Is There a Problem with the License Plate Recognition Parking Lot System? Daily Maintenance Is Indis

With the increase of vehicles, the difficulty of parking has gradually become a major problem in people's daily life. The traditional parking lot can no longer meet people's needs. With the development of technology, the management mode of parking lot system is also diverse. All kinds of advanced technologies have joined the parking lot family, and license plate recognition technology is one of them. However, These parking lot equipment sometimes have some problems in use, so we have to talk about daily maintenance.

Is There a Problem with the License Plate Recognition Parking Lot System? Daily Maintenance Is Indis 1

In the past two years, with the gradual maturity of the technology, the license plate recognition system has overcome the interference of the external environment and is more and more widely applicable. This is also one of the reasons why it is becoming more and more popular. In the parking lot in the big data era, how to obtain a large amount of license plate information, license plate recognition is the key. First, License plate recognition system can extract and recognize complex vehicle license plates from different backgrounds. Through license plate number extraction, image preprocessing, feature extraction, license plate character recognition and other technologies, the vehicle license plate can be effectively recognized.

For the parking lot after the license plate recognition parking lot system is installed. When the vehicle enters and leaves the parking lot, the owner does not need to pick up the card. The system takes photos directly and stores the photos taken and the entry time of the vehicle in the database at the same time. When the vehicle appeared, license plate recognition system took photos of the vehicle again, compared with the information of the database when entering the scene, automatically calculated the parking time and the parking cost that should be paid, all data could be saved in the database, and the Internet shared the data, giving full play to the biggest role of the Internet plus car park. However, any product has its own service cycle and service life, so in order to make the service life of the equipment longer, later maintenance is very important for users.

Of course, the car parking management system used in the parking lot is no exception. Regular maintenance can increase its service life and make it live a long life. We know that in order to ensure the quality of car parking management system, each manufacturer will choose stainless steel plates of different materials and different manufacturing processes to produce car parking management system. After manufacturing, we will also use different spraying processes for surface treatment in order to ensure the appearance of products. Similarly, before leaving the factory, in order to ensure the stable operation of our equipment, as a manufacturer, we need to carry out repeated and continuous tests on the equipment.

We can leave the factory only after ensuring the normal operation of the equipment. Whether it is the selection of materials before production or the continuous testing before leaving the factory, if we ignore the maintenance of the product in the later use process, it will be a waste of previous efforts, We still cannot guarantee the service life of the car parking management system. Attention should also be paid to the installation of the equipment. The height of the installation position directly affects whether the license plate can be recognized. With the increase of service time, the installation screws of the camera will be loose.

Is There a Problem with the License Plate Recognition Parking Lot System? Daily Maintenance Is Indis 2

It is particularly important to check the tightness of the screws irregularly in the later stage. Unlike other equipment, the car parking management system works 24 hours a day without intermission, so we need to carry out maintenance every month. We need to check whether the connection of each line part is normal, whether the connectors of each part are loose, whether the rotating parts need to add lubricant, etc, Therefore, these will affect the service life of the equipment. The maintenance and repair in the later stage is very important for users, which may be ignored by many users. In addition, we should keep the lens clean.

Generally, the license plate recognition system is installed in a large environment. The lens is easy to be stained due to the entry and exit of vehicles and rainy weather, resulting in the wrong license plate number and affecting the recognition rate. The development of intelligent transportation is inseparable from advanced technology and intelligent equipment. In the era of rapid development of modern transportation, the rapid growth of vehicles makes people encounter some difficulties in parking management. In order to meet people's living needs, we should not only pay attention to maintenance during use, but also make careful choices during purchase, The same is true for the parking lot license plate recognition system.

Only through detailed maintenance can the equipment have a longer service life and longer service life. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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