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License plate recognition system product upgrade,. Haval's product matrix will be richer and fully cover China's mainstream SUV market. Excellent product quality, service reputation and brand strength will greatly enhance Haval's market competitiveness. Car Cafe: what is the core theme of the Harvard brand exhibition? What new cars did you bring? Champion Harvard. In the past October, Yuan Zhancheng: the core theme of this Harvard brand exhibition is "champion Harvard Zhilian new era". Haval H6 achieved another 40000 sales in June, and once again ranked first in SUV sales. Haval H6 has won the champion of SUV sales list for 65 months. The cumulative sales of Haval brand will exceed 5 million units, and Haval SUV is worthy of being the champion brand. Zhilian new era.

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Harvard F series products and H series products now have 4G intelligent interconnection system, and then. Moreover, in the future, the products of Harvard brand will also fully apply the small OS system, and Harvard brand will fully enter the new era of Zhilian. H series has launched two new Haval H6 champion version and Haval H4 Zhilian version. The new cars brought by Haval brand in this auto show include Haval H / F's new product portfolio., Auto Cafe: the new Haval H6 champion version launched in this auto show. Could you introduce it again? In addition, what preparations has Harvard made for intelligent interconnection in the future? It can start at a high speed in 8 seconds.

Yuan Zhancheng: Harvard Internet System 3.0 has entered a new era of Zhilian: a powerful and efficient operating system. Combined with 4G intelligent interconnection system, intelligent voice, line navigation, QQ music, koala FM intelligent remote control and other functions are available, which makes driving more convenient and safe, and greatly enriches the user's pleasant driving experience. The speech recognition rate is up to 97%. Intelligent speech: equipped with nuanc speech system. Including QQ music of 20 million song lists and koala FM intelligent entertainment of 100000 radio stations: equipped with unlimited entertainment experience. Whole process voice control, intelligent travel: Gaode online navigation.

The license plate recognition system not only supports real-time road condition navigation, 3D dynamic map and dynamic traffic information, but also can select 63 interest points such as gas station location, parking lot, food and hotel; It can also set electronic fence and remote intelligent control: realize remote unlocking / locking of door, remote starting / closing of engine, etc. Real time positioning, abnormal door alarm, etc. In addition, there are intelligent rescue services, 7 * 24 intelligent exclusive housekeeper, 120 alarm assistance, security alarm assistance, self rescue and mutual rescue guidance, MPD, etc. To build a high-quality and cost-effective mobile intelligent terminal, Harvard will vigorously develop intelligent technology in the future. Continue to lead China's independent auto brands. For intelligent Internet technology, Harvard brand builds a whole scene intelligent service system based on the trinity of basic technology, user thinking and personalized service; At the same time, Harvard has cooperated with Baidu and other Internet industry giants to develop. For intelligent driving, Harvard has started to explore the automatic driving technology since 2009. At present, it has launched the "i-pilot intelligent navigation" system, which is called "intelligent navigation system" in Chinese. Harvard's ultimate goal is to achieve full automatic driving by 2025. Auto Cafe: what is the future strategy of Harvard brand? Harvard brand will pass H & amp; F dual system strategy and globalization strategy, Yuan Zhancheng: since 2019. And intelligent upgrade, explore the global market, and strive to become the world's leading SUV brand.

In the product category matrix, Harvard brand has expanded its market segments from time to time. Harvard F-series and H-series have formed a two-line layout to work together for young consumers and family users. The domestic market will strengthen the depth of channels. The second point is to realize the intellectualization of the whole line of products. As I said above, Harvard aims to achieve fully automatic driving by 2025. Harvard adheres to the internationalization strategy.

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Great Wall Motor adheres to the strategy of over investment in R & D. Comprehensively carry out the R & D and new technology center construction of new products, new energy and intelligent vehicles, and build a global R & D layout with Baoding headquarters as the core, covering Europe, Asia, North America and so on. Haval brand has formed a sales network around the three main markets of Russia, Australia and South Africa, and the overseas market. Expand the overseas market sales network from time to time, and open the international market with stronger market penetration. Harvard brand has a wholly-owned vehicle manufacturer with full process overseas, and establishes overseas subsidiaries leading market promotion / after-sales service / sales network development to optimize the overseas business model.,. At the same time, Haval F5 has received a very good response from customers who have purchased cars, with a word-of-mouth score of 4.77, which is higher than most models of the same level. There are two reasons. First of all, the market positioning is accurate. The two new models of Harvard F series are excellent in the market. The license plate recognition system has excellent product strength.

At the 2015 Shanghai auto show, a "conceptr concept car" was released, which is the source of the design concept of the Haval F5. The Haval F7 is a product that pursues perfection both internally and externally, which can be described as the most beautiful, intelligent, safe, comfortable and versatile SUV. As early as three years ago, Harvard had invested a lot of resources and concentrated the best R & D personnel to start the preparation of Harvard f department. Harvard F series is a subdivided product series for young consumer groups, with a more fashionable, sporty and avant-garde overall style. And we did achieve our vision. Whether it is more fashionable and fashionable appearance and interior design, Haval F5 and F7 are two products. It is also an industry-leading intelligent Internet system, and its handling performance and driving experience have reached a new height, perfectly meeting the consumption concept and car purchase needs of the pan post-90s. Marketing is distracted, second.

Use the way loved by young people to get together with young people, integrate young elements into the brand gene, and resonate with young people at the same frequency. Including the name of Jiangsu TV, IP, "masked singing, guessing and guessing" and shaking the sound to open up super challenge competitions, etc., the image of Haff F's younger image is transmitted to the vast number of consumers, and the tiktok interaction between the brand and the young target consumer group is realized.

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