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The gate access control has the hardware interface of fire linkage, and the gate maintenance_ Welcome to call. According to the actual situation of the user, the access control that needs to be linked with the fire system is connected with the fire system. After receiving the alarm information from the fire system, the access control automatically opens the controlled door to facilitate personnel escape. The linkage interface with the fire protection system is reserved. The embedded parts of the ground and underground double doors can support the flexible combination of multiple conditions to query the traffic records, sort the report data in different order, and support the functions of report data printing and exporting to files.

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Support a variety of door opening methods: password, card swiping, remote door opening (networking is required), which can be connected to the microcomputer. Advantages: low interest; One card for one person ( password) is safe. Magnetic card identification with door opening record: the access authority is identified by card reading or card reading plus password. It is divided into: disadvantages: the password is easy to leak, and the security is still not high; No access records; Only one-way control. The interest rate is high. Many security enterprises have shown the trend of "rushing into mass action", and the national security industry has moved from the initial stage to standardization and maturity.

The industry is in its infancy. Product requirements are not strict, and brand building awareness is far from being formed. With the healthy development of the industry, brand awareness has been gradually established. Especially in the current competitive market environment, the brand is respected to the highest position. In this regard, people in the industry generally believe that in 2012, the market competition will further highlight the brand competition, and the promotion of brands by enterprises will be strengthened.

This means that the industry is in a shuffle process based on brand building. Under this situation, the security industry will further move towards a high degree of brand concentration in 2012. It is composed of computer, printer, communication line and management software. It mainly completes IC card verification, monthly card management, control signal reception and transmission, parking time and parking fee calculation, image capture and display, data statistics, printing reports and other functions. 1 computer management system: the system is the core of the whole Gate parking lot management. Also known as Ethernet network access control, 3. TCP / IP network access control. It is also an access control system that can be networked, but the computer and can be networked through the network cable.

In addition to all the advantages of 485 access control networking, it also has faster speed, simpler device and larger number of networking. It can be networked across regions or cities. However, the price of equipment is high and computer network knowledge is required. It is suitable for large projects, large number of people, speed requirements and cross regional projects. Then only when the first card swipes to open the door, the first card opens the door function: set a card as the first card.Other authorization cards can be swiped to open the door. As long as the first card is not swiped. Then other cards can't open the door. You can also set the first card to lock the door, but the door will be locked after the first card is swiped until the first card is swiped again. Logical door opening function: it means that several people need to swipe their cards at the same time (or in a certain order) to open the electric door lock.

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The parking space guidance system is mainly used to effectively guide and manage the parking vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. The system can realize convenient and fast parking. Make the parking lot Gate parking space management more standardized and orderly, and improve the utilization rate of parking space; The parking space detection in the parking lot adopts ultrasonic detection or video license plate recognition technology to reliably detect the occupation or idleness of each parking space. Ultrasonic detector or video detector is installed above each parking space to detect whether vehicles are parked on the parking space. The management system collects all detection information into the system in real time, and the system feeds back the guidance information to each guidance indicator in real time through the computer.

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