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People's awareness of environmental protection of parking lot system has been strengthened from time to time. Vigorously promote environmental protection, relying on mobile toilets is becoming more and more popular. Mobile toilet has many advantages because it can move, so as to prevent the waste of resources caused by Hengyu. There are various reward methods for the disposal of mobile toilets, which can be accepted according to the use limit. The area is small. Compared with the radical toilet, the mobile toilet saves a lot of floor space, which just caters to the current situation of skin tension! The use of more and more environment-friendly toilets not only improves the utilization efficiency of public energy, but also highlights the people-oriented service awareness and service concept.

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Promoting the people-friendly atmosphere of the Department is undoubtedly a "win-win" move. The benefits conveyed by it are worthy of admiration. Water flushing ecological toilet, the products mainly include non flushing ecological toilet. No water can be washed inside the first internal circulation "toilets, foam plugging toilets, no water to wash the toilet before, no water flushing, packing toilets, etc." It adopts advanced design concept and humanized design, integrating machinery, electricity, automation and biology. Its excellent quality is created by its superior characteristics such as cleanness, beautiful appearance, complete firmness, portability and sanitation, energy conservation and environmental protection, comfort, ecology and mobility. It is widely used in many fields, such as urban sanitation, highway transportation, scenic spots, military, large-scale market activities, rural squares, waterfront terminals, stations, airports, field operations and so on.

Therefore, the price will be higher. Price factors may restrict its sales. However, manufacturers are further studying to reduce costs, but now they have not reached the scale effect. In order to form a market. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, China's new rural fecal disposal capacity is 21000 tons / day, and the harmless disposal rate of feces reaches 78%. The new disposal capacity in the eastern region is 9600 tons / day, the new disposal capacity in the northeast region is 24000 tons / day, the new disposal capacity in the central region is 5500 tons / day, the new disposal capacity in the southwest region is 1700 tons / day, and the new disposal capacity in the northwest region is 18000 tons / day. At present, there are 110000 public toilets in 28 major cities in China, with an annual output of more than 30 million tons of feces, of which 90% are discharged into urban rivers and lakes.

If these radical toilets are comprehensively transformed, it is expected to form a large market of nearly 10 billion at least. Therefore, the development of ecological toilet is of great significance. Ecological toilets can achieve sanitation, cleanliness, odor free and water saving. Improved living standards. Because the ecological toilet has the characteristics of no pollution and water saving. The ecological toilet can be widely used in areas where environmental conditions are affected.

The application of mobile toilet expands the use scale of toilet. Such as large conference venues, squares, tourist attractions, etc. The expansion of the use scale of mobile toilets has greatly facilitated the people's life and improved people's living standards. At the same time, the mobile toilet is not affected by any working environment, with light structure and reasonable color matching. It is suitable for stations, docks, tourist attractions, villas, new communities, large construction sites, squares, densely populated public places and prosperous commercial streets. In conclusion, the mobile toilet has the advantages of mobility, combination and convenient transportation. The AAA Tourism Administration announced that it would introduce a new rating standard for tourist toilets.

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In the future, the four-star, five-star and luxury toilets will be cancelled in the scenic spot and replaced by environmental friendly and practical toilets. This has won wide support. Many netizens said that what the scenic spot needs is really not a luxury toilet. I believe many tourists have been impatient that they can't find the toilet or queue up to go to the toilet. Children defecate everywhere and can only embarrassingly deal with the white eyes of others with "boy's urine is harmless"; I believe that many tourists can only grumble about "poor quality" and save resources when facing the "yellow and white things" everywhere in some scenic spots. The standardized configuration of mobile toilets: toilet (urinal bucket), coat hook, cosmetic mirror, paper basket, lighting lamp, stainless steel handrail, exhaust fan, door lock, unmanned indicator light, toilet box, etc. Optional configuration: cooling and heating air conditioner, air purifier, antifreeze system, heating system, background music, wash basin, water-saving faucet, emergency button, led Chinese and English "manned and unmanned" indicator light. Mobile toilets reduce the dependence of toilets on external resources. General ecological toilets have the function of feces disposal and recycling water, some toilets do not use water flushing to achieve the purpose of cleaning, and some toilets use solar energy as heating energy.

These toilets are more in use, especially the demand for water resources is reduced, so they have the characteristics of water saving. The utility model can be directly installed and used, and the mobile public toilet has the advantages of less land occupation. It is convenient for disassembly and transportation and does not damage the rural environment. Therefore, it is suitable to be placed in various public places. It can be used in large-scale conferences and outdoor activities, including entertainment performances, sports competitions, opening celebrations, business negotiations, conferences and exhibitions and mass activities.It is elegant and atmospheric while meeting the needs. At the same time, the parking lot system is also applicable to gardens, factory plants, scenic spots, location shooting sites of film and television crew, construction sites, decoration sites and disaster relief sites. The construction of rural public toilets has a great impact on the overall construction of a city. It is no longer just a public place, but also reflects the cultural level and construction capacity of a city. It enriches the details of the village and makes a village more affinity and civilized charm.It is durable, beautiful, non corrosive, smooth on both sides of the wall panel, easy to clean, and meets the requirements of environmental protection and health. Great changes have taken place in the moving mode of the toilet and the treatment mode of feces and sewage. The mobile toilet takes the steel frame as the main structure. The function of the toilet is gradually improved, and the service efficiency is also improved from time to time. The water free toilet is economical and practical, novel and beautiful in shape.

It can be widely used in public places such as scenic spots, seashores, communities, convention places, exhibitions, highways, parking lots, underground projects, schools, sports fields, golf courses, construction sites and so on. Therefore, mobile toilets are of great benefit to human survival and development. I hope that mobile toilets can be widely used in the future.

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