The Development of Intelligent Parking Lot Is Not Only Technology, but also the Selection of Appropr

Nowadays, domestic parking lots are developing towards intelligence. Many motorists feel that they don't stop at the intelligent parking lot and don't keep up with the times. Therefore, many parking properties want to develop intelligent parking lots. However, the property generally believes that as long as the development of parking technology is OK, in fact, it is not. It is also very important to choose a suitable parking lot floor.

The Development of Intelligent Parking Lot Is Not Only Technology, but also the Selection of Appropr 1

The following is our comparison of the performance of several main floors: first, epoxy floor epoxy floor technology refers to coating epoxy resin coating on the solidified cement floor with a coating thickness of about 1-5mm to form a closed organic protective layer. Because epoxy resin is an organic substance, this protective layer has good chemical characteristics such as water resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray corrosion resistance, flat and seamless, easy to clean and maintain. It is a long-term floor material widely used in modern industry, and is widely used in medicine, food (aseptic production), electronics, chemical industry (anti-static) and other industries. However, the organic protective layer has several fatal weaknesses: 1. Hardness and wear resistance: organic materials cannot be comparable with inorganic materials in physical properties, and the Mohs hardness of the hardest resin is 2-3. In production workshops, parking garages, manufacturing and other places, due to the heavy mobile load and frequent use, such as cars, forklifts and mobile trolleys, the epoxy resin floor is often seriously scratched, resulting in shell lifting and falling off. 2. Service life: organic materials are high molecular polymers, which means that under normal conditions such as radiation, light and temperature, the polymer chain will break, which is often called aging! The service life of the best epoxy resin material (epoxy self leveling) can reach 5-8 years, and the service life of general industrial epoxy floor is about 3 years. II. The of wear-resistant floor and hard floor technology refers to that it is made by mixing carborundum or other aggregates into cement or concrete casting and solidification as a whole.

The thickness of hardening layer is about 3-10mm. Due to the extremely high hardness of aggregates such as emery, the Mohs hardness of the hard floor is 6-7. There is basically nothing in common substances that can scratch its surface. Therefore, the hard floor is hard, wear-resistant, flat and seamless. In addition to being used as the floor of industrial plants, it can also be used as the floor of warehouses, garages, squares and other auxiliary facilities. However, the ground generated by this technology is made by bonding carborundum with cement as adhesive, so it also has the characteristics of cement products - a large number of pores left after water evaporation are bound to form on the surface.

These pores have two negative effects on the ground effect: 1. Diffuse reflection on light and greatly reduce the gloss. If it is not waxed for maintenance, There is no good visual effect. 2. Absorbing sewage and dust is not conducive to creating a clean production environment and is not suitable for application in pharmaceutical and other industries. 3. With the passage of time, the surface weathering of cement products occurs, resulting in dust and sand. The general service life is 5-8 years, and the short service life is 2-3 years. III. terrazzo floor terrazzo is a kind of cement artificial stone. It has the advantages of low price, good overall performance and controllable shape and color.

Therefore, it is widely used as ground material for public buildings and production workshops. However, due to wear and stain infiltration and other reasons, its surface is quickly weathered, stripped and polluted, losing its due architectural process characteristics. The main means of maintaining the terrazzo ground is daily cleaning, waxing and polishing. The operation is complex and the cost is high, resulting in rough and old terrazzo surface, which makes the terrazzo can only be used as low-end products, which is obviously a hidden danger for creating a clean working environment. IV. concrete sealing and curing agent hard floor concrete sealing and curing agent is an environmental friendly chemical building material, which can make up for the defects of cement product floor.

The Development of Intelligent Parking Lot Is Not Only Technology, but also the Selection of Appropr 2

It is applied to concrete floor, cement floor and terrazzo floor to form a 7-8mm protective layer on the surface with a service life of more than 30 years. Concrete sealing curing agent hard floor has the following characteristics: 1. High brightness: up to 90 degree gloss unit, more than epoxy resin, equivalent to marble. 2. High hardness: Mohs hardness is 8-9 (diamond Mohs hardness is 10). 3. Impermeability: resistant to water, oil, weak acid and alkali, flat and seamless, easy to clean and maintain. 4. Long service life: the service life is up to 30 years, providing 20-year quality assurance. This guarantee is beyond the reach of other floors. 5. Wide range: renovate the old ground, which is incomparable between epoxy floor and wear-resistant floor. The development of intelligent parking lot is in all aspects. Parking lot design, floor design and overall architecture are all factors that determine the intellectualization of parking lot.

Of course, technology is still the first, and the appearance is just a foil. In the future, intelligent parking lots should not only give people aesthetic feeling visually, but also give people favor in experience. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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