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Many motorists complain that when driving in the city, the most worry is that the car can't find a parking space when it reaches its destination. For this situation, a big reason is the closed information caused by the lack of data circulation. Now is the Internet age and the era of big data. Sharing data is a state that many people want to see, not only in parking, And all walks of life need a shared data platform. Then, how can we make parking more intelligent in the era of Internet plus big data? The difficulty of parking is one of the persistent diseases of modern cities.

Internet Plus Big Data Era, How to Make Parking More Intelligent -TigerWong Technology 1

The traffic flow that keeps circling to find parking spaces exacerbates the traffic congestion. How to solve this pain point by using Internet plus big data? Car park industry put up a pageantry car park car park in the mass consumption area while the parking industry is upgrading and upgrading. Internet plus car parks are strategically arranged in the Internet plus parking environment. 1. Parking equipment supplier as an asset with property ownership, the parking lot belongs to its real estate property management company, while the parking lot equipment and management system are provided by special parking lot equipment suppliers and subsequent operation services. In China, tigerwong and other influential parking lot equipment manufacturers have accumulated certain parking lot resources, business experience and user data in the industry. In the process of parking lot upgrading, these enterprises have a better understanding of the parking experience and function setting, and firmly control the user access authority of their own parking lot resources, so they have the first mover advantage. 2. Security equipment suppliers are in the parking lot.

Anti theft and anti-theft of parked vehicles are very important. Video surveillance cameras naturally become essential equipment in the parking lot. At present, security equipment suppliers such as Hikvision, Dahua and Yushi technology have started to develop the parking lot business. Because they have unique advantages over other competitors in terms of comprehensive capabilities such as video technology, visual management and access control management, they are also regarded as very strong competitors in the industry. 3. When Internet enterprises enter the parking lot business, it is natural for Internet enterprises to subvert the business model and business model of the parking lot industry. As a believer in Internet thinking and a troublemaker in traditional industries relying on the capital market, Internet enterprises habitually use Internet marketing means such as subsidies and free equipment to beat the publicity battle first, In order to quickly seize the market and capture low-level users.

Capital operation is the advantage of such enterprises, but due to the lack of accumulation in the industry, it is criticized by people in the industry for specific business applications. Ma Yun once said that data will become the largest means of production in the future. So, what can parking big data do? Through cutting-edge sensing technology, sensors are laid at the gate of major parking lots and on each road parking space to capture real-time berth data, when and how long vehicles stop. At the same time, through strategic cooperation with Alibaba cloud, these berth data information will arrive in the cloud immediately and be presented on the user's mobile phone, so that motorists can see it at a glance. Internet plus big data can also solve the problem of travel by using car sharing.

We use parking sharing to optimize resource allocation, and realize the shunting of parking vehicles ahead of time to ease congestion. At the same time, when the parking time can be accurately captured and recorded, the road parking will bid farewell to the manual and POS charges, and the parking lot will bid farewell to the cumbersome of getting in and out of the card, so as to realize mobile payment. There are also a series of car life services, including car maintenance, car washing service, refueling service, etc. after knowing where and how long the car will be parked, the value-added services attached to the rigid demand of parking will be continuously developed. The intelligent parking management system in the era of big data Internet connects scattered parking lots through the Internet, breaks the information island and realizes the optimal allocation of limited parking resources. It is an effective solution to the difficulty of urban parking and is full of infinite imagination.

Internet Plus Big Data Era, How to Make Parking More Intelligent -TigerWong Technology 2

By creating a parking space sharing platform for car owners, provide docking services for car owners and parking spaces, revitalize the idle time of parking spaces, improve the utilization rate of parking spaces, and truly realize data sharing. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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