Rely on the Intelligent Parking Lot System to Solve the Difficulty of Parking and Finding a Car, so

People who often go to the city center will have a deep understanding. They get to the place when they are stuck in a traffic jam and wait for a red light on the road. They make sure that the last pass is blocked at the gate of the shopping mall, and they can't enter the parking lot. After entering, they go around to find no empty parking space to park. It's not easy to park the car from area a to area F. when they get out, they forget where they are and search hard, The experience really comes on the high side and comes back on the low side.

Rely on the Intelligent Parking Lot System to Solve the Difficulty of Parking and Finding a Car, so  1

In the development stage of intelligent parking management system, domestic parking lot management has mainly experienced three development stages: artificial stage, intelligent stage and Internet of things parking stage. 20 years ago, China's car ownership was small. At that time, the parking lot management was more casual. At the same time, limited by the scientific and technological level at that time, the access control basically depended on manual work, that is, arranging personnel to charge for parking, and tearing and filling out the parking time records by hand. The level of the whole parking management industry was lower. With the substantial growth of domestic motor vehicles, relying solely on manual filling and charging mode can not meet the needs of the society. With the addition of new technologies such as contact IC card, non-contact IC card, smart card, electronic tag and automatic license plate recognition, the entrance and exit control means of parking lot are gradually moving towards intelligence.

At present, the contradiction between supply and demand of parking lot is prominent in China. The serious mismatch between the number of parking spaces and the number of cars makes it more and more difficult to park in the city. At the same time, it also aggravates the traffic congestion in the core of the city. At present, there are many problems in China's parking lot management system, such as great difference in intelligent management system, difficult to solve parking lot information island, weak awareness of parking lot resource sharing, lack of unified national or industrial standards and so on. With the emergence and development of new technologies such as automatic license plate recognition, Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and electronic payment, the above problems will be gradually solved.

Video parking space guidance reverse car search system can effectively solve the problem of parking and car search. Tigerwong intelligent parking management system combines video parking space guidance and reverse car search system to effectively solve the problem of parking and car search. The video recognition parking space guidance system is supported by the video license plate recognition technology. After the vehicle enters the parking lot, the owner will quickly and conveniently park the vehicle to the idle parking space through the guidance indication and the parking space traffic light according to the real-time parking space status information provided by the system! When leaving car park lift, the car can be searched by the reverse search machine, APP or WeChat official account located at the elevator. The car is guided by the convenient route and guided by the guide of the indoor guide screen to guide the car driver to leave the car quickly, so that the problem of finding a car is solved.

Empty parking space statistics: through the parking space camera, return the data to the parking guidance server, input the parking space of the parking lot before comparison, and display it on the guidance screen. Parking space video monitoring: there will be a parking space camera on each parking space for vehicle monitoring and recording the location of the vehicle. Self service payment: a variety of payment methods. Any amount paid by the owner does not go through a third party to ensure the safety of funds. Vehicle flow analysis: timely adjust the input of manpower and equipment according to the vehicle flow to increase the turnover rate of parking spaces.

Rely on the Intelligent Parking Lot System to Solve the Difficulty of Parking and Finding a Car, so  2

Cloud data management: collect information through each parking space camera and video license plate recognition technology, and return the information to tigerwong parking management system. The administrator can operate visually on the computer. Reverse car search: a reverse car search query machine is placed at the elevator entrance or an important position. The owner can query the vehicle parking position through the query machine, or query the vehicle parking position through the mobile app, and navigate to pick up the car according to the parking planning route, which solves the problem of difficult car search.

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