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With the rapid development of the Internet, every technological change brings a gradual change in technology, architecture and business. Today, the architecture of Internet and non internet data platforms has been very different. Therefore, many people are using the Internet plus big data to solve some tough things. In the face of parking difficulties, many people also want to solve the problem of intelligent parking management system. Then, how far is intelligent parking management system from us in the era of Internet plus big data? First, embrace new technologies, technological innovation, Internet plus, and modern information technology to profoundly change our lives.

Internet Plus Big Data Era, How far Is Smart Parking From Us -TigerWong Technology 1

In terms of parking lot construction, the continuous progress and development of information technology integrating perception, detection, acquisition, transmission and processing, including the deep integration of new technologies based on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and big data with parking projects, has developed rapidly in the past two years. Urban intelligent parking management system includes hardware construction and software construction, which requires us to embrace new technologies, carry out technological innovation and solve problems in application in the construction of intelligent parking management system. Through intelligent sensing, parking equipment, vehicles and other hardware equipment will be perceived and obtained, and the Internet of things will be connected and integrated with the Internet. Big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology support the innovative application of people-oriented technology and business of infrastructure, which is the direction of development in the future. II. Intelligent parking management system should pay attention to the user experience and meet the needs of users. At present, the problems existing in our user experience are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. In the safe community, the parking space is tight and the contradiction is corrected.

We rely on a large number of security guards; Similarly, large shopping malls and office buildings also have similar problems, which is a problem in development. 2. The construction of wide area parking lot is also a parking management problem. While looking for cars everywhere, it is also wasting road resources and making urban roads more crowded. 3. There are problems that we need to solve, such as unreasonable application of parking resources, low efficiency and poor parking experience, such as troublesome charging and difficulty in finding parking spaces. III. The combination of software and hardware and management mode innovation of products intelligent parking management system is inseparable from hardware construction. The hardware includes the construction of three-dimensional parking lot and government investment. Of course, it also includes scientific and technological innovation, software application of hardware equipment and software realization of function.

Software is mainly application innovation and management mode innovation. Innovation means that technology and business are people-oriented innovation, that is to emphasize any technological innovation to serve people and pay attention to user experience. We need to get rid of some technical stacking and fancy and impractical things. Users' demand for safe and convenient use is our pursuit. IV. security risk management in the intelligent parking management system field may not be much concerned, but when we discuss the construction of intelligent parking management system with practitioners in the security industry, we can't ignore the attention to security risk in the construction of intelligent parking management system, Because there are unavoidable security risks in intelligent parking management system management.

However, the protection target and protection boundary may have changed, the threat and attack on the protection target are also different from the original local parking lot management, and the requirements for protection ability are also different. The protection target, the attack threat to the protection target and the deficiencies in the protection will cause new security risks. Therefore, we should not only meet the needs of parking convenience management, but also consider and study the new needs of safety prevention. The security objectives have changed, and the asset value and boundary of the protected object have changed. We should consider the modern intelligent parking management system.

Internet Plus Big Data Era, How far Is Smart Parking From Us -TigerWong Technology 2

Where is the point of security risk? The social and functional threats and the weak links in protection should also be analyzed and evaluated, and the norms of security risk management should be made accordingly. Nowadays, the control and management of security parking lot has also moved towards the overall intelligent parking management system management, just as the construction of Ping An City has developed from the local security protection construction to the overall urban interconnection construction of Ping An City, and the construction of Ping An City has been integrated into the construction of smart city, The management and control of parking lot security has also developed from local security to overall security. In order to meet people's yearning for a better life, the construction of smart city, including intelligent parking management system, is not only a process of continuously meeting people's needs, but also a process of continuous technological progress and development. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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