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With the networking between more cities, the further release of information dividends brought by big data is more reflected in urban transportation. Transportation is like a circular system of a city. The development of intelligent transportation, which radiates from the pilot to all parts of the country, will play a good role in alleviating urban parking difficulties and traffic congestion. The rise of cloud parking has brought effective improvement to the difficulty of parking. Then, how to look at the future smart city from the rise of cloud parking? 1 What is cloud parking? With the development of technology, the original manual charging of import and export vehicles in the parking lot is slowly transformed into IC card swiping, ID card swiping charging intelligent car parking system and license plate recognition intelligent parking system.

How to View the Future Smart City From the Rise of Cloud Parking - Tigerwong Technology 1

More and more car owners prefer the card free intelligent car parking system. Recently, the concept of cloud parking lot has been introduced on the basis of intelligent parking lot charging system. It may be strange for many people to mention cloud parking lot. What is cloud parking lot? Cloud technology is a macro technology. The application of cloud technology to intelligent car parking management system, the promotion of networking and the introduction of cloud concept have a great impact on the parking lot.

Cloud parking lot uses Internet of things and cloud computing technology to manage parking lots in different locations, centralize scattered data, realize remote online management of parking lot, realize ubiquitous parking navigation, parking space reservation, wrong time parking, online payment and other functions, and improve parking service and management level. Cloud parking lot system mainly covers parking management cloud platform, parking lot management cloud platform, parking lot entrance and exit equipment, self-service payment terminal, video guidance / car search system and mobile app. It integrates cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing technology, intelligent image recognition technology and mobile / UnionPay payment technology, and uses the Internet / mobile Internet to connect scattered parking lots, so as to make parking develop in the direction of unmanned, mobile and. 2 Advantages of cloud parking replacing traditional parking lot the biggest difference between cloud parking lot system and traditional parking lot system is that cloud parking lot introduces cloud computing technology and Internet of things management. It breaks the original information island of the traditional parking lot and truly realizes the unified system platform management. Compared with the traditional parking lot, the cloud parking system has the following advantages: 1. Smart cloud parking can realize automatic license plate recognition and real-time upload of parking space data, which is convenient for the parking lot management to master the dynamics of the parking lot. 2. 2. The cloud parking lot adopts online payment without paper money to eliminate all kinds of arbitrary charging and operation chaos in the traditional parking lot. 3. Cloud parking can manage multiple parking lots through cloud computing and make use of idle parking lots.

If the owner has spare parking space, it can be rented through the cloud parking lot system to improve the use efficiency of the parking lot. 4. Cloud parking can learn the real-time situation of the parking lot and the online status of everyone through the system to improve security. From the perspective of parking lot manufacturers, parking lot managers, users and other parties, cloud parking lots can enhance their interests. Even, due to the improvement of parking utilization and parking efficiency, the positive social benefits brought by intelligent parking can not be underestimated. 3 Future development trend of cloud parking lot cloud parking relies on automatic license plate recognition, real-time uploading of parking space data, and the parking lot management party grasps all dynamics. At the same time, the implementation of wechat payment eliminates all kinds of charging and operation chaos of traditional parking lot, so as to ensure that the parking lot charging is fast, accurate and proper. In fact, in the past few years, some large domestic enterprises have gradually joined the parking industry, the most notable is Tencent's micro signal WeChat payment, Baidu's Baidu map Baidu wallet, Ali's Alipay (ant gold suit) High German map cubic holdings.

With the three domestic giants joining the parking industry, cloud parking will develop more rapidly in the future. Cloud platforms need big data, and big data needs a large number of users. How to quickly integrate a large number of parking resources and quickly promote their products in the early stage is a great obstacle for parking enterprises. Whether parking enterprises can get better returns on the cloud platform in the future depends on whether enterprises can adapt to the changes. The future development of cloud Parking Based on the concept of smart city will certainly bring greater convenience to people's life, It can also greatly solve the parking problem.

How to View the Future Smart City From the Rise of Cloud Parking - Tigerwong Technology 2

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