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At the same time, the situation when the door ban gate system gives an alarm is recorded. Coercion code door opening: refers to the fire alarm monitoring linkage function when the cardholder is hijacked: in case of fire, the access control system can automatically open all electronic locks to let the people inside escape at any time. Linkage with monitoring usually means that the monitoring system automatically records the current situation when someone swipes the card (valid / invalid). In order to ensure the safety of the cardholder's life, the cardholder inputs the coercion code, the back door can be opened, but at the same time, an alarm is sent to the control center, and the control center can take corresponding emergency measures after receiving the alarm signal. The coercion code is usually set to 4 digits. Then it is connected to the acquisition terminal through another RS485 bus. According to the collected parking space information, summarize and dispose the collected parking space status information through RS485 bus.

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Then, the parking light and parking status light are controlled. More than 16 (addresses can also be set according to the site conditions, starting from No. 1 in sequence and increasing gradually) can be connected to one acquisition terminal; A standard access control gate system can connect many, and intelligent gate maintenance is professional and safe. So as to achieve the control scale, but whether our door is more or less, complex or not, these are the basic accessories. The important components are access control and the whole system, so we must pay attention to the situation in the process of purchase and use of the device. A standard access control system includes card reader, access control and electric lock.

Communication converter, computer control software, fire linkage and alarm expansion, exit button, access control board installation box, access control power supply. There are more and more cars in the countryside. The places for centralized storage and management of vehicles have been put forward by human beings, such as the order of vehicle access, the safety of vehicle storage, and the compensation of vehicle storage and management. Therefore, intelligent parking system products came into being, with the development of society. Modern parking lot management is playing a more and more important role.The full name of parking lot system is intelligent parking lot management system, which is usually called parking lot system or intelligent parking lot. It is also referred to as "parking lot" by insiders. The parking lot system applies modern mechanical, electronic and communication science and technology and integrates control hardware and software. With the development of science and technology, the parking lot management system is also changing with each passing day. At present, it is a professional parking lot system, which is a card free parking lot.

The sentry box is generally placed at the entrance, for the parking lot with temporary vehicles. In order to facilitate the installation of control host and other equipment in the toll booth, and it is also the workplace of the personnel on duty, so there are certain requirements for the area of the post hall, which is no less than 4 square meters. 4 Determine the position of the sentry box. The viewing angle range of the entrance and exit machine is mainly aimed at the license plate position of the incoming and outgoing vehicles when reading the card. Generally, the automatic aperture lens is selected, and the device height is generally 0.5-2m. If the image comparison function is not selected, this item does not need to be considered. 3 Determine the installation position of the vehicle, and the entrance equipment consists of image capture system, intelligent lighting, road gate and entrance and exit of the parking lot. It is composed of remote card reading equipment, temporary meter, etc., which is mainly responsible for automatic identification, identity verification and automatic take-off and landing gate of internal vehicles driving out of the parking lot; Charge for external vehicles, and automatically take off and land the gate after charging.

The owner (monthly guarantee or long-term card) of the entrance equipment community adopts the medium-distance card, and the sprinkler pool community sentry box is designed. When the card reading distance is 80 120cm and the vehicle window is about 80 120cm away from the card reading chassis, the gate will open automatically; 4. Adopt the combination of short and medium distance; The entrance and exit of the community are required to be straight and long, and the lane needs a canopy and bright lights at night. It can be used in combination with the card, which is safe, convenient and fast, but the investment is relatively high. Industry insiders said that the parking guidance system needs to be maintained. In large building intercom system, TCP / IP networking mode has obvious advantages compared with RS485 networking mode, which can reduce the amount of wiring.

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In addition, high-speed communication can realize system information sharing, which is convenient for technicians to manage the whole system; It is convenient for the debugging mode of the system, so that the system has great flexibility and is convenient for system expansion. Therefore, networking will become the development trend of building intercom technology in the future. Multi system integration is becoming more and more naive, which is mainly used for the management of channel access rights. The pedestrian channel gate is generally connected to the main seven supporting systems, namely access control system, attendance system, visitor system, biometric system, video monitoring system, ticketing system and channel management system. 1. Access control system is a common docking module of gate machine. For some application places with high security level, Zunyi school parking space marking device.

For example, military bases and prisons need to use anti-terrorism lifting columns. Compared with the lifting column of general civil grade, the column thickness generally needs to be more than 12mm, while the lifting column of general civil grade is 3-6mm. In addition, the device requirements are also different.

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