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The times are progressing and science and technology are developing, but in the final analysis, it is around people's life experience. The parking lot is the same. Blindly pursuing the quality of products and ignoring the parking experience of users is of no practical significance. No matter how good the product is, no one uses it or the use effect is not good, it is still useless, and it itself is not a good parking lot system. Then, someone will ask, what functions does a good parking lot system need to have? Tigerwong has been committed to the parking lot industry for decades, focusing on the research and development of parking lot management system solutions, and has rich industry experience in parking lot management.? A good parking lot system should have the following functions: 1. Clear and simple structure.

The Parking Lot System Must Rely on Good Parking Experience to Meet Customer Needs - Parking Space G 1

The parking lot system mainly includes ticket box, gate and management center, which realizes the management of incoming and outgoing vehicles, with simple structure and high integration. 2. Simple management and application. Due to the use of parking lot system management software, most of the control and management functions are realized by computer without excessive participation of managers, which reduces the work intensity of managers. 3. Powerful operation function. Multiple display modes, with image capture, printing charging ticket, voice broadcast and other functions, IP intercom, etc. 4. Parking fees should be convenient and clear. Wechat payment, the mainstream payment method, also needs to be used in parking lot payment, and the payment bill needs to be clear and clear. 5. It is convenient to monitor and view. The intelligent parking lot system is equipped with full video monitoring function, which can monitor the vehicle information at the entrance and exit and the parking space information in the parking lot at the same time.

There are multiple monitoring on-site images for the entrance and exit information, which can be viewed and monitored by authorized managers. 6. The time to get in and out of the parking lot shall be short. This function is also the most valued by parking users, and the parking lot with license plate recognition technology greatly solves the time spent by people when using cars. 7. High safety and anti smashing ability. At present, the intelligent parking lot system adopts the digital anti smashing function or pressure wave anti smashing function, which plays a protective role in the anti smashing function of the road gate. 8. Upgrade the parking lot system in time. With the increase of vehicles, in order to meet people's parking needs, the function of the parking lot system needs to be continuously upgraded. The function upgrading is mainly the upgrading of the parking lot management software.

Timely upgrading the system can bring great convenience to users. 9. Strong expandability. The mainboard of tigerwong parking lot system adopts arm dual core central processor, and the docking port can be reserved for users. The system has strong expansibility. Generally speaking, a good parking lot system must meet the following three points: first, the parking lot system you choose should be designed: 1. Scientific and reasonable; 2. The interface is simple (you should consider the feelings of the administrator); 3. Foolishness of operation (easy to use); 4. It can really reduce the work intensity. II. The appearance of the equipment of the parking lot system should be generous and beautiful, which can improve the grade of the community, and the parking lot charging management should be open and transparent, the system should be stable and respond quickly. III. for investors: 1. The parking lot system should be practical, stable in performance, suitable for various environments, and the failure rate is very low; 2. It can significantly improve the management efficiency of the community or parking lot, reduce the management cost and bring considerable benefits to investors.

With the rapid development of the security industry, great attention has been paid to the parking problem closely related to people's life. With the breakthrough of technology and the vigorous promotion of application, the development of parking system in China is becoming more and more mature, and little consideration has been given to the user's parking experience. Therefore, to solve the parking problem, the parking system technology needs to be improved, Users' parking experience should also be strengthened. The final ideal state should be "to solve the problem of urban traffic congestion, no longer rely on road construction and traffic restriction, but rely on data operation".

The Parking Lot System Must Rely on Good Parking Experience to Meet Customer Needs - Parking Space G 2

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