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Parking lot system entrance and exit control and management industry and service provider of intelligent security solutions. Main business scope: access control management system, wing gate, site pedestrian access gate, quick pass gate, parking lot license plate recognition system, intelligent swing gate, three roller gate, full height rotary gate, intelligent scenic spot electronic toll collection system, intelligent parking lot system and other products with industry milestone significance. The R & D team is committed to innovating high-quality products and services from time to time, based on a deep understanding of electronics, intelligence, Internet and Internet of things technologies. It has established innovative advantages in the fields of intelligent parking lot management system, intelligent access control management system, intelligent access gate management system and intelligent integrated security solutions. Continue to improve the quality policy of "enhancing vitality", in line with "High quality products serve customers.

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The company has established a perfect quality management system. People have a strong demand for cars. With the continuous rapid development of China's economy and society, the number of cars continues to grow rapidly, the proportion of people shopping by themselves is increasing, and the parking lot is becoming more and more important in commercial real estate projects. The parking lot system is more and more important for some large enterprises In the shopping center, the traffic volume received by the parking lot every day is quite amazing, and how to manage parking is very important. In order to reasonably manage vehicles, the intelligent parking lot management system plays an important role in the parking lot of the shopping center.

First, all kinds of intelligent parking equipment improve the unattended parking lot system scheme of the parking lot, and the intelligent parking lot management system includes entrances and exits Management, parking space guidance, parking location and reverse vehicle search, automatic license plate recognition, self-service payment and other subsystems. At the same time, the functions of intelligent management need to be realized by using the central charging mode and remote card reading technology. At present, the development of domestic intelligent parking lots shows a good upward trend. Well equipped intelligent parking lots have appeared in shopping centers in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, In the future, as a part of the intellectualization of shopping centers, intelligent parking lots will become more and more popular. Second, parking big data will be fully exploited.

Shopping center parking lots will realize networking and data sharing, along with the development of intelligent parking lots. Through the analysis of parking volume, parking charge, passenger flow direction, mall sales and other data, we can summarize the characteristics of consumer demand for shopping centers Provide data support for decision-making. Third, the unmanned service of parking lot is becoming more and more popular. Shenyang Huangchao Wanxin international building has introduced the first fully automatic three-dimensional parking garage, and the fully automatic robot parking service has been widely used in developed countries. The space utilization rate has been increased by 60% - 100%, the parking efficiency has been increased by 73%, human errors have been reduced, and the safety of people and vehicles has been improved.

With the rapid rise of labor cost in China, the purchase of The management personnel of the parking lot in the Property Center will be gradually reduced, the automation level will be higher and higher, and the unmanned service will be gradually popularized. With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of network technology, the intelligent parking lot management system will be gradually applied in various scenarios, and more and more high-tech technologies will be applied to the parking lot to better cut into people's daily life, not just parking lot and shopping The intelligent parking lot management system will be used in property centers, scenic spots and future residential areas, and people's life will be more and more convenient. People's material requirements for life are also higher and higher, and with the improvement of living standards. The concepts of parking lot system, smart city and intelligent parking management system have been advocated by the public, and parking lot is naturally one of them Although the intelligent parking lot system has been widely implemented in recent years, it still can not meet the needs of most people, and some reforms and innovations are essential.

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