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With the Internet plus car that has been scrambled for many years, many car users have raised the parking requirements. The traditional car park has been abandoned. The emergence of intelligent car parking management system has greatly satisfied the needs of people in parking. What is the reason why intelligent car parking management system has made everyone accept it? Intelligent car parking system is an efficient, fair, accurate, scientific and economic parking lot management tool to realize the comprehensive static and dynamic management of vehicles in the parking lot. The system takes the induction card as the carrier, records the access information of vehicles through the induction card, and uses the management means of computer to determine the billing amount of the parking lot, Combined with the technology of industrial automation control, the electromechanical integration peripheral equipment is controlled to manage all kinds of vehicles in and out of the parking lot.

Intelligent Parking Lot Management System, Nine Reasons Why You Can't Refuse - Tigerwong Technology 1

Due to the continuous updating of science and technology, it is loved by the majority of motorists. Let's take a look at the nine reasons for accepting the intelligent car parking system. I. the parking lot is networked to share data, break the information island, establish a large database, analyze the traffic and user behavior habits, and build an intelligent parking management system Internet of things platform. II. Card free access to the parking lot abandons the traditional manual card collection and admission, and adopts video license plate recognition technology, which is unattended. It can directly identify the license plate information of vehicles entering the parking lot, and open the gate for release at the same time.

There is no need to pick up the card, stay or queue. The license plate is the certificate and enter the parking lot easily. III. accurately guide users to park, starting from the entrance of the parking lot, use the information guidance screen and parking space indicator to guide vehicles to park, use the video detector to detect the use of parking spaces, use the front-end recognition technology of license plate recognition to identify the license plate information, and analyze and release the relevant information to each guidance screen, According to the data shown on the guidance screen, the owner can easily find an empty parking space, realize efficient parking and efficient use of the parking lot, and solve the problems of parking congestion, low utilization rate and difficult parking. IV. reverse vehicle search function: the owner can enter the license plate number in the parking query machine to query the location of the vehicle, and display the map from the owner's location to the vehicle's location in the form of GIS map to easily pick up the vehicle. V. mobile phone can realize parking space reservation, and query the remaining number of berths and parking space reservation in real time through app or wechat and online platforms, so as to solve the worries of travel and parking.

Six, the self-service payment system automatically calculates the cost of the vehicle according to the data of vehicle entry. The owner can make payment in bills, coins, bank cards or other means in the self service payment machine, or pay the electronic payment directly through the WeChat platform and Alipay. VII. The system background directly monitors the operation of the parking lot, and the front-end collector and other data are directly uploaded to the background for processing. Managers can directly view the real-time use of the parking lot in the system background, and can also display the monthly and annual use of the parking lot in the form of graphical reports. VIII. Provide parking data to help the municipal government carry out parking traffic planning.

The intelligent car parking management system can provide parking data of each parking lot for the municipal parking traffic planning, so as to facilitate the municipal department to make better planning for urban traffic. IX. urban guidance, real-time release of road conditions to ensure smooth traffic. When releasing the real-time remaining empty parking spaces of parking lots at major traffic intersections in the city, it provides convenient and effective data reference for citizens to travel and park. Intelligent car parking system management has become more diversified, which improves people's control requirements for the parking system and makes it easier for people to park. The intelligent car parking management system can effectively solve the problems of disputes, cost loss, vehicle theft, low service efficiency and poor management image in manual charging.

Intelligent Parking Lot Management System, Nine Reasons Why You Can't Refuse - Tigerwong Technology 2

It can also enable motorists to park and pick up their cars faster. When they go to a place, they can also book parking spaces in advance through some platforms, and the payment is safe and convenient, This may be the key point for people to recognize the intelligent car parking management system. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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