Introduction to Camera Monitor

1. Background of camera monitor

On September 17, 2020, it was reported that Pentagon has confirmed its comeback in October and is in the midst of preparing for the final process of the album. The following day, Cube released a spoiler video of member Yan-an, who had ceased activities since July of 2019, to announce his return.

Introduction to Camera Monitor 1

In the video, Yan-an smiles at the camera while looking at a monitor with a blinking cursor in a studio full of lights. At the end of the video, the phrase "I've been keeping an eye on you" appeared. With this, he is officially announced his return and to join the comeback.

On September 22, 'Re: Pentagon' a monotone interview film about their story on a four-year journey was released. On September 25, Pentagon released a comeback trailer video, 'Keep us by your side'. Later the same month, Cube officially announced their comeback with the released artwork teaser image of the tenth mini-album WE:TH through their official social network service.

The teaser contains one flower drawn with black lines along with the album name and release date. .



Life and career of camera monitor

Galanes grew up in the readership area of the Brattleboro Reformer, from which he read to his family the "Dear Abby" family-advice column six days a week in his self-appointed roles as the "family fixer". Galanes received his B.A.

Introduction to Camera Monitor 2

and J.D. degrees from Yale College and Yale Law School, and then worked at Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton and Garrison and Debevoise and Plimpton.

He has also been employed by Golden Books Family Entertainment, the children's book publishing and media company. Galanes' father died of a self-inflicted gunshot when Galanes was 23, a fact that Galanes kept secret for a decade while substituting fictional causes of his father's death. Galanes has published two novels: Father's Day, published in 2004 (Alfred A.

Knopf), and Emma's Table, published in 2008 (HarperCollins). He is included in Contemporary Authors, Volume 231, 2005, and Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Volume 196, 2010. Writing Father's Day was a step in Galanes coming to terms with his father's death.

Galanes currently writes the modern-day advice column "Social Q's", which appears weekly in the New York Times Sunday Styles section. The column came about when a Times editor who read one of Galanes's novels proposed he try the new medium. Some of Galanes's essays from the column were published as the book Social Q's: How to Survive the Quirks, Quandaries, and Quagmires of Today.

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As characterized by radio interviewer Terry Gross, the essays "offers advice on how to handle difficult social situations at work and at home, as well as how to deal with new etiquette questions relating to texting, email and social media". Galanes also monitors the "Social Q's" group on Facebook, where members discuss current topics.



Bibliography of camera monitor

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4. We:th of camera monitor

We:th (stylized as WE:TH) is the tenth extended play by South Korean boy group Pentagon.

The EP is set to be released digitally and physically on October 12, 2020, by Cube Entertainment, eight months after their first studio album Universe: The Black Hall released in February. The album is the group's first release without member Jinho, who are currently completing mandatory military service. However, member Yan An, who had been suspended for health reason participated in the album making.

The physical version is available in two versions: "Seen" and "Unseen".


5. System Castelo-Raposo of camera monitor

Together with the Raposo Tavares Highway (SP-270), it links the capital of So Paulo to the western interior of the state, known as the Castelo-Raposo System.

It also allows access to the Midwest and North regions of Brazil and neighboring countries (Bolivia and Peru) by interconnecting with the Marechal Rondon Highway (SP-300), made by the Joo Hyplito Martins Highway (SP-209), which connects the Castle to the city of Botucatu. The Castle is also a route to the southern region of the country (western Paran) and countries like Paraguay and Argentina. The concessionaire CCR ViaOeste estimates that around 100 thousand vehicles will travel through the Castelo-Raposo System on a daily basis.

The operation is monitored by the 78 cameras linked to the Concessionary's Operational Control Center (CCO) and also by the Integrated Control Center (CCI) of Artesp.


6. Media appearances of camera monitor

Galanes frequently appears on television in connection with his column.

He has been interviewed on The Gayle King Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Plum TV. He appears regularly on Today with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. Galanes has also been on a number of NPR programs



Follow Me (novel) of camera monitor

Follow Me is Kathleen Barber's second novel. Her first novel Are You Sleeping, published in 2017, was adapted into the well reviewed television series Truth Be Told. Where her first novel revolved around the reactions of people to new evidence found by a podcaster, looking into the case of a man wrongfully convicted of murder, Follow me revolves around the life of a prolific user of social media, with a large number of followers.

In an interview on a CBS affiliate Barber said her protagonist learns "Were Not All Friends Online". Barber has said that, even though she is a lawyer, prior to the research she did when writing this novel, she had no idea how vulnerable ordinary people were to having their microphones and cameras surreptitiously monitored by simple widely available tools. On April 27, 2020, Yahoo News published a list of the "Best Books of 2020 (So Far)", that included Follow Me.

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Wireless Security Camera Monitors
Wireless Security Camera Monitors
A screen of any form is a vital component to some surveillance system, whether you have one camera or even a couple. There are plenty of varieties of wireless security camera monitors you may utilize with wireless video security cameras, including CRT monitors, LCD monitors, and handheld portable screens.Additionally, depending on which your recipient may hook to, you can make use of a tv as a screen as well. In the event your own wireless security digital camera may attach to the net, you can use your personal computer to keep an eye on your camera also. You have a wide variety of options when it regards tracking your property or enterprise, and finding the optimal/optimally monitor depends upon your budget and requirements.A lot of wireless security cameras arrive with their very own portable wireless monitors, which can be exceedingly convenient if you do not want to look for monitors separately of course, in case you merely desire a single digicam. The monitors and cameras are excellent for surveillance and as a baby track. Additionally, there are portable models which have their very own digital video recorders set up, and that means you can save the footage that the camera shoots.Cellular screen screen sizes range in size from 2 inches to up to five in. . Monitors that are not portable may vary in proportion from five inches to around ten in. Mobile screens are rather tiny, Thus should you want a larger picture therefore that you may observe details much better, it is advisable that you come across a much bigger monitor that can be used with your wireless camera and radio receiver.Whether or not you need a CRT monitor, a LCD monitor, or even a mobile screen, its necessary for you to make sure that the monitor and also the camera possess high-resolution so that you may certainly determine exactly what your wireless digital camera is shooting. Should they dont have high video resolution, then you might miss something which the digital camera shoots, and if the camera as well as the screen dont not give you a more crystal clear picture, they are perhaps not worth your money.Portable Blood Pressure MonitorCountless people within the United States of America suffer with elevated blood pressure, which may cause various cardiovascular disease, a few severe or even viewed closely on a daily basis. One of the best approaches to keep an eye on a persons anxiety is by using a portable track. These tracks may save a persons life if their blood pressure dissipates too reduced or skyrockets too much, causing the heart to race out of control. A track will see both your systolic and diastolic stress, which helps you understand just how your daily happenings affect your blood circulation.You will find six ordinary portable monitors apparatus in the marketplace now plus additionally comprise an aneroid monitor, an electronic digital blood pressure monitor, a finger blood pressure monitor, a pediatric pressure monitor, also a high blood blood pressure and a pressure barbell. An aneroid stress track has become easily the most frequently encountered kind of monitor; this monitor is employed in physicians offices all over the environment. Such a monitor is considered mobile because its also utilized in cellular healthcare caravans too. This track provides patients the most precise readings on strain today. A digital monitor may be used as a arm cuff or a wrist cuff and is also known as an electric blood pressure course. When using an electronic digital computer you ought to make certain its wrapped correctly because the scanning may not come out correctly. To make certain your blood pressure is more accurate; take 23 readings with the exact same screen. A finger monitor is just what you may think it is; this really does not prick your finger to draw blood flow. The truth is that you also set the cuff on your own finger and it inflates just like the screen in a doctors office. These tracks are extremely light weight and easy to transfer. Though this check uses the identical technology within an arm monitor, it is not as powerful.A pediatric one has an LCD monitor on it like a childs gaming, which can help keep the kiddies calm while the pressure has been tracked. This portable ones are used quite regularly on account of the growth in heavy kids in the united states of America. A wrist portable monitor can be used commonly by those who possess a broken arm and cannot find a arm track on your own entire body. The wrist cuffs also comes with a LCD and also a carrying case, which makes this incredibly easy to transfer from 1 place into another
Common Faults and Solutions When the Control Machine of Parking Lot Management System Spits Cards_ T
Common Faults and Solutions When the Control Machine of Parking Lot Management System Spits Cards_ T
In the past two years, although the card free parking lot system has been widely used in our life, due to the impact of some on-site environment, at present, the parking lot management system through card collection and swiping in and out of the parking lot is still widely used in some communities and other places. Of course, although each set of equipment has undergone a lot of tests when it comes out, but, In the subsequent use process, some problems will inevitably occur, and the card swiping parking lot system is no exception. For all parking lot management systems, we may encounter a common problem, that is, the gate does not lift or does not fall after lifting. Of course, in this case, we can manually remotely control the rise and fall of the gate rod, which will not affect the normal operation of the parking lot for the time being; But if there is a problem with the control machine of the parking lot management system, how can we solve it? The controller of the parking lot management system cannot normally exit the card, which may be caused by the following reasons: 1. At the entrance of the parking lot, the ground sensor cannot sense the vehicle, resulting in the controller unable to eject the card; 2. The inserted card is deformed or the surface is damaged, resulting in blocking at the card outlet when the card is out; 3. When the card in the recycle bin is full, the ground pressure will no longer spit out the card. If the above situations occur, the solutions are as follows: we should ensure that the cards put into the card reader are intact, and regularly check whether the ground feeling at the entrance card reader is normal, whether the cards in the recycling bin are full, etc. There is another situation that we often encounter. At the entrance of the parking lot, the card machine swallows the card, and costs are incurred. The reasons for this situation may be: 1. The card is invalid and the card is recycled; 2. When the card dispenser spits the card to the exit, the ground feeling is released before the card is picked up, resulting in the card being recycled, or the ground feeling is not released, but after the card picking time, the card is automatically recycled, etc. When such a situation occurs, we should regularly check the cards in the recycling warehouse and deal with them in time to prevent relevant expenses. When there are too many cards in the recycling warehouse, they should be handled by the person in charge. All kinds of problems will inevitably occur in the use of any kind of equipment, and so will the parking lot management system. Therefore, we should think of solutions to these problems before they occur, and we can deal with them freely at that time.
Development and Application of Face Recognition Payment Technology_ Taigewang Technology
Development and Application of Face Recognition Payment Technology_ Taigewang Technology
Face recognition payment system is a payment platform based on face recognition system. It was first launched by the Finnish startup uniqul in July 2013. The system does not need a wallet, credit card or mobile phone. When paying, it only needs to face the camera on the POS screen. The system will automatically associate the consumer's facial information with the personal account. The whole transaction process is very convenient. In the same year, the intelligent multimedia technology research center of Chongqing Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the research on this payment method. Zhou Xi, director of the center, introduced that as of August 2014, the center had completed the research on Key Technologies of face recognition payment system. The center's first face data acquisition array in the world can synchronously collect faces from 91 angles, and can achieve the best recognition effect for the most influential states such as changeable illumination, multi angle and occlusion. The face recognition system of intelligent multimedia technology research center has been applied to automatic customs clearance system of border inspection station, dynamic face recognition attendance machine, multi-attribute dynamic face recognition system, etc. On this basis, the center has developed a face recognition mobile payment system, which can pay only by swiping a face card. Face recognition is a biometric technology for identity authentication based on people's facial feature information. The biggest feature of the technology is that it can avoid personal information leakage and recognize in a non-contact way. Face recognition, fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, retinal recognition, bone recognition and heartbeat recognition all belong to human biometric recognition technology. They all came into being with the rapid development of photoelectric technology, microcomputer technology, image processing technology and pattern recognition. Identification can be carried out quickly, accurately and healthily; It is non reproducible. Even after cosmetic surgery, the technology can find the original you from hundreds of facial features. Face recognition system has been widely used in the world. In China, it has been widely used in many important industries and fields such as public security, security, customs, finance, military, airports, border ports and security, as well as civil markets such as intelligent access control, door locks, attendance, mobile phones, digital cameras and intelligent toys.
Who Is Leading the Continuous Progress of the Parking System_ Taigewang Technology
Who Is Leading the Continuous Progress of the Parking System_ Taigewang Technology
Parking lot system has been used by people for a long time. As the equipment used to manage the entry and exit of vehicles in the parking lot, it is a must in the parking lot. The current parking lot system has developed from relying solely on manual management to automatic card / ticket collection, Bluetooth remote card reading, license plate recognition and other ways to get in and out, making our parking more convenient. With the development of technology, the function of the parking lot system has developed from the previous only used to manage the entry and exit of vehicles to the current intelligent and unmanned parking lot management systems such as license plate recognition, parking space guidance, reverse car search and self-service payment. This great progress makes the parking lot system play its role to the greatest extent in the parking lot. At present, the application scope of parking lot system is becoming wider and wider. It is not only applied in major parking lots, such as some communities, hospitals, schools, government units and other places. In order to facilitate management, intelligent parking lot management system is also being installed, which can not only facilitate the management of incoming and outgoing vehicles, but also ensure the parking safety of vehicles. Nowadays, Internet technology is becoming more and more popular. In order to manage multiple parking lots more conveniently, networking will also be implemented, that is, what people call cloud parking lots. The most remarkable feature of cloud parking lots is that it can uniformly manage multiple parking lots not in the same area. It can query the data reports of each parking lot in real time, avoiding the problem of secondary report consolidation, At the same time, the monitoring screen of each parking lot can be monitored in real time to avoid the phenomenon of illegal opening. Now some logistics parks, residential properties and other large places in many places have begun to build cloud platforms for the convenience of management, saving a lot of human, material and financial resources.
The Prospect of License Plate Recognition System, an Indispensable Parking System in Intelligent Tra
The Prospect of License Plate Recognition System, an Indispensable Parking System in Intelligent Tra
With the rapid development of urbanization in China, the traffic pressure is becoming more and more severe. Intelligent traffic management has become the general direction of traffic development. In the automotive field, the parking market segment has always been regarded as a trillion cake, especially in the first tier cities. Parking is basically just needed like housing. In view of the pain points of the parking industry, the state has put forward a proposal to speed up the construction of intelligent transportation to better guide citizens to travel; Various parking lot system manufacturers have put forward various solutions conducive to parking lot management; For example, license plate recognition system, parking space guidance system, reverse vehicle search system, cloud parking and other parking schemes and measures. As the basic equipment of the entrance and exit of the parking lot system, the license plate recognition system is the basis for the realization of other systems. At the same time, the license plate number is the only mark for vehicle identification. Only rapid and accurate recognition of the license plate is the premise for the realization of other parking lot management. License plate recognition technology has been applied in the security industry for a long time, and the technology is relatively mature. The application of artificial intelligence improves the accuracy of license plate recognition. In recent years, license plate recognition system is also widely used in expressway, so as to realize the non-stop traffic of vehicles. How to select a set of high-quality license plate recognition system has become the primary task to solve the problem of parking lot management. Considering the quality of a set of license plate recognition system, there are three indicators, namely recognition rate, recognition speed and background management system. Of course, the prerequisite to ensure these is that the system can operate stably and reliably. After years of development, license plate recognition system has become a more mature technology, and is used more and more in parking lots. More convenient parking methods create a good parking environment for people. At the same time, license plate recognition technology will gradually develop to high-definition, integration and intelligence, and continue to play an important role in various application systems.
With the Arrival of Intelligent Parking Lot, See Taigewang Technology to Create the Most Humanized P
With the Arrival of Intelligent Parking Lot, See Taigewang Technology to Create the Most Humanized P
Intelligent transportation is a new industry in the field of security. With the increase of vehicles, intelligent parking lots are also in full swing. Taking intelligent transportation as the key deployment field, the parking lot system is also developing towards a more intelligent, safer and more convenient direction, so as to promote the construction of intelligent cities in China. Speaking of parking lots, advanced management technologies such as card management, license plate recognition and remote card reading related to entrance and exit control are used to improve the efficiency of entrance and exit of parking lots and bring more parking options to car owners. In order to bring more convenient parking to car owners, many parking lot system manufacturers are actively exploring new management modes, To develop in a more comprehensive and reasonable direction. With the rapid development of various technologies and the rapid change of products, forward-looking research and development is very important for parking lot system manufacturers. If the products can not fully meet the needs of the market, taigewang technology has always focused on the research and development of parking lot system and is committed to building the most intelligent parking lot system products. Taigewang technology is the founder of the all-in-one card cloud platform. Through the construction of parking cloud platform and property cloud platform, it controls the service entrance and creates a new mode of intelligent management for users. At present, taigewang parking lot system is gradually upgraded according to the changes of users' needs. It creates an integrated parking mode for users through a variety of intelligent functions such as license plate recognition, parking space guidance, reverse car search and self-service payment. In order to ensure the parking safety of owners' vehicles, people can also lock their vehicles through wechat. As a leading domestic manufacturer and solution provider of high-end intelligent all-in-one card products based on cloud computing service platform, taigewang parking lot system will always be at the forefront of intelligent technology, actively explore some science and technology, and create a high-tech and more intelligent parking lot system.
License Plate Recognition System Has Obvious Advantages in Parking Lot_ Taigewang Technology
License Plate Recognition System Has Obvious Advantages in Parking Lot_ Taigewang Technology
Now many parking lots have successively adopted the license plate recognition system, abandoning the traditional single card swiping mode, and the users who apply the license plate recognition system respond well. Market demand is driving people's parking mode towards a new era. This new management mode has been adopted in many fields such as business center, residential area, government organs and public transportation. With the breakthrough of parking lot management system technology, license plate recognition system will gradually go deep into people's life. Compared with the traditional parking lot system, the license plate recognition system has many advantages: firstly, the license plate recognition system can allow vehicles to pass quickly and automatically without parking and swiping cards. When the traffic flow is large and the vehicles are frequent and dense, all vehicles can enter the site quickly to avoid the phenomenon of vehicle queuing, and all vehicles can enter the site without stopping. Secondly, there are diversified charging modes. According to the management of the park, not only can the central fees, the discount of magnetic cards, the payment of the users of the storage be paid, and so on, but also the mobile phone end payment can be used, such as the popular WeChat payment and Alipay payment. License plate recognition system has many functions, such as license plate recognition, information release, voice broadcast, mobile payment, traffic flow statistics, vehicle capture, vehicle type recognition, advertising and so on. When the vehicle enters the site, the license plate recognition system automatically captures the vehicle photos, identifies its license plate number, records the date and time of vehicle entry, vehicle number plate and vehicle photos, and then makes judgment and analysis according to these information, prompts the owner's parking space and the use of the current parking space, and lifts the pole for release. When leaving the site, take another picture of the vehicle, identify its license plate number, automatically find the entry record, vehicle type and access comparison of the vehicle, and then judge whether it is a resident or temporary parking customer of the parking lot according to the data. If so, it is released according to the setting requirements of the property management personnel, otherwise it is released according to the vehicle type (taxi, delivery vehicle, official vehicle, etc.) Determine the receivable temporary parking fee and then release it. It greatly improves the work efficiency of property management personnel and effectively solves the safety problem of parking lot.
Discussion on Hospital Vehicle Management_ Taigewang Technology
Discussion on Hospital Vehicle Management_ Taigewang Technology
For hospitals, managing vehicles is a headache. Because the personnel entering and leaving the hospital are relatively complex, including hospital staff, patients, visiting personnel, sales personnel, etc., while general hospitals are set up in busy sections, and personnel such as hotels, restaurants and shopping malls around often park their vehicles in the hospital, occupying the hospital's parking space, resulting in tight parking space. At the same time, the disorderly parking of vehicles is easy to cause Lane congestion, bring confusion to management, and may also cause ambulance Lane congestion and interfere with the normal work of the hospital. Generally speaking, there are the following problems in the management of hospital parking lot: 1. Unauthorized vehicles enter the parking lot without authorization, occupy the patient parking space, and affect the doctor-patient relationship; 2. Unable to track sudden cases in the parking lot (such as vehicle theft); 3. Unable to effectively manage parking spaces; 4. There are too many managers and the cost is too high; So, how does taigewang solve the problem of hospital vehicle management? Take our parking lot system as an example, let's introduce it to you. Let's take a look at the characteristics of Gong series products. 1. Highly integrated dual core arm system with hardware watchdog, stable operation and low failure rate; 2. The system is based on off-line off-line design, and the charging and operation of the system are restricted by the computer and network status; 3. Absorb the advantages of long distance, and easily upgrade IC or ID system to IC / ID compatible system; 4. Display the license plate number of IC or ID monthly card offline and broadcast voice synchronously; 5. Voice segmented volume loading, reflecting humanized settings; 6. The controller also adds a USB flash disk interface, which is convenient and fast without computer loss reporting and delay. It is no longer expected to be completely offline and wiring free; 7. The humanized Chinese setting interface of the controller makes the cumbersome setting so simple; 8. Powerful storage capacity and blacklist function of the system 9. Online upgrade of product parameters, shorter service cycle and stronger timeliness; 10. The remaining number of vehicles is directly displayed on the ticket box display screen, which is concise and clear. 11. Two-way and four-way real-time video display is suitable for multi-channel management, certificate capture, human and vehicle capture, and safe and comprehensive management. 12. What functions can Nagong series products support central charging, large set and small mode, export charging mode and consumption discount in hospitals and what advantages do they have for other manufacturers? We'll break it down next time. Thank you for reading.
The Problem of Arbitrary Parking and Charging Is Serious, and the Charging System of Intelligent Par
The Problem of Arbitrary Parking and Charging Is Serious, and the Charging System of Intelligent Par
Recently, many citizens reported that vehicles in many sections were parked on the roadside, and some blocked the entrance and exit of the subway, which brought a lot of inconvenience to citizens. In view of this situation, the reporter conducted an investigation and found that an open space at the exit A1 of a subway was full of cars, but this was not a special parking lot, There is a clearly marked parking lot at exit A3, but there are only 20 parking spaces, which is obviously not enough, and this parking lot is free, so it is crowded with vehicles every day. Then, the reporter went to another subway exit and found that there was a p R parking lot not far away. There were many parking spaces, but only a few cars were parked in it, which seemed very cold. According to the administrator of P R parking lot, there was no charge in the parking lot here before, and many vehicles were parked every day. Now the parking charge regulations have been formulated, There is no charge for the car within an hour. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., the car will be parked for 2 hours at 3 yuan per car, more than 2 yuan per hour. For the rest of the time, it will be parked for 1 yuan per hour for a continuous day, with a maximum charge of 12 yuan. Many car owners have expressed their opposition, so few vehicles stop here. The charging standard of P R parking lot should be the same as that of public welfare parking lots such as public institutions and libraries. Therefore, in view of this situation, the city will rectify the random parking on the roadside, cancel some areas that are not parking spaces, and implement some preferential policies for P R parking lot, such as using subway tickets to offset parking fees, so as to encourage citizens to use p R parking lot as much as possible, so as to solve the problem of replacing irrelevant vehicles with parking lots for a long time, It can also solve the burden of changing to citizens, and make full use of the parking space of P R parking lot. Finally, the P R parking lot will be reconstructed, and the intelligent parking lot charging system will be used for charging. The system can automatically implement the parking consumption discount function. For some fixed vehicles, the license plate recognition system will be used, which can save the time for car owners to enter and leave the parking lot. In order to enable car owners to easily find the specific location of spare parking spaces, The installation of parking space guidance in the parking lot will be very important, because sometimes when we enter the parking lot, we will find that we can't find the parking space until we turn around in the parking lot, and sometimes we can't even find it. Therefore, the parking space guidance parking lot system will help us find the parking space as soon as possible.
What Are the Characteristics of a High-quality Parking System_ Taigewang Technology
What Are the Characteristics of a High-quality Parking System_ Taigewang Technology
Speaking of the parking lot system, we are all familiar with its use in the parking lot, but in terms of selection, a high-quality parking lot system should not only pay attention to high quality, but also have some of its own characteristics in order to be called a high-quality parking lot system. In fact, how to judge whether the parking lot system is qualified? It must be discussed from several aspects. Reliability and stability: the stability of the equipment is very important to the equipment itself. The reliability and stability of the product are related to the length of its service life. The equipment should have self-protection ability and strong fault tolerance and system rehabilitation ability, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system as long as possible, and can be corrected and recovered as soon as possible in case of system faults. Performance price ratio: the selection of parking lot system is very important. How to choose a more cost-effective equipment? The configuration of each equipment needs to be determined according to the requirements of its own parking lot environment. On the premise of meeting the requirements of the parking lot, ensure that the full set price of the system is low, and then make the system have high cost performance. Degree of compatibility and standardization: compatibility is the key to complete the interconnection between devices of many different manufacturers and different protocols. The system shall be able to effectively communicate and share data, and complete the compatibility and interoperability between equipment or systems as far as possible. The higher the degree of standardization and openness of the system, the longer the service life of the system. A high-quality parking system needs to be selected and judged from all aspects, but more importantly, it meets the use requirements of the parking lot, and may provide people with a good parking environment from all aspects such as parking, payment, looking for parking space and so on.
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