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Property management parking system has a history of nearly 40 years in China. Meanwhile, the development of technology has also injected fresh blood into property management. Around 2000. Due to the improvement of visual intercom and other technologies. The concept of "smart community" began to take shape; After 2005. Few domestic companies are involved in the field of smart community; In recent years. With the rise of smart home market and the development of basic artificial intelligence technology.On the market. A few real estate developers will set up their own teams to build a complete system of smart communities. Construction includes from top-down cloud platform system to bottom-up smart home single point device; The original pure software property management system provider promotes the concept of smart community. However, pure software suppliers do not rely on hardware. Therefore, the smart community it promotes mainly focuses on property management and community o2o services. Intelligent Ai Community cloud platform. Based on its own access control intercom and smart home system.Use cloud service platform, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies. Integrate the intelligent weak current system of the third party. Form a comprehensive solution for smart community. Provide Internet-based intelligent applications for end users. AI highlights the technologies related to artificial intelligence and equipment intelligence such as face recognition, image recognition, fingerprint recognition and basic scene algorithm used in the parking lot system of the project; "Community" emphasizes that the main application scenario of the project is residential community.

Jiayuan AI Community Parking Lot System Creates a Smart Community Ecosystem - Tigerwong 1

However, the system platform built by the project has the ability to expand to apartment, hotel, office building, villa and other projects in the future; "Cloud" indicates that the project mainly relies on the public cloud platform. Provide end-to-end SAA services for users. The construction of intelligent Ai Community cloud platform mainly includes four parts: online property: information service, fee payment, value-added service and property management; Intelligent community: access control management, intercom management, security (monitoring, alarm, etc.) management, parking management, elevator management; Digital home (smart home): intelligent device management, intelligent scene management, community home intelligent linkage management; Community life: idle sharing, o2o service, neighborhood relationship. the online property of online property intelligent construction will soon move the radical property management service to online. 100% of the key information of the property is transmitted to the residents. Residents can also quickly obtain the services provided by the property through a variety of ways. Property managers can initiate community announcements and resident notices through the web side of the cloud platform.

It can be sent to the app community of the resident, the interactive interface of intelligent devices related to the resident (image, video, voice, etc.) and the indoor unit in the resident's home. Residents can actively pay various fees through mobile app. When the resident temporarily maliciously owes the fee. Property managers can also choose to send reminders to residents. For example, when residents use the fence machine or door machine in the community.

Payment reminder will pop up on the interface. Property managers can provide basic property services and value-added property services to residents through mobile app. You can also carry out basic information management, equipment management, financial management, etc. in the community through the web side of the cloud platform. the intelligent community of intelligent construction mainly integrates the access control intercom system, video monitoring system, parking lot system, fire alarm system and elevator management system in the community into the cloud platform. Provide intelligent applications of interest to residents. Residents can open the doors in the community through the mobile app (authorized by the property management personnel) or check the door opening records of themselves and their families.

You can also initiate visitor invitations. Let visitors enjoy the same high-speed door opening mode as residents. Residents can open the door by two-dimensional code, password (one person with one password is supported), face recognition, fingerprint, mobile app, all-in-one card, calling family, radical key, etc. Residents can check the authorized public area monitoring through the mobile app. The parking lot system includes the cameras installed on the main roads and activity areas in the community, the machine monitoring area at the door of each building and the parking space monitoring in the parking lot. Intelligent provides property managers with convenient and fast authorization management methods.

Jiayuan AI Community Parking Lot System Creates a Smart Community Ecosystem - Tigerwong 2

It can quickly and accurately authorize residents in need. You can also check the current and future information of the parking lot through parking management (intelligently provide the function of predicting the number of parking spaces, so that residents can check the number of parking spaces in advance to arrange their own or visitors' driving life) for elevator calling service, etc.

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