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Shot is a song by the Finnish alternative rock band The Rasmus, originally released on the band's sixth studio album Hide from the Sun on September 2, 2006. The single was released on March 30, 2006. This is the last single to be released from Hide from the Sun.

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The song "Immortal" was later released as a music video, but there was no single. The song reached #6 on the Finland Singles Chart.

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"Wildest Moments" features on the second-season episode "Re-Launch" (2012) of New Girl, playing in the background as characters Schmidt and Cece talk at the end of the episode.

"Wildest Moments" also features on the third-season episode "Who I Want to Be" (2013) of Awkward, playing in the background as characters Jenna and Matty dance together at the prom. "Wildest Moments" features on the show Love sick season 1 episode 2


Deep data of Digital Camera

Deep data is an image that holds additional information about each pixel along the z axis like multi-layered images where each layer has a depth associated with. But unlike voxels, only at some arbitrary specified points in depth.

The data can be evaluated through different types of interpolation. Function-based (integrated)The data is stored as a function of depth. This results in a function curve that can be used to look up the data at any arbitrary depth.

Manipulating the data is harder. Sample-based (deintegrated)Each sample is considered as an independent piece and can so be manipulated easily. To make sure the data is representing the right detail, an additional expand value needs to be introduced.

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History of Digital Camera

The origin of panomorph technology dates back to 1999 from a French company named ImmerVision now headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Since the first panomorph lenses have been used in video surveillance applications in the early 2000s, panomorph lenses have now become an alternative to other existing wide-angle lenses in a broad range of applications


Career of Digital Camera

Macdonald recorded a solo album called Sauchiehall & Hope - A Pop Opera under the pseudonym "Nice Man" and The Art of Hanging Out as "Nice Man and the Bad Boys". In 2011, he recorded two digital albums of instrumental music - Maculate Conceptions and Maculate Conceptions Volume 2 on Garageband on his Mac computer during a Teenage Fanclub tour of Europe.

All of these albums are available online. He runs Shoeshine Records / Spit & Polish in Glasgow. He has co-produced albums by Aaron Wright, Attic Lights and Aaron Fyfe.

Other artists with whom he has worked include: Kevin Ayers, Kim Fowley, Robert Forster, Dan Penn, Alex Chilton, John Herald, Chip Taylor, Ben Vaughn, Laura Cantrell, Kate Rusby, Belle & Sebastian, Looper, Future Pilot A.K.A.

, The Hermit Crabs, The Pastels, Radio Sweethearts, Michael Shelley, Cheeky Monkey, Frank Blake, Speeder, Astro Chimp, BMX Bandits, Attic Lights and Harry Pye.


Science and technology of mirrorless digital camera

Old name of Artemis 1, Exploration Mission-1, a planned mission for NASA's Orion spacecraft Olympus OM-D E-M1, a compact mirrorless interchangeable lens camera Korg Electribe EM-1, a digital synthesizer EM-1 Microbial Inoculant, first product in the line of effective microorganism supplements EM1, a designation for a vacuum tube, of Magic Eye type


Further reading of Digital Camera

Ellison, Peter (FebruaryMarch 1985). "Canada's Atari".

ROM Magazine (10): 7. Archived from the original on 2017-12-20. Retrieved 2018-07-08.

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Music video of Digital Camera

The All American Rejects music video for "The Wind Blows" was directed by Rich Lee and shot between March 30 and 31, 2009 in Malibu, California and was released a month later on April 27.

It revolves around the relationship between a character played by lead singer Tyson Ritter and his girlfriend - eventually reaching a neutral ending - with scenes of the band performing the song on the shore of a beach overlapped through the video. A second version, featuring alternative scenes of the relationship between Ritter's character and his girlfriend, was later released in October 2009. ReceptionEMVees reviewed the music video and praised its camera work and effects, but felt that they "hurt" the video and got overused, especially on the numerous close-ups of Ritter and the beach scenes.

They also thought that the scenes between Ritter and his significant other were "never fully fleshed out as much as they could be", but admitted that with a more fleshed out story, the video could easily be the band's best yet and "makes a person very excited to see where their next music video and song are going".


Background of Digital Camera

"The Wind Blows" (originally titled "Alone Again") was written by Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritter, originally for American singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani prior to the release of When the World Comes Down, but was ultimately turned down by her record label. During the recording sessions for When the Word Comes Down, the band's A&R manager Jeff Sosnow provided producer Eric Valentine with a digital audio library of The All-American Rejects demo songs, where in which the latter person discovered "The Wind Blows".

Seeing its potential, Valentine reintroduced the demo to the band, who were uncertain on the song's sound at the time. The band decided to rewrite its chorus and eventually re-record it for the album. Album-wise on When the World Comes Down, "The Wind Blows" is segued into by the previous track "Believe".


Compositing deep data images of Digital Camera

Deep images can be composited like regular images. The depth component makes it easier to determine the layering order. Traditionally this had to be input by the user.

Deep images have that information for themselves and need no user input. Edge artifacts are reduced as transparent pixels have more data to work with.


Critical reception of Digital Camera

The game has a Metacritic score of 87%, based on 10 critic reviews.

Slide To Play wrote " If you've been looking for a game that will impress your friends, look no further. Blast-A-Way is a fun, casual game that looks fantastic. " AppSpy said " Blast-A-Way invokes the friendly atmosphere of Little Big Planet, but puts you behind the wheel of three explosive maniacs set on solving their problems with brute force - all for the children you have to understand.

" wrote " Blast-A-Way it's a true surprise, even on the quite crowded physics puzzle genre. Another quality game from Illusions Labs.

" TouchGen said " Overall, Blast A Way is great puzzle game. It's beautifully presented, but more importably its fresh and challenging, with that all important 'one more try' factor. " Digital Spy said " Camera adjustment issues aside, inspired level design and creative puzzle mechanics make Blast-a-way an easy iOS recommendation.

" Touch Arcade said " While Illusion Labs doesn't particularly offer anything innovative, Blast-a-Way proves that there is still room in the overcrowded puzzle arena for games that excel in pure execution. " Pocket Gamer UK wrote " A bright and slick puzzler with some excellent mechanics, and imaginative level design. "


Gameplay of Digital Camera

Time Travel shares the main idea with the previous games in the series, where the players must cut the ropes with swipes in order for Om Nom to get the candy.

However, the game adds Om Nom's ancestors, which means there are now two candies for two Noms in each level. That leads to the puzzles where the players will have to plan to feed both creatures at the same time. With each collected piece of candy, the players will gain stars that are equivalent to points; the more stars obtained in a certain level, the more bonus points are earned for other features like super powers, used as a help during the puzzles.

By pressing the camera button, the players can view animated stories created by ZeptoLab, offering more info about Om Nom's ancestry. Centered around time travel, the game consists of various time periods, from the Middle Ages to the Stone Age. Each one of them regularly add new obstacles and mechanisms to be used.

Some of those are: the chains can hold up candies requiring to be cut by a blade, freeze button that stops any movement on the screen, bombs that will send everything in its radius up, and others.


Concept of Digital Camera

Margazhi Raagam was conceptualised by Jayendra Panchapakesan a pioneer of the South Indian ad film making industry. The film follows a 'concert' format, with the artistes performing on a stage, but uses video styles to give the audience a multi-directional view of the stage and set.

On the official website, Jayendra says: "For over four years, I have been living with the idea of giving Carnatic music an evocative new appeal in terms of presentation. Finally, the technology became available to give this dream the right shape. Margazhi Raagam brings together two things that are close to my heart music and cinema!

I am sure that classical music and cinema will see the benefit of this initiative, as will artistes and music lovers." Along with him a number of leading technicians have participated in the creation of this film. Some of whom are H.

Sridhar - Audiography, P.C. Sreeram - Cinematography, Rajeevan - Art Direction, and Satissh Kurosowa - Editing which has awed South Indian audiences and is set to release in theatres across the globe in the months to follow.


Transport of mirrorless digital camera

British Rail Class 76, or Class EM1, an electric locomotive EM-1, a class of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad locomotives Elias EM-1, a 1920s prototype US military biplane EM1, chassis code for a 19952000 Honda Civic coupe EM1, a type of Honda E engine used for the Honda Civic during 198083


Reception of Digital Camera

Critical receptionThe song received mixed reviews from music critics. An examiner for the Billboard Hot 100 said that they were unsure about the song's soft and mellow sound "for a band that claims to be alternative rock" and compared it to ballad songs by Maroon 5 and Green Day. They however praised its lyrics, saying "the message about getting through ruff times is actually a good one.

" Chart performance"The Wind Blows" peaked at number 13 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles and the top 40 in the Mainstream Top 40, before the song slowly began to lose public interest.


Imaging software of Digital Camera

No matter the strategies used to improve the performances in zones of interest, each panomorph lens is designed with specific parameters such as the object-to-image mapping function. Precise knowledge of these design parameters for each panomorph lens is encoded in their unique RPL (Registered Panomorph Lens) code to allow de-warping algorithms to process the image and properly display the final image.

The display is optimized to keep advantage of the improved performance in the zone of interest created by the panomorph lenses as opposed to algorithms for fisheye lenses which employ a linear mapping function to de-warp the image without any considerations for their departure from a perfect linear mapping ( f displaystyle ftheta distortion).


Applications of Digital Camera

By providing wide-angle images with zones of interest, panomorph lenses are often designed with specific applications in mind. Panomorph lenses have already been used in various industries, including: Broadcast television Mobile communications Virtual reality cameras Action cameras Wearable cameras Security and surveillance Automotive Endoscopy Aerospace Drones


Generating deep data of Digital Camera

3D renderers produce the necessary data as a part of the rendering pipeline.

Samples are gathered in depth and then combined. The deep data can be written out before this happens and so is nothing new to the process. Generating deep data from camera data needs a proper depth map.

This is used in a couple of cases but still not accurate enough for detailed representation. For basic holdout task this can be sufficient though.


Technology of Digital Camera

Margazhi Raagam is significant for the fact that it uses the digital capture quality of the Red One camera and high-quality, uncompressed, six track surround sound to deliver audio clarity and audio mixing finesse that carnatic music audiences have not experienced in a live concert so far.

The film is also expected to be released in Blu-ray, DVD and Audio CD formats in the near future.

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I own this camera and think it is good for general use, and for the price is worth it. If you have a little more money to spend, i would suggest going to the nearest best buy and ask a representative there. There are far to many cameras out there that fit what you need, the only advie i have is that it it is under 100 dollars. Dont get it. Those companies are rip offs. Sony has good picture quality. Kodak has easy use. sony is also very reliable if you have the extra bit of cash · Other Questions HELP ASAP I NEED TO CX MY E MAIL? If you want to close your Yahoo! account, you can follow the steps on the Account Termination page. You will be asked to sign in or to verify the password for the account you want to delete. Deleting your Yahoo! account does not alter or delete your Yahoo! People Search listing. You must edit or delete this separately. To Create a New Yahoo! Account click on this link: (for email) Merely complete the Form , then click "Create My Account" Best of Luck to You. ------ What is the difference between the ti-Nspire CX and the ti-Nspire CX CAS? A CAS does algebra symbolically. That is, it won't round unless you tell it to, and it will always give you exact answers. That means it can integrate non-numerically and other fun things like that. For example, if you enter: 120 In a non-CAS, it will return an answer of 10.95445. In a CAS, it will return an answer of 230, which is the reduced form. While this is great, it does have drawbacks. Because of the nature of the CAS, they are banned on many standardized tests because they'll do the algebra for you. The TI-Nspire CX CAS is usable on College Board exams, though. (AP exams, SAT, etc.) Hope this helps! ------ Ti Nspire Cx Trig question? We are very sorry to hear you are having issues calculating Trigonometric functions on your TI-Nspire CX calculator. For the issue you are describing, the handheld is giving you an answer in Radian while your Casio FX-115 is calculating in Degrees. To change the answer you are receiving, all you need to do is change the mode setting on the calculator. To do this, press Home 5 2 and this will take you to the Document Settings menu. From this menu, use the arrow keys to change the Angle settings from Radian to Degree. Once this is changed, press Enter twice to save your changes and attempt your calculation again. You should then receive the expected answer ------ Find the values of c and d for which x : -3 if the question was not less than, then you would have x^2cxd, and the solutions would be x-3 and x7 or: (x3)(x-7)0 or x^2-4x-210 or x^2-4x21 so you see that c-4 and c21 Check out 3 points: when x0 you have 0^2-4(0)<21 which checks when x7 you have 7^2-4(7)49-2821 which would mean anything less than 7 would work, since we already know that 0 works. when x-3 you have (-3)^2-4(-3)91221 which would mean anything greater than -3 would work, since we already know that 0 works. c-4, d21 ------ 92 civic hatch cx 1.5L 8 valve d15b8 ecu help One ECU could be made to run in most States, and the other could be made to run in California only. The California version of the CX has a 4-wire O2 sensor, where the rest of them only have a 1-wire O2 sensor. If this is in fact the case, it's likely that the stock ECU was for the 1-wire and the new ECU is looking for a 4-wire O2 sensor; which would throw a check engine light if you weren't hooked up for a 4-wire O2 sensor. Otherwise, the O2 sensor has gone bad and needs to be replaced, or the wiring for it is damaged in some way ------ does anybody have a good comparison of mazda cx-7 and honda crv? Highs of the CR-V - - Great fuel economy for an SUV - Much better than average reliability ratings - best resale value in its class - great safety ratings - adequate handling for an SUV Lows of the CR-V - Lots of Road Noise. Highs of the Mazda CX-7 - Handling - Turbocharged engine a blast to drive Lows of the Mazda CX-7 - Requires premium fuel - lots of road noise. In my opinion, I would also consider the Toyota RAV4 V6 Sport. You get all of the reliability and flexibility of the CR-V. Plus, its 269 horsepower V6 engine gives you a 'fun to drive' factor without the requirement of premium fuel. ------ how do you solve sin(axb)sin(cxd)? sin(ax b) cos(cx d) sin(ax b) sin(/2 - cx - d) (ax b) (/2 - cx - d) 2n or (ax b) - (/2 - cx - d) 2n 1) (ax b) (/2 - cx - d) 2n (a c)x (/2 - b - d) 2n x (/2 - b - d)/(a c) 2n/(a c) 2) (ax b) - (/2 - cx - d) 2n (ax b) (/2 cx d) 2n (a - c)x (/2 - b d) 2n x (/2 - b d)/(a - c) 2n/(a - c) The solutions to the equation are: (/2 - b - d)/(a c) 2n/(a c) and (/2 - b d)/(a - c) 2n/(a - c) ------ Find a,b,c,d such that f(x)ax^3bx^2cxd has horizontal tangent lines at (3,37) and (1,5)? Since there are four unknowns to be found, we need to frame four equations. Plug (-3, 37): -27a 9b - 3c d 37 ------------ (1) Plug (1, 5): a b c d 5 ----------------- (2) Differentiating, f '(x) 3ax^2 2bx c Since tangents at the given points are horizontal, f '(x) 0 at (3,37) and (1,5) So, 27a - 6b c 0 ------------ (3) and 3a 2b c 0 -------------- (4) Solve the above four equations to get a, b, c and d (1) - (2): -28a 8b - 4c 32; > as -7a 2b - c 8 ---------- (5) Now it is reduced to three equations, (3), (4) and (5) You may solve these three equations, in your own method, either by elimination or by determinants or my matrix method and get the solutions, ------ Partial Fraction Decomp/ How do you know when to use C/equation, VS making CXD the numerator in an equation? You use the CxD numerator for a denominator with a quadratic form, ax^2bxc. This is true of your first example. You just use the A, B, C numerator if the denominator of the fraction is of the form (x-a)^n, like (x-1), (x-1)^2, (x-1)^3. Even though (x-1)^2 can be written into a quadratic, is still has the form of (x-a)^n, just like in your 2nd example. In terms of purposes, Partial Fraction Decomposition is important for several Engineering processes. P.F.D. is essential for utilizing Laplace and Z-transforms, which are essential tools for analog and digital signal analysis and processing. ------- Hope this helps ------ TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition or TI-Nspire CX CAS? For Math 12, and first year Calculus 101 : Definitely the TI-84. It has tons of downloadable Calculus APPs, and even just using the built-ins , it has more than enough . The multiple plotting capabilities of the TI-Nspire CX CAS will not be neaded until later in Calculus . For Calculus 102 , and beyond . go for the TI-Nspire CX CAS. But , be aware, that for most apps, even built in apps , (like quadratic roots , or Syn Division ) its gonna take you about 30 minutes to master what it does . Having dozens or hundreds of programs will occupy your learning curve for several months Better to start simpler ( TI-84 ) and sell it when it does not do what you want or need. ------ how can i find a wiring diagram for a 1992 honda civic cx that has an ecu/ ecm labeled, 37820-P28-A52? The best purchase that i have ever made for all the cars that I own is the Chilton or Haynes books. You can buy one that will cover honda civics 1990-1995 or some thing. (made the years up) Anyways it will walk you through step by step how to do just about anything that you need to do on your car. They usually cost about $25.00 or so and you can pick them up at any auto store. Call ahead to make sure that they have the one that you need in stock. I personally prefer the Chilton's but the haynes are good also. ------ Hows the garmin etrex legend cx gps and your thaughts? Generally I would say that it sounds like a good deal. The radio receiver in the HC series is better but I have heard good things about the quality of the one in the C series. The C series runs a bit longer on the batteries than the HC series. The Cx gets you several big advances over the older grayscale units. You get the color screen that is easier to read. You get the better receiver and fewer dropouts in reception. You get the USB port for transferring data with a computer. You get the use of MicroSD cards for expanded map storage and track logging ------ Prove that AX * XB CX * XD. Once you've drawn the picture, notice that the triangles formed by XDB and XCA are both right triangles. In particular the angles ACX and XBD are right angles. The two triangles also share a common angle CXA and DXB. This means that the OTHER angles in the triangle must also be the same. That is, angle XDB angle CAX. Call this angle theta. Since these are right triangles, the value of sin(theta) XB/DX and also sin(theta) CX/AX Equating these two XB/DX CX/AX, which can be manipulated to AX *XB CX*XD . ------ Where do you look to see what kind of Honda Civic (DX, LX, HX, CX, Si) it is? Look up the V.I.N. There are lots of ways to tell but they are hard to explain. They are mainly just different trim levels. First off, what year is it? Does it have alot of features like ABS, power steering, power windows? Open the hood, look right below the exhaust manifold on the block to the side of the transmission, there is an engine code etched into the block. Should say something like one of the following: D16, D17, or B16 If it says B16, then it is an Si Better yet, just let me see a picture of the outside, inside, and motor. ------ Expand the partial fraction: ad-bc/((axb)(cxd))? ad-bc/((axb)(cxd)) Y/(axb) Z/(cxd) Y(cxd) Z(axb) ad - bc (denominator cancels out) (YcZa)x (YdZb) ad - bc x-coefficients must be equal. Yc Za 0 Y -Za/c Constant terms must be equal. Yd Zb ad - bc Y (ad - bc - Zb)/d Comparing the two values of Y. Y (ad - bc - Zb)/d -Za/c ad - bc - Zb -Zad/c ad-bc Z(bc - ad)/c Z -c Y a So the answer is a/(axb) - c/(cxd). ------ Need Help With Math Problem (Factoring)? cx^2 d - dx^2 - cx cx^2 - dx^2 - dx - (cx - dx - d) x(cx - dx - d) - (cx - dx - d) (x - 1)(cx - dx - d) It's by experience Or you cantry to put any number to subtitute x to make the result is zero. In this case, when we put x1, we got it. So (x-1) is one of the factor of the equation. Dividing it by (x-1), we get (cx - dx - d) So cx^2 d - dx^2 - cx (x - 1)(cx - dx - d) ------ If ax3 bx2 cx d is divided by x - 2, then the reminder is equal? As you use long division to figure out the answer, due to generality of the constants a,b,c and d they will slowly accumulate and become part of the remainder. Due to this generality, you will get a long remainder. But if you try simply giving a,b,c & d all values, redoing the division, finding the remainder and then using the general formula found above it should give you the same answer. It is hard to put in words. . but what i am trying to say is that the answer c is a general form for the remainder of the division, that can be proved by plugging values into the equation. I hope this helps
Recover RAW Photos From a Digital Camera
Recover RAW Photos From a Digital Camera
A RAW photo is an unprocessed file that cannot be edited or printed using bitmap image editors. Many professional digital cameras support this format in order to maintain the original image quality, since it is not compressed, such as jpeg. Often, a photographer can capture an incredible frame, but then, for a certain reason, formatting may occur, someone may accidentally delete an image or a virus will delete the information. There are a lot of reasons and, nevertheless, if you suddenly happened to encounter this, you can save all the valuable information from your camera. Starus Partition Recovery Tool will help you with this.First of all it is necessary to realize, that the process of restoring deleted data to some extent is complicated and not all programs are capable to recover the lost. This disadvantage makes it difficult for you to find a way to recover your photos intact. However, there are no reasons to worry! Starus Partition Recovery software can easily help you recover all data stored on your camera or memory card.Photo Recovery using Starus Partition RecoveryThis application is a powerful information recovery software that is able to work efficiently with any type of data. Download the software to your computer and follow the instructions below to return the deleted files.1. Remove the memory card from the digital camera and insert it into the slot on your laptop or connect it to your computer using the card reader. Run the Starus Partition Recovery Data Recovery program. 2. In the list that opens, find the device you are interested in and, by clicking it with the left mouse button, perform a scan by selecting one of the options offered by the Analysis wizard. A fullanalysis will allow you to scan much deeper than the Fast one, however, it takes more time.3. Upon completion of the scan you will see a complete list of files stored on your disk, with the ability to preview. You can study each file separately and, at the end of your own analysis, selecting the necessary ones. Click the window with the right mouse button and then click Restore button.4. You will be offered several methods of saving data, select the most appropriate. Once you have completed the restore process, you can use the newly-found files that, were recently deleted.Recovering RAW images from a digital camera memory cardFor fans of photography Starus Recovery offers to try a specialized image recovery tool Starus Photo recovery. This application supports popular snapshot formats, including all of the Raw extensions, which, in the case of a failure of your device, can be restored at any time. More about How to recover photos with the program you can read here!Download and try out the latest updated version of Starus Photo Recovery for free!Source:
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