Geomagnetic Roadside Parking Management System Helps Further Realize the Construction of Smart City

With the rapid increase of urban motor vehicle ownership, traffic congestion, difficult parking, disorderly parking, accident disputes, vehicle safety, environmental pollution and other traffic related problems are becoming more and more serious, especially the parking problem. The difficult parking problem of urban traffic has increasingly become the bottleneck restricting urban economic and social development; How to improve the current situation of traffic and solve the problem of difficult parking has been highly valued by the municipal government and relevant leaders and greatly concerned by the people. In view of this, it is necessary to carry out unified planning, optimization and management of urban roads, traffic and parking, fully tap urban parking resources, especially scientifically and reasonably expand roadside parking resources, and realize the efficient utilization of parking resources through the economic lever of reasonable charging for roadside parking, so as to provide efficient, convenient and orderly services for traffic and parking in the city, So as to improve the traffic congestion and parking difficulties in the city. In order to better respond to the government's requirements, manage and improve urban traffic congestion and parking difficulties, tigerwong then launched the following roadside parking management schemes: geomagnetic parking space monitoring system and geomagnetic roadside parking management system. Geomagnetic parking space monitoring system: geomagnetic roadside parking principle: the earth's magnetic field is uniform and stable within a certain range.

Geomagnetic Roadside Parking Management System Helps Further Realize the Construction of Smart City  1

When iron objects enter, it will disturb the earth's magnetic field within a certain range. Cars containing iron will produce bending disturbance to the earth's magnetic field. The geomagnetic detector detects the disturbance of the earth's magnetic field in the parking space to judge whether there are vehicles parked in the parking space. Geomagnetic roadside parking structure: firstly, a geomagnetic is buried in the center of the parking space. When the vehicle is parked in the corresponding parking space, the geomagnetic buried in the parking space can sense whether there is a vehicle through the earth's magnetic field.

If the magnetic field changes, the geomagnetic will send the signal to the geomagnetic gateway, which will send the signal to the tigerwong platform after receiving the geomagnetic signal, The signal received by the platform will send the notice to the administrator's handheld by wireless transmission. The administrator can know whether the corresponding parking space is occupied according to the received information. Walk to the corresponding parking space and use the handheld to capture the vehicle information. The captured information will be fed back to the tigerwong platform at the same time, and the platform will start recording and monitoring the vehicle charging information in real time, When the parking space needs to leave, you can pay the fee through mobile app or cash. At the same time, the management handset will also transmit the corresponding information to the platform, and all information can be traced later.

Geomagnetic roadside parking payment: various payment methods, supporting citizen card, city card, parking company self issuing card, UnionPay card, APP payment, scan code payment (support for WeChat, Alipay, etc. the three party payment). Geomagnetic roadside parking advantages: 1. Convenient construction, combined installation, easy disassembly and convenient maintenance. 2. Flexible application and Realization of wireless ad hoc network technology. 3. It is easy to integrate, with high cohesion, low coupling and good integration. It can provide data interfaces for all traffic command subsystems. 4. It is durable. The average power consumption of the equipment is as low as 0.36mw, and the service life is up to 5 years. The service life can be extended after battery replacement. The geomagnetic outdoor parking lot parking space guidance system solution uses geomagnetic detection technology to detect the use of parking spaces and upload the empty parking space information to the data center in real time.

The system statistically processes the real-time parking space status. The system platform can realize the docking with the urban supervision platform and the supervision information of the urban traffic vehicle management department, It is an important link to realize the modernization of urban management and traffic vehicle management. Through the application of operator network or wireless broadband network technology, realize the omni-directional collection of information sources, and ensure the real-time monitoring and charge management of the whole area and all time conditions of any occupied parking lot. The transaction data is safe and reliable, there are no loopholes, and the workload is small, which saves human resources, reduces the cost of enterprise human expenditure and improves work efficiency. Tiger Wong parking management system has a professional technical team! If you have any questions about parking lot system, etc., welcome to consult and exchange.

Geomagnetic Roadside Parking Management System Helps Further Realize the Construction of Smart City  2

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