The Development of Intelligent Parking Must Pay Attention to Parking Experience, and These Technolog

The emergence of smart parking industry has a strong background of the times. In the era of intelligence of all things, the application of intelligence in public social environment is also gradually mature. Compared with the intellectualization of household appliances, the intellectualization of public environment needs the investment of construction funds and systematic support, and the promotion speed is slower than that of 3C household appliances. However, with the increase of the number of motor vehicles, the parking pressure also increases, and the intelligent parking experience has come to the public. Tigerwong has been committed to the parking lot industry for decades, focusing on the research and development of parking lot management system solutions, and has rich industry experience in parking lot management.

The Development of Intelligent Parking Must Pay Attention to Parking Experience, and These Technolog 1

I. parking space intelligent large commercial squares are generally equipped with underground parking lots, but the underground parking lot is still a drop in the bucket for the huge parking demand. Nowadays, double or even multi-storey three-dimensional parking spaces have become the choice of many ground parking lots. This kind of parking space adopts layered design, which will be more intuitive in parking mode, reduce the space required for parking process, realize intensive parking, and save more space for parking vehicles. However, at the same time, it still needs professionals to be responsible for its operation, which is not completely automatic and intelligent. It is also common to cause disasters due to the wrong operation of car owners.

II. Parking guidance intelligence is faced with large parking lots with complex mazes. How to find parking spaces is also a common problem in daily parking. In intelligent parking guidance, the intelligent system plays the most key role. The system needs to monitor the spare space of each parking space at all times, locate each vehicle and calculate the optimal arrival route. The intelligent parking system can directly eliminate the time for car owners to find parking spaces in the parking lot.

Recently, the new intelligent Deli cloud platform parking system has been adopted in the intelligent parking garage project launched in Southwest China. After the vehicle enters the parking lot, you can find your own parking space as soon as possible according to the mobile phone navigation. The average time of parking and picking up the vehicle shall not exceed 120 seconds, and you can make an appointment to pick up the vehicle in advance through the parking management app.? III. intelligent parking service intelligent parking lot can also be reflected in service. In addition to making an appointment to pick up the car through the app above, during the period of parking and leaving the car, it can also provide car cleaning, refueling, oil change, tires, even system and navigation updates, and even car safety detection. Not only auto repair related services, but also bottled water, detergent and child safety seats often needed by cars can be purchased or rented in the parking lot.

In view of the high heat of electric vehicles in recent years, charging piles are also expected to be introduced into intelligent parking lots. IV. parking fee payment intelligence in terms of payment, the past experience of extending your hand to reach the parking card will also become a thing of the past. Deliyun parking lot centralized charge management adopts wechat and payment? Treasure, UnionPay payment and other electronic payment means, self-service payment terminal, mobile app and other means, so that the car owner's parking fee can directly reach the property account, and perfectly avoid intermediate links. The recently launched "senseless payment" parking service can also be used in deliyun parking lot. When vehicles enter and leave the parking lot, they can complete the payment without parking and getting their cards, or even taking out their mobile phones.? With the further deepening and popularization of intelligence, the parking experience will become more convenient and fast.

The Development of Intelligent Parking Must Pay Attention to Parking Experience, and These Technolog 2

The guarantee of user experience is an essential support for the smart parking industry to win the market. Smart parking is a part of the whole smart city. There are investment and construction of parking lots, development and use of parking systems and equipment in the upstream, and post service markets such as installation, maintenance, management, renewal and upgrading of parking equipment in the downstream. The prospect is broad.

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