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With the increasing number of motor vehicles in China, some system designs of many underground parking lots lack unified standards and specifications, which leads to the problem of difficult parking, which seriously affects the utilization of parking lots. Not long ago, the reporter visited some underground parking lots for many times and found that the corners at the entrances and exits of many underground parking lots are large, and some are even 90 degrees. For some car owners, they should mention the spirit of 12 points when entering and leaving the parking lot; Some parking lots not only have large corners and steep slopes, but also have a lot of sharp turns. Some car owners obviously have some difficulty when turning. There are not only these planning problems in the parking lot, but also the lack of unified standards for the road gates of the parking lot, which makes it difficult to park and pick up cards, and is prone to safety accidents. How to solve such problems in underground parking lot? According to the regulations on the planning and construction of parking lots and the management of motor vehicle parking, the design scheme of parking lots shall solicit the opinions of the traffic management department, and the construction procedures can be handled only after it is approved. However, there are no clear requirements for the setting of road gates and safety Islands in parking lots and the height of ticket boxes in parking lots. However, for some parking lots, the installation of intelligent parking lot systems is encouraged, Like the Bluetooth remote card reading or license plate recognition parking lot system, so that the owner can enter the parking lot without stopping at the entrance of the parking lot, while the card swiping parking lot system requires the owner to drive near the ticket box to pick up the card. Sometimes when the owner drives far away from the card taking machine, he has to loosen his seat belt and lean out most of his body to pick up the card, In this way, it is easy to have some safety accidents. License plate recognition and Bluetooth remote card reading parking lot system can enable car owners to enter the parking lot directly without stopping to pick up their cards. It can automatically release the import and export license plate numbers by capturing them with HD license plate recognition cameras, or it can receive wireless signals remotely through Bluetooth devices, and the gate can automatically lift its lever through these signals, In this way, car owners can also enter the parking lot directly without taking their cards. At present, there are many hidden dangers in the underground parking lot. In order to solve these hidden dangers, in addition to the reasonable planning during the construction of the parking lot, how to select the parking lot management system is also a very important part. Therefore, whether it is a new parking lot or a parking lot to be reconstructed, the selection of the parking lot system needs to be determined according to the site conditions of the parking lot.

What Are the Hidden Dangers of Underground Parking Lot_ Taigewang Technology 1

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