JustLook's Biometric Face Recognition to Replace Older Security System From Indian Sub Continent.

Ahmedabad, India, June 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Manual security guards

are inefficient to offer 100% security at premises therefore

establishment of the biometric face recognition system emerged.

Supporting the fact, JustLook is offering a wide variety of biometric

solutions to meet the common security needs of the general people.

Biometric face recognition systems are based on the newest technology

known as 'no human touch' technology, which is recognizable

for its greater efficiency.

JustLook is the biometric face recognition system provider firm.

The firm is enriched with knowledge workers, technicians and support

staffs who work their best to meet the customer's security


"We are offering three different varieties of biometric

solutions, each of those are specialized in their own perspective area.

At the first glance it might put our clients into confusion whether to

go for the technology or not but if they are trying to search something

advanced, with ultimate efficiency at an affordable rate then, biometric

face recognition system is what they are searching for," as

explained by the business development executive of JustLook.

While incorporating the face recognition solution, if your prime

concern is the installation then, JustLook has a solution for it. The

firm is offering its support staffs to look after the entire issue.

These support staffs will be available since installation to support, as

conveyed by the CEO of the firm, JustLook in a recent conference. The

firm's Hr executive also mentioned that, they never compromise with

the quality and offering the services to achieve the customer


For detail information regarding the company and the solutions,

visit the official website at and for any

further assistance contact at


Contact Information:


Manish Shah


JustLook's Biometric Face Recognition to Replace Older Security System From Indian Sub Continent. 1

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What Functions Are Equipped with Automatic Gates_ Taigewang Technology
What Functions Are Equipped with Automatic Gates_ Taigewang Technology
Automatic gate, also known as intelligent gate, mainly plays the role of blocking vehicles in and out. Compared with ordinary gate, it has some intelligent and humanized design. At the beginning, the gate was used in highway toll collection, but with the development of society, it has been widely used in parking lots, communities, enterprises and institutions. Moreover, with the rapid growth of vehicles, the demand for road gates is more and more, the requirements are higher and higher, and the application technology is more and more advanced. For example, safety devices such as vehicle detector, infrared sensor and pressure wave are configured to avoid injury to passing pedestrians and vehicles when the brake rod drops. Hardware equipment has also been upgraded. Most of them are equipped with integrated movement, advanced transmission mechanism (such as hydraulic pressure) and more stable and accurate balance device. Several control modes are also provided, such as control handle, online control, wireless remote control, external system control (such as management computer), etc. There are also many choices for the take-off and landing time of the gate, such as 1s, 3S, 6S, etc., which can be used as needed in different places. The high-end gate is generally equipped with many functions, such as intelligent anti lifting function, resistance return device, temperature rise function (to ensure that it can be used in the environment of minus 40 degrees), exhaust cooling system (to reduce the motor temperature in time), automatic clutch device, anti-collision rod release device and so on. After talking so much, what I want to say is that the times are changing. The road gate with only basic functions can be said to be fully armed. I don't know whether it is convenient for us or we make simplicity more complicated.)
What Should Be Paid Attention to When Selecting Equipment for Intelligent Parking Lot Management Sys
What Should Be Paid Attention to When Selecting Equipment for Intelligent Parking Lot Management Sys
With the improvement of living standards, private motor vehicles can be seen everywhere. The following problems are also exposed, such as difficulty in parking and finding cars. Since 2012, intelligent parking lot management system has been a hot topic. From the charging mode of one person, one bag and one bench in the 1980s to the parking charging management mode in the early 1990s to the current intelligent parking lot management system mode, we have been looking for the best parking management mode. At present, the latest intelligent parking mode combines cloud computer technology and Internet of things technology to effectively solve a series of traditional parking problems, such as car search, parking, departure prompt, parking guidance, self-service payment and so on. So now there are many kinds of intelligent parking lot management systems in society. What should we pay attention to when choosing? Now let's follow taigewang to see how to choose parking equipment? At present, the common problems of our intelligent parking lot management system are mainly reflected in the problems of parking lot hardware equipment, computer host, anti smashing and anti-collision of parking gate, communication mode, etc., which need to be paid attention to when selecting equipment. First of all, we need to consider the equipment stability of the intelligent parking lot management system. The stability of the parking lot management system in use is the premise. In case of equipment paralysis and other problems, it will damage the interests of the owner. At present, most controllers still have some faults, so we should choose a CPU motherboard with high stability. Secondly, the parking lot gate system lasts for a long time, and there are situations such as the gate smashing, not opening, and the aisle gate not lowering the lever. Therefore, when selecting the parking lot gate, we should select the anti smashing brand with good crash configuration, movement, control motherboard, controller and vehicle detector with low failure rate. At present, there are four anti smashing modes most used in the intelligent parking lot, digital anti smashing, Pressure wave anti smashing, vehicle detector ground induction coil induction and infrared anti smashing. At present, digital anti smashing is widely used. In addition, the charging computer also needs to be carefully selected. The computer records the card information, so a backup charging scheme is needed in the preliminary design to reduce losses. At the same time, various charging methods can prevent the trouble caused by power failure. At ordinary times, it is also necessary to distinguish between temporary vehicles and fixed vehicles. At present, there are two types of self-service payment and manual payment, which can be selected according to the actual situation of the parking lot. Finally, pay attention to the communication mode of the parking lot system. Before, most of them used RS485 communication mode, which is greatly affected by the environment and equipment. At present, it is recommended to choose TCP / IP communication mode, which has fast download and upload speed, no load problem, anti-interference, stable operation and can be used in all sizes. Intelligent parking lot management system will be used more and more widely. Different parking lot systems have different functions, and some large supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings and unit parking will be different. Therefore, some details need to be paid attention to in the design and selection.
Five Advantages of Intelligent Parking System in Community Application_ Taigewang Technology
Five Advantages of Intelligent Parking System in Community Application_ Taigewang Technology
Now the newly-built communities are equipped with intelligent parking lot system. The intelligent parking lot system has irreplaceable advantages in community vehicle management, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects. 1、 Multiple charging methods to flexibly meet various management needs. The intelligent parking lot system has a flexible payment method, which can easily meet the needs of different users, such as temporary users, fixed users, special users, monthly rent users, etc. These can be set in the system to meet different management needs. 2、 High degree of automation, reduce staff work intensity and improve management efficiency. The intelligent parking lot adopts a variety of advanced technologies, such as smart card technology, Bluetooth technology, license plate recognition technology, etc., which can realize the unmanned management of the entrance, improve the management efficiency and reduce the cost of workers. 3、 Improve safety precautions to prevent vehicles from being stolen. The intelligent parking lot system is equipped with a surveillance camera to automatically capture and compare incoming and outgoing vehicles, so as to effectively prevent vehicles from being stolen. 4、 The system is user-friendly and easy to operate and manage. Moreover, the parking lot equipment is equipped with computer voice prompt, help intercom, highlighted led Chinese and English, digital display screen, automatic parking space statistics, full space prompt, etc., which is convenient for users. 5、 Rigorous charging and blocking charging loopholes. The intelligent parking lot system adopts computer billing and charging, and each payment is recorded in the system. The charging is accurate. At the same time, it also has a variety of means to block the charging loopholes, avoid cash loss and ensure the income of the parking lot.
What Are the Methods of Face Recognition_ Taigewang Technology
What Are the Methods of Face Recognition_ Taigewang Technology
First, the face recognition method of geometric features: geometric features can be the shape of eyes, nose, mouth and the geometric relationship between them (such as the distance between them). These algorithms have high recognition speed and small memory, but the recognition rate is low. Second, face recognition method based on feature face (PCA): feature face method is a face recognition method based on KL transform, which is an optimal orthogonal transform of image compression. After KL transformation, a new set of orthogonal bases is obtained from the high-dimensional image space, and the important orthogonal bases are retained, which can be expanded into a low-dimensional linear space. Assuming that the projections of human face in these low dimensional linear spaces are separable, these projections can be used as feature vectors for recognition, which is the basic idea of feature face method. These methods need more training samples, and are completely based on the statistical characteristics of image gray. At present, there are some improved feature face methods. Third, face recognition method of neural network: the input of neural network can be face image with reduced resolution, autocorrelation function of local region, second-order moment of local texture, etc. Such methods also need more samples for training, and in many applications, the number of samples is very limited. Fourth, the face recognition method of elastic graph matching: the elastic graph matching method defines a distance that is invariant to the usual face deformation in two-dimensional space, and uses the attribute topology to represent the face. Any vertex of the topology contains a feature vector to record the information of the face near the vertex. This method combines the gray characteristics and geometric factors, allows the image to have elastic deformation during comparison, and has achieved good results in overcoming the influence of expression change on recognition. At the same time, it does not need multiple samples for training for a single person.
Intelligent Parking Lot Enters the Era of Unmanned Management_ Taigewang Technology
Intelligent Parking Lot Enters the Era of Unmanned Management_ Taigewang Technology
With the rise of artificial intelligence technology, various business models represented by no one are rising rapidly. Although this concept is not new, it has been limited by technology and its applications are relatively limited. The development of artificial intelligence technology has opened up a new way to realize the unmanned mode. The unmanned economy represented by unmanned retail stores is rapidly popularizing. In the intelligent parking industry, the application represented by unattended parking has also become the torrent of the era of unmanned economy! With the continuous improvement of unattended parking management technology in parking enterprises, the next step will be the development of unattended parking system. Similar to the development of intelligent parking lot, the level of intelligent parking lot in China is still less than 5%. The reason is that, on the one hand, the intelligent parking system is not perfect, and the intelligent parking technology is developed late in China; On the other hand, it is the pressure of capital cost, and the construction cost of parking lot is still low. The emergence of unattended parking lot has greatly improved the product technology and effectively solved the problems of identification, transportation and so on. In terms of capital cost, the use of unattended parking lot system will greatly reduce the cost of parking operation, which is one of the attractions of intelligent parking lot construction. Although China's driverless parking is based on the style of driverless economy, different from the services provided by driverless stores, the successful experience of driverless parking and the long-term attention of domestic parking companies to driverless parking technology will make driverless parking faster and better. There are difficulties in this regard, but the future is also bright. I believe that the intelligent parking lot will eventually be unmanaged
License Plate Recognition System Will Become an Innovator of Traditional Parking Lot System_ Taigewa
License Plate Recognition System Will Become an Innovator of Traditional Parking Lot System_ Taigewa
According to the market demand in the past two years, the license plate recognition system is growing at a double rate every year. It can be seen that the demand for the parking lot system is unspeakable. Especially in the first and second tier cities, various communities, shopping malls and other places, the parking lot system has become one of the essential facilities. The increasing demand for parking lot system has greatly promoted the expansion of security market and the development of products. When it comes to parking lot system, I believe many people will not be unfamiliar. Now many places need to use parking lot system to manage vehicle parking, which effectively prevents the phenomenon of vehicles entering and leaving at will and plays a role in safety protection for vehicle parking. Although the parking lot system is more convenient in managing vehicles, one car at a time, and can also well manage every vehicle entering and leaving the parking lot, due to technical reasons and the increasing number of vehicles in the parking lot, the use of the parking lot system in life can not meet people's parking requirements, but is easy to cause congestion when the traffic flow is large. The parking lot system based on the technical principle of license plate recognition has been gradually recognized and popularized in recent years. The biggest feature of license plate recognition is that it is safe and simple without any form of management mode. It realizes the connection with the parking lot system through license plate recognition technology, takes the license plate number as the user's vehicle identity symbol, and verifies the incoming and outgoing vehicles through the collection and storage of license plate number. In recent years, the license plate recognition system has been developed in a large range, not only in communities, institutions and other places, but also gradually towards parking places with different requirements such as large commercial squares, property groups and logistics parks, and gradually realize non-standardized customization according to different users. From the current demand, the license plate recognition system has a good prospect. Continuous technological innovation can meet the needs of more parking places.
Alipay's "no Pay" Function on the Line Will Increase the Car Park's Wisdom. Taigewang Technology
Alipay's "no Pay" Function on the Line Will Increase the Car Park's Wisdom. Taigewang Technology
Recently, car park car park car has launched a non sense payment service to solve the problem of congestion in the entrance and exit of the car park. As long as the owner stops in the parking lot with the Alipay function, the owner will leave the parking lot and identify the vehicle's identity after the license plate recognition camera. The parking fee will be deducted automatically from the owner's Fu Baoli. In this process, the owner of the car does not need to stop the car.'s parking lot is not a parking lot. No need to take the mobile phone to scan the code and leave directly. The owner will not stop at the exit in the whole process, so as to realize senseless payment. Experience the etc access mode on the expressway. The realization of the principle of no sense payment is the application of the concept of empty payment. It can scan a real object through smart mobile phone, then give the payment right to the object, and then set the payment limit, and then it can complete the payment through it. The license plate number has legal effect, and it is suitable to do physical binding Alipay. The Alipay that binds the license plate will use the built-in image recognition algorithm and the license plate recognition system to identify the license plate image information, so as to confirm the identity of the owner and automatically deduct the car park cost from Alipay car park. The experience of senseless payment is so convenient that it is convenient for car owners to use. At the same time, will there be potential safety hazards? After all, I don't feel like spending money! This aspect is tested by Alipay and promises to pay for security. If there is a payment problem, Alipay will also pay the user in full. For more information about license plate recognition system, parking lot management system, parking lot charging system, parking lot gate, access gate system, cloud parking lot and other functions, please consult Shenzhen taigewang Technology Co., Ltd. for details, and the preferred partner for parking lot operators
What Are the Main Basic Functions of Intelligent Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Technology
What Are the Main Basic Functions of Intelligent Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Technology
This paper introduces some basic functions of our intelligent parking lot system, so that you can better understand the functions of the intelligent parking lot system and choose products suitable for you. In short, the intelligent parking lot system mainly has two functions: vehicle management system and charging system. Other functions are derived and improved around these two functions, such as vehicle statistical report, financial management function, one card and one vehicle, etc. Well, let's move on to the topic. There are 9 basic functions and characteristics of intelligent parking lot system: first, smart card function. Smart card has the characteristics of waterproof, antimagnetic, antistatic, no wear, large information storage capacity, high density, multi-purpose, etc; Business card printing, card issuing, and the production, issuance, loss reporting, reissue and cancellation of all RF cards; Automatic prompt for insufficient card storage in the card exit system. 2、 Vehicle management statistics, parking lot vehicle management and statistics, analysis, summary and printing of access information, so as to realize level, region and period management; 3、 All kinds of reports are generated in Chinese menu operation interface, which is simple and convenient to operate; Access information files can be queried, counted and analyzed at any time. Perfect financial management function to automatically form various reports; 4、 Import and export monitoring management import and export point monitoring management, including the entrance and exit of the parking lot and important entrances and exits. You can enter the floor or section of the allowed parking place within the specified period of time. Digital vehicle detection system with high reliability and adaptability; 5、 Vehicle real-time monitoring, real-time monitoring, set unified closing and opening at any time, or specify several channel switches. According to the card reading information of the radio frequency card in the parking lot, the guard or waiter will regularly call out the records in the computer for inspection to confirm the identity of each owner and report safety; 6、 Simple operation, smart card operation, card swiping without contact, more convenient operation. The temporary vehicle can automatically exit the card, reduce personnel operation and have a high degree of automation. Scrolling led Chinese electronic display screen, so that users and managers can see it at a glance; 7、 The intelligent logic self-locking control system is a fully intelligent logic self-locking control system for vehicle entry and exit, which strictly controls the behavior of cardholders entering and exiting, and meets the requirements of one card and one vehicle; The unique license plate number input and display system greatly improves the anti-theft measures of the parking lot; 8、 The ground sensing anti smashing device of the ground sensing system can ensure that the vehicle stays under the brake rod and the brake rod will not fall, or even if the rod lightly touches the vehicle road gate, it will stop and start the rod automatically. High quality barrier gate with anti lift rod, full unloading, photoelectric control and accurate balance system; 9、 Parking lot management system parking lot management includes: parking space allocation management, access management, charge management, etc. Well, let's introduce the basic functions of the intelligent parking lot system. I hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading.
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