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The parking lot management system is widely used at home and abroad: government agencies, banks, subways, airports, customs, courts, stations, buildings, factories, communities, shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, libraries, museums, scenic spots, entertainment places and other municipal fields and crowded public places. The system solutions successfully applied and provided by the company: channel gate control system Access control / attendance channel management system, channel consumption system, human card dynamic comparison verification channel management system, channel gate ticket checking system & amp; Ticketing system, visitor management system, parking lot charge management system, parking space guidance system, etc. Over the years, the company has developed, designed and served with highly competitive personalized customization, superior equipment performance and high cost performance. It is favored by users from all walks of life. It has gradually become a topic that people pay attention to. With the increase of vehicles, the parking industry.

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In particular, some large parking lots have experienced a transformation process from never paying attention to parking lot management to gradually realizing its importance, from manual parking lot management to unattended license plate recognition wechat payment. Generally, parking lot management of commercial complexes has its own special scheme, which is briefly introduced below. It usually integrates shopping, leisure, entertainment, office, catering, etc., generally for some large commercial complexes. And it is located in the central area of the city, so it will face the problem of vehicle management. For businesses and car owners, although most parking lots adopt license plate recognition system with wechat payment function, and even have license plate recognition system solutions, there will still be many problems in the process of construction and use.

For the parking lot manager, the conservative parking lot management system mainly has the problems of unable to accurately obtain the overall use information of the parking lot, entrance and exit congestion, low charging efficiency and high-cost manual management. Moreover, for the owner, it is not conducive to his convenient parking. If the management is improper, it is difficult for the parking lot management of commercial complex. The function of license plate recognition with wechat payment will not only affect the use, management and operation of the parking lot itself, but also make it difficult to make effective use of the parking resources of the parking lot. At the same time, it will also cause congestion of the surrounding municipal roads and reduce the safety and smoothness of the rural transportation system.

The combination of wechat payment and license plate recognition system for the parking lot system, it is a large system, including four functional modules: entrance and exit management, charge management, parking guidance and pick-up query. With the combination of various functional modules, the parking lot management system can fully cover the use, management and operation problems of the parking lot of the commercial complex. Each subsystem can work independently and give full play to its own advantages. To meet people's parking requirements: a reasonable commercial complex should have such parking management function. Advance payment can be made on the site when leaving the site, and temporary vehicles can enter the site quickly.

Rapid exit at the same time; Parking fees shall be charged on schedule or at other agreed time; Temporary vehicles can enter and exit quickly without stopping. The wechat payment license plate recognition system allows the payment process of vehicles to be carried out in the venue, and there is a payment office in the venue. Facilitate the rapid exit of vehicles and alleviate the entrance congestion; The remaining digits of each area are displayed in real time, and the guidance screen is set on the main driving channel in the field. To guide car owners to stop quickly; Indicate the use of parking spaces in red and green; Each parking space is equipped with a detector and a parking space indicator. Facilitate the owner to quickly find the vehicle; Realize the function of vehicle pick-up query.

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Provide objective reference for the solution of license plate recognition system in parking lot; The parking lot management system provides complete and intuitive management and operation data reports.

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