German Property Management One-stop Connection Between the Owner and the Property, so that the Owner

In recent years, although the house price has been rising, it can not stop people's enthusiasm to buy a house. With the improvement of living standards, location and house price are not the only standard for house purchase. People pay more attention to high-quality property management and services. With the stability and maturity of the real estate market, the quality and service of property management have also become one of the important considerations in choosing to buy a house. The German property management produced by tigerwong platform is a one-stop connection between the owner and the property, so that the owner can enjoy more high-end services.

German Property Management One-stop Connection Between the Owner and the Property, so that the Owner 1

I. The traditional property management service is low. The multi-layer management of German property management improves the property work efficiency. With the continuous expansion of the community and the continuous increase of buildings, the property development is restricted. The property service is faced with problems such as low communication efficiency and poor supporting services, and the property management cost also increases. It is good to be able to solve these problems.

Through the German property management property service system, using the Internet, Internet of things, big data and other information integrated applications, multi terminal joint operation and management, we can realize the system management, personnel management and community management of the property, and improve the labor efficiency and large-scale management. II. One stop connection between owners and properties to improve the property collection rate. There is little communication between traditional properties and owners. With the improvement of consumers' quality of life, the requirements for property service quality are becoming higher and higher. Traditional property services can not be met. Property enterprises are facing problems such as difficult property fee collection, many complaints and low information transmission rate.

Under this premise, effective information management means is particularly important. German property management helps the service transformation and upgrading of property enterprises. Taking the needs of community owners as the starting point and multi-terminal joint interactive management, owners can easily enjoy intimate and practical community notice announcement, online repair application, complaint and suggestion property bill and other services through German property management app, so as to meet the growing property service needs of community owners in an all-round way. Each time the traditional property management collects the property fee, it often needs manual accounting, recording and statistics, and the data is cumbersome and easy to make mistakes. The German property management property service system effectively improves the efficiency of property service.

In the online payment function that will be launched soon, it will realize the one click import of the online payment of property fee and water and electricity fee, and automatically generate the online payment, Realize the digitization and visualization of property bill. It not only simplifies the owner's payment process and saves the owner's time, but also enables the owner's app (German housekeeper) to synchronize with the data of the property service system in real time, helps the property master the owner's payment in real time, and greatly improves the work efficiency and quality of the property. III. tigerwong access control intercom system makes the community intelligent. With the security requirements and the needs of building a safe community, the access control of community personnel is imminent. The traditional oral inquiry and recording can no longer guarantee the safety.

German Property Management One-stop Connection Between the Owner and the Property, so that the Owner 2

The tigerwong intercom system expands the mobile phone to open the door without manual registration and automatic identification. The system records the information of people in and out in real time. The potential safety hazards are solved from the entrance, ensuring the safety of the community and developing towards the future. With the rising cost of labor, the owners are increasingly demanding property services. The German property management integrates the intimate, practical and flexible service contents, and creates one-stop property services based on the community life scene, making the property work easier and helping the property to complete transformation and upgrading under the tide of Internet plus.

Comfortable and convenient intelligent living environment. Tiger Wong parking management system has a professional technical team! If you have any questions about parking lot system, etc., welcome to consult and exchange.

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