Intelligent Parking Lot System Maintenance

With the increasing attention paid to the parking problem, at present, the residential areas in many cities have almost installed the intelligent parking lot system. This system can not only efficiently save the parking time of car owners, but also save many management problems for property management. However, what are the maintenance matters of the intelligent parking lot system? Let's take a look with the Xiaobian of Baibai safety net!

Intelligent parking lot system maintenance

1 The gate moves up and down or often turns its head

1. Check CPU;

2. Check the limit switch;

3. Check the power-off switch;

4. Check the limit switch;

2 The LED of the display is not displayed

1. Check whether the LED power supply is normal;

2. Check whether the LED chip is normal

1. Check the voice chip;

2. Check potentiometer;

4 License plate recognition: the recorded license plate cannot be recognized.

1. Unclear image shooting

The difficulty of license plate location mainly comes from the collected images. Due to the diversity of the collected license plate images, and the collection of images is affected by many factors, such as rainy days, heavy fog, light, etc. in this case, the recognition results can achieve satisfactory results only when the image focus is clear. Then there are certain requirements for the photosensitive parts of the parking lot system. The video camera should be improved to see if the video settings are abnormal (normal settings), and the display resolution, color and desktop size should be adjusted.

2. License plate damaged or stained

In the practical application process of roads and cities, it is difficult to ensure that the license plates involved are free from contamination. After several years of use, the license plates will inevitably be polluted and worn. For this situation, many intelligent parking lot systems have gradually solved this problem, but if it is too serious, it still depends on manpower.

5 Entrance controller: when the vehicle is pressed into the sensing area, the call key and ticket key lights are not on, and there is no voice prompt.

1. Whether the sensor senses;

2. Check whether the single chip microcomputer is working;

3. Check whether there is a problem with the wiring of ticket lamp.

4. Check whether there is a problem with the lotus root;

6 The gate does not open: the gate does not open if the license plate recognition passes.

1. Check whether the switch opening terminal is firmly connected;

3. If the gate still cannot be opened, check whether the gate crashes;

2. Check whether there is switch signal output at the gate opening terminal. If not, the gate control relay is broken, and replace the control board of the controller.

The above is the answer to the maintenance of intelligent parking lot system provided by Baibai safety net Xiaobian. I sincerely hope it will help you! If you want to know more about traffic safety, please pay more attention to Baibai safety Internet cafe!

Intelligent Parking Lot System Maintenance 1

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