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, this word is a new term. When I hear this name, I may first think of applications such as intelligent community and community intelligent housekeeper, but the concept is far more than these and has great advantages over traditional property. It is to use advanced information technology means such as big data and Internet of things to closely connect various property units with users and merchants through a unified big data cloud platform. As a labor-intensive industry, the property market is very huge, and many people want to take a share here. However, according to the traditional way of property management, many property enterprises have suffered losses, and the profit space has been continuously compressed, which has brought vitality in this direction.

Compared with Traditional Property, What Is Sztigerwong Smart Property? What Are the Advantages- Tig 1

So, what are the advantages over traditional properties? I. reduce the cost of property enterprises. The property industry is mainly labor cost, so if you want to reduce the cost, you should mainly improve the work efficiency of employees and reduce the number of employees. The original early eight to five mode makes most property service personnel's daily work unsaturated and inactive, which not only consumes a lot of costs, but also reduces the satisfaction of owners. The employee management on tigerwong platform can be used to detect the employee's work efficiency, and establish a reasonable salary system on this basis, which can even be used as an effective basis for layoffs. The report system refers to the direct communication between the property and maintenance personnel through the report management on tigerwong platform.

The owner uploads the maintenance problems to the app by taking photos and literary description. All maintenance personnel see the report order through the app end and decide whether to accept the order according to their own ability range and workload, Of course, the more orders received, the higher the salary of maintenance personnel. At the same time, managers can see the workload of employees and the evaluation of maintenance personnel given by the owner in the background, so as to achieve a monitoring. In this way, the work enthusiasm of maintenance personnel and the satisfaction of owners can be improved. For maintenance personnel with low enthusiasm, property personnel can be dismissed, and part of the saved salary can be used as a reward for efficient employees.

In this way, under the condition of constant workload, it can reduce the number of employees in the property enterprise, improve the work efficiency and salary of each employee, and improve the owner's satisfaction. Tigerwong platform also has a positioning patrol management. The patrol base station can check the work track of each service personnel in real time (the application of GPS system) and check the work completion of employees by taking photos on site and uploading them. It also meets the supervision of property employees and can be used as the standard of reward and punishment or layoff. II. Improve the experience of owners and improve the collection rate of property fees.

If the property fees can not be collected, the income of property companies will be reduced, making it more difficult to survive. The main reason why owners refuse to pay property fees is dissatisfaction with the service quality. How to improve the owner experience is the main problem faced by property enterprises. Tigerwong smart platform has the functions of visitor invitation, owner's free control, owner's payment anytime and anywhere, one button warranty of mobile app, complaint, calling property, one button door opening in and out, full linkage of parking, access control and ladder control, which significantly improves the owner's satisfaction; Online payment, intelligent access control, neighborhood social networking, flea market, questionnaire, housekeeping service, community mall and other functions can facilitate the owner's life to a certain extent, meet the owner's diverse needs and improve the owner's satisfaction. III. the opportunity of property big data transformation helps to increase the income of property enterprises.

Compared with Traditional Property, What Is Sztigerwong Smart Property? What Are the Advantages- Tig 2

The traditional income mode of property enterprises is single, which mainly depends on property fees, advertising fees, parking fees, etc. it can provide a variety of profit-making methods. For example, when building a community mall on the platform, property personnel can draw profits from it, and advertising spaces can also be sold on the platform. In addition, property companies such as home service, various housekeeping services, nanny Yuesao and door-to-door car washing can extract profits by outsourcing, which is an important part of community o2o. To sum up, it can help property companies improve management efficiency and reduce costs, and help property enterprises transform. In the long run, this is the general trend. At present, the whole industry still belongs to the blue ocean, and the service platforms in the market are still dominated by each other.

The situation of one dominant company has not yet appeared, and the hundreds of millions of markets still belong to everyone. Tiger Wong parking management system has a professional technical team! If you have any questions about parking lot system, etc., welcome to consult and exchange.

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