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With the promotion and support of State Grid intelligent parking lot management system Fujian electric power, December 14, 2016. The first high-voltage ship shore power demonstration project with a capacity of 3000 kW in Fujian Province was put into operation in Xiamen ocean container terminal. The project can achieve 1.5 million kwh of alternative electricity every year, which is equivalent to reducing 300 tons of fuel consumption, 951 tons of carbon dioxide and 4.8 tons of sulfide and nitrogen oxides. State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. relies on the "two vertical and one horizontal" port shore power construction project of State Grid Co., Ltd. based on the successful experience of the pilot project. We have successively completed the signing of construction agreements for 11 major shore power projects in coastal cities and counties of Fujian. Actively communicate with relevant government departments. In order to promote the implementation of shore power projects as soon as possible, State Grid Fujian power.

Intelligent Parking Lot Management System to Expand the Market in Multiple Fields - Tigerwong 1

Promote the governments of six coastal cities to issue support policies for the construction and use of port shore power. The company opened up a green channel for ship shore power projects, optimized business acceptance, power supply scheme approval, acceptance, power transmission and other links, strengthened equipment operation and maintenance services of the project put into operation, and effectively improved the utilization rate of shore power equipment. It has been ranked among the top five container terminals of China's domestic trade ports for many years. At the end of 2017, Shihu port in Hanjiang Town, Shishi City was a class I port in China. The high-voltage ship shore power system built by Shishi power supply company at Shihu wharf has been put into operation.

It also realizes no noise and zero emission of waste gas in the port. Xu Dehai, deputy general manager of COSCO Quanzhou Pacific Container Terminal Co., Ltd. The economic and environmental benefits brought by the "oil to electricity" of bridge cranes and cranes at Shihu port have been a double harvest. It not only improves the competitiveness of the port. State Grid Fujian electric power has built 18 sets of high and low voltage shore power systems in 2017. And drive social capital to build 17 sets of shore power systems to realize the full coverage of power systems at six major ports in Fujian Province. In 2018, the company continued to invest and promote social capital to build 15 sets of shore power systems.

The airport's land power consumption is cleaner, and zero emissions are achieved during the aircraft's arrival at the port. After the corridor bridge implements the "oil to electricity" policy. On November 19, Chen Daming, the airport land power project manager of Fujian Changle International Airport, said that it was thanks to the power supply company for promoting me to adopt the airport land power project. The plane stopped at the airport for a short time. The power needed on board is supplied by the auxiliary power unit of the aircraft (hereinafter referred to as APU) burning aviation fuel produces high energy consumption, high noise and many pollutants.

Airport land power directly supplies power and air conditioning to aircraft stopping at the boarding corridor bridge by installing static power supply and aircraft ground special air conditioning at the boarding corridor bridge. Compared with the traditional APU power supply mode, the relevant person in charge of State Grid Fujian power marketing department introduced it. Airport land power, an intelligent parking lot management system, has Economy, energy conservation, environmental protection and silence. Taking the energy consumption interest as an example, if the airport land power is adopted, the electricity interest of single A320 aircraft stopping at the corridor bridge per hour is only 156 yuan, which is about 80% less than that of aviation oil. Fujian electric power of State Grid actively carries out the substitution of Green Airport electricity.

Intelligent Parking Lot Management System to Expand the Market in Multiple Fields - Tigerwong 2

Understand the power consumption of the airport, strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments of the airport, and sign the contract Letter of intent to implement the transformation of "replacing oil with electricity" for the airport corridor bridge; designate a special person to "one-to-one" Track and serve the airport land power project in the whole process, optimize the business links, comprehensively speed up the power handling process, guide customers to optimize the construction scheme and promote the timely implementation of the airport land power project. Xiamen power supply company optimizes the business processing links. Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is the busiest regional aviation hub in the southeast coast. In order to ensure the rapid progress of airport land power transformation and realize multi-disciplinary and efficient cooperation With the full support of Xiamen power supply company, all 31 corridor bridges of Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport have been converted to airport land power, with a new capacity of about 6300 kVA. The annual energy consumption reduction is equivalent to 18900 tons of standard coal and 49100 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction. Two sets of 95 KVA static transformation power supply and two sets of 90 cold ton air conditioning units of Jinjiang International Airport have been put into operation instead of APU project Fujian electric power of State Grid has realized the full coverage of APU substitution for land power at five airports in the province, including Fuzhou Changle, Xiamen Gaoqi, Quanzhou Jinjiang, Nanping Wuyishan and sanmingsha county.

In January this year, Xianyou expanded the field of power substitution according to local conditions. Xianyou is one of the most important mahogany distribution centers in China and Fujian is one of the main tea producing areas in southern China. Jinjiang has the "shoe capital of China" Dehua County, together with Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province and Liling in Hunan Province, is known as China's three ancient porcelain capitals... Tap the market potential according to local conditions, and State Grid Fujian electric power combines the characteristics of local industrial clusters. The intelligent parking lot management system extends the power substitution work to the fields of tea making, porcelain making, shoe making, seafood processing, mahogany furniture processing, etc. Dehua, the Millennium porcelain capital, is a school "Thousands of enterprises have no chimneys, and the ceramic industry is a major polluter. Green mountains and rivers show the new ceramic capital". Locals say that electric energy substitution has created green mountains and green waters in Dehua.

Dehua power supply company promotes the "rent instead of construction" of power supply equipment and electric energy substitution equipment In recent years, new kiln replacement technology has been promoted, so that more and more ceramic enterprises use electric tunnel kiln to burn porcelain. At present, more than 1200 ceramic enterprises in Dehua have realized "electric porcelain burning" It has been listed as one of the demand side management demonstration projects by the State Grid Corporation of China and the promotion and application of electric kiln heating technology of Dehua power supply company. It has become the only demonstration site of county-level units in China. Dehua has become the first ceramic production area without black smoke pollution in China. Dehua Ceramic Industrial Park has been determined as the national recycling transformation demonstration pilot park, and Dehua's ecological environment quality ranks first in the province The State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. has actively promoted the construction of island electrification.

In view of the reality of many coastal islands in Fujian, the State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. has selected Pingtan Island, Meizhou Island, Gulangyu Island and Dongshan Island as a pilot to carry out the construction of regional electrification Islands, make overall use of distributed new energy, energy storage and other technologies, and comprehensively promote power substitution in port shore power, seafood breeding and processing, transportation and other fields The power supply company of Dongshan County successfully completed the task of connecting the charging station of the parking lot of Dongshan County Administrative Service Center. The company established the electric vehicle charging pile construction and storage project on November 9 through the thorough planning of the public parking lot of the whole county. It plans to realize the full coverage of the charging station construction of the public parking lot of the whole county by 2020. At the same time, the company actively promotes the development of marine product processing and aquatic product breeding The electric energy substitution in the area has been implemented for nearly 20 seafood processing enterprises such as Haikui aquatic products group, and the electric baking production line of seafood has been transformed. The breeding equipment of more than 1600 farmers in the island has been electrified. It is planned that the electric energy substitution of public service and tourism service related facilities in the island can be realized by 2020. The construction of Pingtan electrified island has been included in the energy planning of Pingtan Island and Pingtan Strategic arrangements for the development of international tourism islands.

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