The Importance of Smart Parking System in Canada

Currently, parking has been an issue in the countries. The problem is very basic which us, the population has been increasing day by day, because of which the number of cars has been increasing month by month, due to which the demand for space is rapidly increasing. However, even though everything in on an increasing graph space is still the same and not increasing. It is not just space which is being affected, but the comfort level of people and their time is also stake.Canada as a country has been pretty fast with its smart vertical parking systems in Canada. The country has invested a lot to improve its parking systems by starting the Rotary elevator parking in Canada and automatic car parking system projects.

Overview:The smart parking system is considered as a robotic parking solution system which allows the of the parking lot and the operators of the parking lot to increase their parking capacity at a very economical cost at a rapid speed.Advantages of smart parking systems in Canada:Although there are several advantages of adopting a smart parking system, here are some of the core advantages of the same:1. Flexibility and Scalability: The smart parking system is a compact system which is considered as a stand-alone system and is very scalable. Due to this reason, the new units can easily be added and configured as and when required. Even the existing units can be relocated or moved within inside the parking lot.2. 360 Degrees Automatic: The puzzle parking system in Canada and the smart parking system is completely automatic. It reduces the manpower requirement as there is nobody needed to operate it manually. The units in the parking system require very less maintenance, hence a permanent staff is not required at all. This in return also helps in reducing a lot of time which goes on manual operation.

3. Quick Car Retrieval: The vertical parking systems in Canada required negligible interaction with the car owners. The interaction only depends on the solution as the car parking is mainly done via the customer card or the access code which is given to the users through a touchpad or the keypad. The parking software hardly gives 90150 seconds to retrieve each car which saves a lot of costs.

4. Security and Safety: These smart parking systems are loaded with various technologies such as car stackers in Canada which ensures to take proper safety measures. Once the cars are parked, the cars are then fully protected from all the dust and the various other corrosive factors. The concept of smart packing has significantly helped in the reduction of all the dents and scratches which happen in the conventional parking system.


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The Importance of Smart Parking System in Canada 1

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