Solving the Problems of Entrance and Exit Management and Parking Payment Is the First Stage to Impro

Nowadays, with the increasing number of vehicles, there are more and more problems such as difficult parking and charging. A series of problems such as congestion at entrances and exits and parking fees make property management very difficult, with high personnel cost and low work efficiency. Especially in the peak period of commuting, vehicles queue in and out and pay fees, which greatly affects the parking experience of car owners. So, what should we do to improve the parking experience of car owners? I. vehicle entrance and exit management license plate recognition system license plate recognition is a pattern recognition technology for automatic recognition of license plate number and license plate color by using vehicle dynamic video or static image. This technology is commonly used in parking lots and community entrances and exits, highway toll stations, highway checkpoints and urban traffic.

Solving the Problems of Entrance and Exit Management and Parking Payment Is the First Stage to Impro 1

License plate recognition equipment is often installed at the entrance and exit of vehicles to record the license plate number and access time of vehicles, and combined with the control equipment of automatic gate hardware to realize the automatic management of vehicles. Applied to the parking lot, it can realize automatic time charging, automatically calculate the number of available parking spaces and give tips, realize the automatic management of parking charging, save manpower and improve efficiency. Applied to the intelligent community, it can automatically judge whether the incoming vehicles belong to the community, and realize automatic timing and charging for Non internal vehicles. Achieve no parking and no card collection, and effectively improve the access efficiency of vehicles. In order to solve the frequent congestion at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, tigerwongparking ticket machine system adopts advanced sensing and control technologies such as license plate number visual recognition technology, RFID intelligent identity recognition technology, high-resolution magnetic coding technology, frequency conversion speed regulation control technology, synchronous motor servo technology, etc., so as to realize the rapid identification of incoming and outgoing vehicles For the purpose of rapid passage, the opening time of the gate can reach 0.3 seconds at most.

Two, parking payment WeChat, Alipay or other self service payment machines, handsets to pay WeChat or Alipay payment methods only need to post posters printed on the car park post with payment of two-dimensional code. The owner will scan mobile phone's WeChat scan before leaving the field, scan the two-dimensional code and enter the payment page, and pay the operation by the owner. Because of its low cost and strong interaction with the owner, it is convenient for the owner to use. TigerWong car park self service payment machine, support paper currency, coins payment and redemption, support WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay flash payment. Support IC card and paper ticket bar code billing, security alarm function, illegal door opening alarm, etc. to realize the intelligent charging system of unattended parking lot.

Car owners can directly use the self-service payment terminal to complete payment, saving more time. The handset parking charge management system is generally applied to roadside parking or small and non centralized parking lots. When the vehicle enters the site, the administrator scans the vehicle number plate with the camera of the handset, automatically identifies the license plate number, makes the admission record and synchronizes it to the cloud. When the vehicle leaves the site, the administrator also scans the vehicle number plate with the camera of the handset. The handset recognizes the license plate number and calculates the parking fee synchronously with the cloud. The toll collector's handset can display whether the vehicle has self-service payment or payable fee.

If no payment is made, the toll collector shall complete the charging and release operations. For more and more domestic capitalists involved in the parking industry, it is not possible to rely solely on the previous software and hardware comparison. The parking experience of car owners is the key to the first choice. If enterprises want to go further and further, and if the parking lot system wants to move towards the unmanned era, the parking experience is the first step towards success. Tiger Wong parking management system has a professional technical team! If you have any questions about parking lot system, etc., welcome to consult and exchange.

Solving the Problems of Entrance and Exit Management and Parking Payment Is the First Stage to Impro 2

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