License Plate Recognition Camera Brings Convenience to the Field of Intelligent Parking_ Taigewang T

At present, the license plate recognition parking lot system is considered to be a set of parking lot management system which is more convenient for management and fast traffic. Because it has the advantages of high recognition rate and fast traffic, it is favored by many users. With the continuous improvement of technology, the use of the license plate recognition parking lot system greatly overcomes the interference of environmental factors. Let's talk about the license plate recognition camera which plays a vital role in the development of intelligent parking. License plate recognition, in short, is based on various image processing algorithms to analyze the vehicle pictures captured by the front-end camera, and then extract information such as license plate number (English and Chinese characters and numbers), license plate color, and even model, manufacturer and vehicle color, so as to accurately lock the vehicle identity and connect it with the road driving information of corresponding vehicles, Finally, it is a technology to realize the intelligent automatic management of road vehicles. The core of license plate recognition camera includes license plate location algorithm, license plate character segmentation algorithm and optical character recognition algorithm. The principle of license plate recognition camera includes the following steps: 1. Vehicle detection: the license plate recognition camera can sense the passing of the vehicle by means of buried coil detection, infrared detection, radar detection technology, video detection and other methods, and trigger image acquisition and capture. 2. 2. Image acquisition: the license plate recognition camera records and collects the passing vehicles in real time and continuously through the HD camera capture host. 3. Preprocessing: noise filtering, automatic white balance, automatic exposure, gamma correction, edge enhancement, contrast adjustment, etc. 4. License plate location: perform row and column scanning on the gray image after image preprocessing to determine the license plate area. 5. Character segmentation: after locating the license plate area in the image, accurately locate the character area through graying and binarization, and then segment the character according to the character size characteristics. 6. Character recognition: the segmented characters are scaled and feature extracted to match and distinguish with the standard character expression in the character database template. 7. Result output: the license plate recognition camera outputs the recognition results in text format. As the core equipment of the parking lot system, the license plate recognition camera is bound to be a system integrating parking and life in the future in order to be closer to people's living needs and bring people a more convenient life. Its networking and intelligent functions integrate parking, consumption The intelligent mode integrating access control and other functions is one of the functions that most meet people's living needs at present.

License Plate Recognition Camera Brings Convenience to the Field of Intelligent Parking_ Taigewang T 1

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