If License Plate Recognition Is Added to the Parking Lot System, Will the Access Gate Be Completely

Today, with the rapid development of society, many high technologies have been applied to daily life. Some entrance and exit equipment in previous years: access control gate is quite popular. With the application of license plate recognition technology, some parking properties have gradually replaced access control gate, and the addition of license plate recognition to parking lot has indeed given people great convenience, Will the access gate be completely replaced? The intelligent access gate can be applied to the occasions with relatively wide access requirements, including the occasions with more pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and parcels, and the special access for the disabled. Because of this feature, it has strong applicability. A little modification according to the specific scene can meet the personalized needs of users, with convenient installation and less equipment.

If License Plate Recognition Is Added to the Parking Lot System, Will the Access Gate Be Completely  1

However, the appearance requirements of the gate in high-end occasions are very high, which needs to have a very strong appreciation. For example, the plasticity of the swing gate appearance is the strongest among all gates, the material types of the arresting body are rich, and the shape of the box is also diversified. It is easy to design a beautiful and high-end shape according to the specification characteristics of the place. Therefore, intelligent swing gate is often used in high-end occasions such as office buildings, intelligent buildings and clubs. In addition, the swing gate has fast operation speed and very good safety performance, which can fully meet the needs of high-end places.

The entrance and exit access control security management system integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern security management measures. It is an intelligent management system for managers to enter and exit. Access control is still very popular at this stage. In the application of parking lot management, vehicle access control is also an important means of vehicle management. License plate recognition is higher than these two in the parking lot. 1. Strictly manage the vehicle information.

Install the license plate recognition equipment at the entrance and exit, record the license plate number and access time of the vehicle, and combine it with the control equipment of automatic door and railing machine to realize the automatic management of the vehicle. It can automatically calculate the number of available parking spaces and give prompts, so as to realize the automatic management of parking charges, save manpower and improve efficiency. It can also automatically determine whether the incoming vehicles belong to the community, and realize automatic time charging for Non internal vehicles. In some units, this application can also be combined with the vehicle dispatching system to automatically and objectively record the departure of their vehicles. The license plate recognition technology is adopted to achieve no parking and no card collection, and effectively improve the vehicle access efficiency. 2. Automatic release inputs the specified license plate information into the system.

The system automatically reads the license plate of passing vehicles and queries the internal database. For vehicles requiring automatic release, the system drives the electronic door or railing machine to let them pass. For other vehicle systems, warnings will be given and handled by the personnel on duty. 3. Self service payment install license plate recognition equipment at each entrance and exit of the parking lot, recognize the vehicle license plate when the vehicle enters, store the entrance data in the charging system, recognize the license plate again when the vehicle arrives at the exit, call the entrance data according to the license plate information, and realize the charging management in combination with the entrance and exit data. It can realize automatic billing, prevent cheating and avoid the loss of accounts receivable. Some parking lots also realize vehicle networking, break the current situation of single parking lot system information island, and realize the centralized and unified management of multiple parking lots on the same platform.

If License Plate Recognition Is Added to the Parking Lot System, Will the Access Gate Be Completely  2

Intelligent access gate and access control have developed rapidly in the past few years and become a major trend in the security industry. Now, license plate recognition technology is developing rapidly. In the future, with people's consideration of human cost, the combination of manual management and equipment management will be gradually replaced by self-service visitor terminals to truly realize unmanned and efficient management. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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