platform. There are many aspects related to parking in residential areas, including reasonable parking planning, appropriate parking space allocation standards, parking lot design and so on. But no matter which aspect, the most critical point is to better strive for the creation of a harmonious community from the interests and needs of community residents and combined with the needs of residents. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

There Are Many Parking Problems in Urban Areas. Can the Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Be 2

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