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The parking of the temporary customer license plate recognition system basically requires parking and card collection. For those parking lots with more temporary customers, the previous radical system. Queuing is very easy to occur. For example, at the entrance of the parking lot of the shopping mall, queuing is very common. The core advantage of license plate recognition non-stop technology is that taking license plate as identity recognition solves the key difficulty that temporary customers cannot realize non-stop charging.In combination with various payment before departure, such as manual toll office, automatic toll machine, electronic payment, etc., the non parking charge of temporary parking customers can be realized. The license plate recognition rate must be slow. The recognition rate should be fast. On the premise that the pixel width of the license plate is within the necessary boundary. 3. In poor level use, the vehicle speed is slow, the illumination is good, and the disturbance premise is less. Usually, only one vehicle is recognized at a time.

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Make the algorithm reach the form under such premise. 4 other video recognition can be used to cooperate with license plate recognition. The marriage rate of imported and exported vehicles, such as vehicle type identification, vehicle one-sided feature identification, etc. This is also the only feature of parking lot conditions. App independent payment is mainly through the company's independent mobile app platform, as well as the payment platform of third-party cooperation. For example, Alibaba's, because I want a wide range of applications, I may develop independent payment more, This is also a highlight of the system in payment. It is one of the mainstream vehicle recognition technologies.

The license plate recognition system is equipped with license plate recognition non-stop technology. It can quickly identify the license plate number, license plate color and other vehicle attributes of the incoming vehicles, and charge the vehicles according to their timing. Although the video recognition technology is easy to cause the recognition rate due to factors such as license plate fouling, strong light exposure, strong rain and snow weather, it can be compensated by various technologies and means to realize the card free admission of vehicles and the traffic efficiency of the entrance. Secondly, due to the combination of network HD and embedded hardware recognition technology, the requirements for the scene are not so high. The whole lane is captured. The scene is clear, the license plate can be tilted at a large angle, and the requirements for the road are low.

The lane photos, license plate photos and vehicle number are automatically output. The traditional license plate recognition system has extremely strict requirements for photos. Thirdly, its wiring is convenient. The Jiesi license plate recognition snapshot is transmitted through TCP / IP communication. Only one network cable is required for data transmission. The integrated network license plate recognition snapshot has built-in power supply and direct power supply.It is a parking device that can upload relevant data in real time to assist the vehicle. License plate recognition, as the name suggests, is to use the whole video license plate recognition technology to obtain the license plate number. Now license plate recognition parking system is in daily life. Whether in some large stores or in some communities, it has been more and more widely used, and some studies have shown that. License plate recognition parking system will replace the traditional parking system.Lead the development trend of intelligent parking lot system industry. The system takes cards through the ticket box at the temporary parking entrance of vehicles or fixed vehicles. Personnel in the parking lot send monthly cards to enter and leave the parking lot. Compared with the safety of license plate recognition system and parking lot. Lower interest rates are higher. The qualified rate is low. Compared with the parking lot of the license plate recognition system. Functional toll parking system. More magic.

License plate recognition at the same time. The license plate recognition system can put the parking lot into its own vehicle for image acquisition. Upload the information of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot to the database in real time. It effectively ensures the safety of vehicle parking. The arrangement of a few characters in the license plate picture is orderly.If the characters are regarded as the same mark, texture analysis is one of the most useful methods to deal with this kind of picture. Through simple observation, it is not difficult to detect. And the texture features of the background pictures are obviously different. Keep the vehicle fully automated, temporarily semi-automatic, and reduce the passing time of the vehicle. In order to usurp the time, the intelligent cleaning eliminates the trouble caused by the assembly of the card reader and shelter.Don't worry about losing IC card. The special led Chinese electronic display screen reminds those who are in charge of it. The utility is high by reducing the staff when the picture element or the adjacent picture element is used. Just because the parking system is automated does not mean that it must be invisible or human factors. On the contrary, a good communication system is part of automatic parking.

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Bottom line why not install an automation system for your parking lot? Reassuring drivers that easier automation will help simplify your parking lot. The automatic parking system is very easy to customize, so you can invent the look and feel for your brand and ensure that it is tailored to the needs of your customer base. When payment and security are automated, communication is simplified, data is used for informatization, let customers know how much space is available, and your parking lot will be more effective space - easier and more cost-effective. Then, why not talk about the options of the automatic system of the parking lot, and see what is suitable for your application of license plate recognition technology in parking, so as to get the vehicle more handy. Whenever the vehicle passes a specific, the technology of license plate recognition, shooting the license plate number and automatically identifying the identity of the vehicle is collectively referred to as license plate recognition system.

Traffic information service system is an important part of license plate recognition and the key point of the operation of the whole intelligent transportation system. The acquisition, collection, transmission and processing of traffic information is a key problem. However, to do this, we must first identify the vehicle's identity. License plate recognition system with high license plate recognition rate in parking lot. The information of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot is. Parking lot at the entrance. No personnel are required.The license plate recognition system can automatically open the vehicles in the parking lot for license plate recognition. Labor cost. Different from the charge parking system. A special card for work is required. At the same time. The information of the card is easy to be copied by the owner. I often have a headache for people in the parking lot.

License plate recognition can prevent this phenomenon. Very good. The license plate recognition system is applicable to all kinds of entrances and exits and checkpoints such as parking lots, high-speed toll stations, ports, customs ports, logistics parks and weighing pump rooms. The vehicle license plate recognition and license plate recognition that can be used offline are clear, and the guidance signs in the parking lot system are clear. Tell you where to get a free parking space and accelerate the interpretation of traffic flow. At the same time, the lighting in the parking lot will automatically raise the lighting level according to the direction of vehicles and, so as to save energy. 4 After the vehicle is parked, the vehicle automatically.

When leaving, you can easily find five and guide through the intelligent parking space on the parking space. The entrance capture unit of the system is triggered and sends the captured data to the license plate recognition instrument for processing. The license plate recognition instrument sends the license plate number, license plate picture and other information to the payment, receives the charge and saves it in the data. When the vehicle drives out of the parking lot, the system entrance capture unit is triggered and sends the captured data to the license plate recognizer for processing. The license plate recognizer sends the license plate number, license plate picture and other information to the toll collector.

The toll collector will retrieve the vehicle entry information in the data, automatically the vehicle quality, and automatically calculate the charge amount according to the set rate. The work flow of video license plate recognition technology based on hard recognition sends the charging information to the data and fee display screen at the entrance of the vehicle parking lot. The toll collector charges according to the system prompt and lifts the pole to release. Consistent with the application time of EM parking lot. The emergence of video license plate recognition technology is also around 2011.

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