Intelligent Parking System Can Meet the Changing Needs of Users

Parking lot management system equipment has a wide range of applications. Various large or super large commercial toll parking lots, small and medium-sized commercial toll parking lots and community parking lots in China have corresponding applications, and different parking lots have different requirements for system software and hardware. Tigerwong has been committed to the parking lot industry for decades, focusing on the research and development of parking lot management system solutions, and has rich industry experience in parking lot management.? I. license plate recognition and card free function management the parking lot realizes the entry and exit management of vehicles through the card free function. At the same time, monitor the entry and exit picture of each vehicle to ensure the parking safety of vehicles. When the vehicle drives into the parking lot, a gate opening signal is given to the gate by capturing the vehicle license plate number.

Intelligent Parking System Can Meet the Changing Needs of Users 1

When the vehicle leaves the ground sensing coil, the gate will automatically fall off, The license plate recognition system can not only recognize the license plate number and open the gate, but also record the vehicle information in and out of the parking lot to avoid some unnecessary economic losses. When the car park car park car park, if there is concern about the parking lot WeChat official account information, the system will also automatically push a parking information for the owner. At the same time, the current parking lot uses WeChat function, it can also support the owner to carry out WeChat lock, which greatly increases the safety performance of the car owner. The parking lot adopts advanced double license plate recognition technology to capture the image when the vehicle enters through video. The system recognizes the license plate number and other vehicle information of the vehicle.

There is no need to pick up cards or paper tickets in the whole process, and the entry efficiency is greatly improved. Two, mobile payment parking fee car park can cooperate with WeChat payment, Alipay wallet and so on. When the vehicle enters the field, it automatically calculates the stopping time and automatically deductions when the vehicle comes out. In this way, car owners can use mobile recharge payment to realize card free passage, mobile payment, intelligent parking, convenient and fast parking mode, and make the passage smoother.?? WeChat car park car park car park official account is still a relatively new thing for parking lots. This is also a new function of the parking lot system.

People can turn on WeChat to find the WeChat public number in the parking lot through the WeChat official account information of the owners concerned, click on the payment, enter their license plate information. It can present the current parking time and payable amount to the owner, avoiding the trouble of cash payment between the owner and the management personnel. In addition, using the wechat payment function, a series of parking preferential activities can be held for car owners during holidays in the parking lot. People can receive electronic coupons of different amounts to facilitate the next parking. III. intelligent supervision to realize unmanned management.

The traditional parking lot data cannot be systematically integrated, and the parking lot management group has lost the decision support that can be based on. Charging loopholes continue despite repeated prohibitions. The traditional way of being on duty 24 hours keeps the management cost high. The current intelligent parking lot system has made significant improvements in these aspects. Taking tigerwong parking as an example, through the parking lot management platform software, it can realize the seamless integration with tigerwong property management software.

Intelligent Parking System Can Meet the Changing Needs of Users 2

The property group can establish a company level monitoring center to centrally monitor all parking lots. At the same time, all kinds of video, voice and data are transmitted in real time through the Internet, and the operation status of various equipment at the entrance and exit, as well as card information and charging data are monitored in real time. These measures can effectively eliminate charging loopholes, greatly improve management efficiency and reduce operating costs. In addition, tigerwong parking has designed an app for vehicle managers. Vehicle managers can complete the handling of vehicle release and payment at the first time without sending personnel on duty day and night.

The handling of abnormalities in the parking lot is more flexible.

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