Intelligent Parking Management System Allows You to Reduce Property Costs and Improve Management Eff

With the rise of mobile Internet technology, the property management industry, which has been known for its labor-intensive, is quietly transforming. On the one hand, property developers are saying that the cost of human and material resources increases year by year, but the property fee is difficult to adjust, basically losing money; But on the other hand, many property companies are unwilling to withdraw, which shows that this is a huge market and the prospect of industry scale growth is broad. However, the low concentration of the property management industry, uneven service quality, rising management costs and declining corporate profitability are the pain points of the property management industry. So how to tap a new blue ocean and find a smart property development path highly consistent with the property enterprises themselves? I. The Group's property management is classified and classified to reduce the number of managers. For the group's property, tigerwong smart platform can enable the group's property to realize hierarchical property management by region, so as to realize hierarchical authorization management of business.

Intelligent Parking Management System Allows You to Reduce Property Costs and Improve Management Eff 1

Through the authority setting mechanism, all parking lots of the group's properties are managed, and each sub property and parking lot can designate managers and operators separately. Each parking lot can set a separate charging standard and specify a wechat collection account. II. Parking access management and unattended parking. For parking lots with small traffic flow, tigerwong realizes unattended parking by "license plate recognition wechat code scanning"; For the parking lot with large flow, tigerwong uses the artificial intelligence technology of "license plate recognition visual intercom" to realize the unattended operation of the parking lot. III. parking guidance management, rapid parking without personnel command.

The parking space guidance system is to install a parking space camera at the front and upper part of every two to three parking spaces. This camera monitors the vehicle conditions of these parking spaces in real time, such as the vehicle entering the parking space, the vehicle leaving the parking space, the license plate number of the parked vehicle, etc, And finally summarize these information to the parking space guidance control center. According to the prepared indoor map of the parking lot, the parking space guidance and control center counts and displays the spare parking space data in each driving direction. According to the data guidance of the parking space guidance screen at each intersection, the owner can quickly find the parking space and park the vehicle without personnel command or maintaining order. In this way, the parking time of car owners is greatly reduced, the congestion of parking spaces is effectively alleviated, and there is no need for personnel command, which greatly saves the personnel cost of the property.

IV. building intercom and replacing indoor terminals with mobile phones or tablets reduce the investment of equipment and the frequent mobility of various foreign personnel in the community, increasing the occurrence of potential safety hazards. In order to prevent safety accidents, the property adds security personnel, resulting in an increase in personnel costs. Tigerwong intelligent visitor registration management system, property management personnel do not need to register the information of visitors. The cloud platform can view visitor information, door opening information and parking information anytime and anywhere, strengthen the orderly management of registration, prevent safety accidents, improve the owner's experience and greatly reduce the operation cost of the property. V. access control management, wireless access control, no wiring, reduce maintenance cost, no need to connect network cable, only with network, simple construction and convenient transformation.

The property can set WiFi for the access control through the mobile app, enter the WiFi account and password to connect to the Internet, and there is no need to maintain the cable optical fiber. Access control Bluetooth power can be directly set for the bound access control equipment through the mobile phone, which is convenient for the property to manage the access control. Vi. visitor management: the owner automatically registers visitors without personnel registration. The intelligent visitor registration management system specially developed by tigerwong does not require property management personnel to register the information of visitors. The cloud platform can view visitor information, door opening information and parking information anytime and anywhere, strengthen the orderly management of registration and prevent safety accidents, The number of security guards is reduced, and the personnel cost is greatly reduced.

Intelligent Parking Management System Allows You to Reduce Property Costs and Improve Management Eff 2

VII. Staff management, personnel positioning and efficient deployment, reduce the number of security guards, tigerwong personnel positioning and dispatching system, and strengthen the effective supervision of security patrol and patrol inspection personnel and emergency dispatching through scientific and effective technical means. The property management personnel can remotely monitor the action track of security personnel in real time, reasonably dispatch security personnel according to the track, reduce the number of security personnel and greatly reduce the operation cost. VIII. Equipment management and cloud remote maintenance to reduce maintenance costs. The intelligent gateway of the Internet of things has the function of equipment management. It can remotely and automatically diagnose the operation or working status of the equipment and automatically complete the equipment self inspection.

It also supports online update, upgrading, maintenance and commissioning of the equipment and system to ensure the round the clock operation of the equipment, There is no need for maintenance personnel to monitor and maintain on site. One person can supervise and maintain multiple parking lots, which greatly saves the maintenance cost of the property. IX. charge management: the system automatically calls for payment, and the owner's mobile phone makes independent payment, which is convenient and fast. Tigerwong platform automatically generates financial data statements, traffic flow statements, etc. the system automatically calls for payment without the need for managers to notify one by one; The property can be viewed remotely anytime and anywhere. The toll collector cannot modify or delete the data.

The system automatically analyzes whether the financial data is abnormal according to the traffic flow, so as to plug the financial loopholes and eliminate the loss of cash; The owner can pay by mobile phone without going to the property, which is convenient and fast. While facilitating the owners, it also greatly reduces the operation cost of the property.

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