The Parking Lot System Helps the Upgrading of Community Management

At present, many communities are actively responding to the call to build smart communities, and the vehicle access process of the community is a particularly important construction project in the construction process of smart communities. Today, Zejie intelligent will introduce to you how the intelligent parking lot system helps to upgrade the community management into a new intelligent community. I hope that through this introduction, you can understand the key role of the parking lot system in the construction of intelligent community.

The parking lot system takes the vehicle license plate as the only certificate to enter and exit the community. Whether it is a temporary vehicle or a fixed vehicle in the community, it can enter and exit the community parking lot only by virtue of the license plate, eliminating the complicated parking process such as card swiping and card taking. When vehicles enter and leave the community, the parking lot system will automatically recognize and verify the license plate, and then automatically lift the pole for release. The owner does not need to stop, so as to bring convenient and fast parking experience to the owner.

2 Fast and perfect parking flow information record

The parking lot system can automatically capture and store the vehicle images entering and leaving the parking lot. At the same time, when the vehicle leaves the community parking lot, it will automatically compare and display the vehicle images when entering. This can not only enhance the anti-theft function of the vehicle, but also make the post inspection data more accurate and easy.

3 Put an end to arbitrary charges and ensure vehicle safety

The parking lot system ensures the safety of the owners' vehicles in the community, and can intelligently identify whether the vehicles entering and leaving the community are owners' vehicles or foreign vehicles, so as to assist the parking lot staff in the community to strengthen the supervision and control of foreign vehicles, enhance the safety guarantee of the community, and realize the accurate management of vehicles in the community. Moreover, the parking lot system adopts an advanced charging system, which can effectively avoid the loopholes caused by manual charging. The charging speed is fast and accurate, and greatly improves the traffic rate of vehicles in the community.

The above is a further introduction to how the parking lot system can help improve the management of the community. I hope it can help you.

The Parking Lot System Helps the Upgrading of Community Management 1

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