My Dad Got Me a Motorcycle for My Birthday and I'm Nervous to Drive It?

Driver's license for driving a car? Car driver's license is the place to start. Where I live you need to do a motorcycle learner's before you are ready to do the motorcycle driver's test which includes a book and road exam. One part of the exam is being able to pick up the motorcycle after it has been laid down on its side. This shows the examiner that when/if you fall, you can pick it up and continue your ride. Ride your motorcycle on parking lots, streets and roads without any traffic until you are confident that you can do this. Another thing is to learn and be able to put the bike on & off its stand, not just the kick stand.

My Dad Got Me a Motorcycle for My Birthday and I'm Nervous to Drive It? 1

1. Poll: Should parents that allow their children to play in parking lots be punished?

Lol.. yeah its bad, they could get hit by a car and u never know the driver could be drunk -_-' when my brother and I were little my mom never let us play in parking lots she lets us play in our small balcony but that was in our old apartment and I remember we would always draw with chocks in the balconi LOL old days

2. Why do people back in their vehicles in parking lots and their own driveway?

If you back into a parking spot, there are no cars driving in that spot... Thus very safe... so long as you are competent at backing up. Backing out of the parking space is significantly more dangerous as you are partially backing blind and hope that on coming cars see you or you see them.And yes, I back into my driveway most of the time.

My Dad Got Me a Motorcycle for My Birthday and I'm Nervous to Drive It? 2

3. if u cant drink & drive, why do u need a drivers licence 2 buy liquor and why bars have parking lots???

well why do not you and i keep drinking till it makes sense

4. Will personal car ownership decrease as self-driving vehicles become more prevalent?

In the sense of a person owning a single vehicle for solely personal use over an extended period (say 3-5 years), automated driving will definitely have an impact because this usage pattern is highly inefficient. In fact, a motor vehicle is one of the worst purchases we routinely make in terms of financial return. You buy a vehicle and it immediately loses 20-30% of its sale value. It spends 90-99% of its time unused. It requires expensive maintenance and costs a lot just to keep in terms of insurance, fuel, and so on. In short, the current use model is ripe for change.Once we have vehicles with fully automated driving systems, we can move to "mobility as a service". In other words, I can subscribe to a fleet service where I can order whatever car or truck I want to use for as long as I want. The fleet provider will cover insurance, registration, and maintenance as part of the package. Options will be available that will cost less that what I would pay to service a car loan today without all the headaches of personal ownership. Automakers will get better returns because they will control the fleet and because automation means a dramatic reduction in the kinds of minor collisions that result in much to the cost of maintaining a fleet. Eventually, the fleet will be so large that most people in urban and suburban areas will be able to access vehicles on short notice. This will translate into much higher usage rates per vehicle which means that automakers will produce fewer new vehicles each year. In effect, they will earn more money on fewer vehicles with lower aggregate production costs.We will probably have just as many cars on the roads, but likely significantly fewer sitting in parking lots most of the time.None of this means that you cannot own or drive your own car. It just means that there will be many more options available in choosing how to get around by car. Given the inefficiencies and overhead attached to owning and maintaining a personal car, a substantial segment of the current car-buying population is highly likely to prefer the option of ordering up a vehicle for short-term use. We can already see this in the use of car-sharing and car-pooling services. In effect, it will be merging of rental, leasing, and sharing services made possible by automated driving's capacity to reduce routine vehicle damage (so lower insurance and maintenance costs) and to deliver vehicles at low cost wherever they are in demand

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