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With the parking problem becoming more and more serious, not only the first tier cities, but also many second and third tier cities have more or less difficult parking problems. Although it is related to the improvement of people's purchasing power and the decline of car prices, the most important thing is the parking lot management. A good car parking management system not only makes it convenient for car owners to park, but also the property owner can make better use of the parking space. Intelligent parking is such a form of expression. The car owner and the property are mutually beneficial and win-win.

Intelligent Parking Lot Is Mainly Reflected in the Management of Three Parking Lots - Tigerwong Tech 1

Of course, the intelligent parking lot is not just talking about it. It is mainly reflected in the parking lot management: first, the parking entrance and exit management needs intelligent means and management methods to improve the low efficiency of the entrance and exit caused by the traditional parking lot's entrance parking card collection and exit card payment. In response to this demand, tigerwong parking lot system introduces license plate recognition technology, which can realize intelligent access management of parking lot and improve traffic efficiency by using its characteristics of automatic recognition without manual intervention. Advanced license plate recognition technology can realize the rapid identification, rapid detection, rapid gate opening, rapid passage, rapid gate closing, no card collection, no parking and other rapid passage systems of vehicles in the access channel, so as to solve the congestion at the entrance and exit. II. Urban parking network management due to the independent operation of each parking lot, parking data cannot be shared, urban parking resources cannot be integrated, intelligent parking query and reservation can not be realized, and parking resources cannot be allocated as a whole.

In response to this demand, tigerwong built a city level networked parking management platform - tigerwong. Based on the Internet of things cloud service platform, tigerwong broke through regional restrictions and information island constraints, realized the hierarchical management of multiple parking lots on the same cloud platform, implemented multi-level authority management, and transmitted parking data to the cloud. III. parking information sharing and intelligent parking guidance due to the lack of parking information release channels and parking lot guidance information, car owners usually have to drive a long road to find appropriate parking spaces. On the one hand, car owners can not enjoy good parking services, on the other hand, they will also cause traffic congestion due to looking for parking lots. To solve this problem, tigerwong parking lot system has ultrasonic and video parking space guidance and reverse car search system.

The ultrasonic guidance system can enable car owners to understand the empty parking space information of the parking lot in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid parking. The parking space display screen provides real-time parking space use information to guide car owners to park quickly, solves the difficulty of finding parking spaces due to the lack of parking information, reduces the congestion of the parking lot, improves the parking space turnover rate of the parking lot and increases the income of the parking lot. Car park car park, lift the car, and search the vehicle through the elevator car's reverse search vehicle, APP or WeChat official account. The vehicle is guided according to the convenient route. According to the guide of the indoor guide screen, the car owners are driven away quickly.

The problem of finding the car and the traffic congestion is solved, and the profit of the parking lot is increased. The intelligent car parking management system can optimize the parking process, improve the work efficiency of toll collectors, master the parking data of the parking lot in real time, facilitate the work supervision of toll collectors, provide data to tigerwong guidance platform, realize the sharing of offline parking lot resources through mobile Internet, improve the utilization rate of parking lot and user convenience, and better develop towards unmanned parking. Tigerwong parking management system has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

Intelligent Parking Lot Is Mainly Reflected in the Management of Three Parking Lots - Tigerwong Tech 2

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