Parking in Front of My Neighbors Garage?

Well to me she needs to make up her mind she is either going to store boxes in her space OR she is going to store her car. To me I think its asinine to think that its OK to park so closely to another car. That is just asking for dings and scratches on the cars. Also why would someone want to be bothered with having to move their car constantly just to move out of their neighbors way? Do not talk to her anymore go the building management SHOW them the issue and ask them how to solve this issue. Because this just sounds totally stupid to me

Parking in Front of My Neighbors Garage? 1

1. First time getting a parking ticket?

They do that so that you dont contest it and waste their $ defending it. See, they say hey, we are accusing you of this, pay us for it quickly and save us $ and we will give you a break. The truth is, it's very costly for them to go to trial and prove things, their are laws and they do their best to go about proving you've broken them the best they can. You can not let them become some ultimate power system, there always has to be questioning, what constitutes a "ball game"? Was it clear to you that a "ball game" was in progress? etc

2. Any tips for backing in parking?

Practice. Then when you are at the test, go slow. It's much better to go slow and not jump the curve than to go too fast and automatically fail and have to take the test all over again

Parking in Front of My Neighbors Garage? 2

3. Out of state parking ticket?

Actually, it would be MOM'S warrant, since it is her car. Could you really do that to her? If there were not any no parking signs, you could fight it. Get mom to take some pictures of where you parked, etc. and take the time to go to court. If you plead not guilty, you or an attorney on your behalf will have to go to the NY court

4. how is parking and traffic in san francisco?

Hotels charge upwards of $40/day for parking. Do not rent a car until you want to go outside the city. There are a few car rental agencies off of Union Square. Since SF is so small, cab rides can be quite cost-effective.

5. Should all Handicap parking spaces be optional?

I am not disabled but I am tired of these drivers who seem to do everything to be able to park just a few yards nearer to the entrance and begrudge handicapped people doing so just because a few freeloaders abuse the system

6. Why is it easier to back into a parking space in a cramped parking lot rather than parking nose-in?

It is NOT easier to back into a space, however it is way safer and more practical to back in every time and here is why...when you first see the space and know you are going to back into it you drive by the space to confirm that it is completely empty, how many times has a motorcycle, small car or shopping cart surprised you when you went to pull in? backing takes that surprise away. Next is you can maneuver within the space better to do a better overall job of parking within the space. Now when you leave you can see all the traffic and pedestrians in the lot much easier as you are facing out towards anyone who might be in your way. even in a small car you only need to move forward a few inches before you can see what is going on as opposed to driving in where you are basically backing out blind to everything going on around you. In my opinion the law that makes it illegal to back onto a roadway from a driveway should also apply to a parking space. If ya cant manage the vehicle you drive maybe you should not be driving huh? :).

7. Six Flags Great Adventure parking - Is it cheaper to pay for parking at the park versus online?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Six Flags Great Adventure parking - Is it cheaper to pay for parking at the park versus online?

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