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Alpr Parking Entrance And Exit Access control
TigerWong license plate recognition technology to realize touchless/non-ticket system in the parking lot entrance, to access and permit the vehicle going into the parking area and get the enter and exit time by reading plate number , its increasing the efficiency of the parking by 120%, and realizing an 80% increase in the rate of parking spaces. This project located at Mongolia City Management Building Parking that already running well around 4 years. 
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Tiger Wong is committed to the development of smart parking systems, continuously analyzing and solving problems in existing requirment and potential demand, and is committed to meeting the new functional requirements in security industry.
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Advantages of TGW ALPR System

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is an application of computer video image recognition technology in vehicle license plate recognition.It is widely used in parking management,vehicle positioning, car burglary, highway speeding automation supervision, red light electronic police, highway toll station.,etc.

Save labor cost over 85%
Improve vehicle traffic efficiency 98%
Realize vehicle network management
Using the uniqueness of the license plate to improve the security of vehicle management
Maintain traffic safety and urban security
Identify authentic license plates and protect user rights
Widely used in traffic control area
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Interface with digital payment for unattendance
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Why choose us?

Accurate algorithms and recognition rates to 99.5 % support vehicle management intelligence

Focus on the parking system over 20 years, experience make more professional.
Independent R and D team to meet various software program interface.
Accurately identify 120 countries and regions with a recognition rate of 99.5%.
Experienced installation guide make it easy to work efficiently.
Customize service according to different languages and requirement.
A professional solution team that provides accurate, efficient and reliable service.
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Nearly a thousand channel partners, with housing, office, commercial and other cases
ALPR Parking at Nan hai Pearl Hotel in Cambodia
IC/ID card dispenser shopping mall at Singapore
Speed lane gate using at coffee shop at Japan
Speedgate2 1618475230807
High speed turnstile gate two lanes for entrance and exit at gym in Barlin
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شركة Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co. ، Ltd هي المزود الرائد لحلول التحكم في الوصول لنظام وقوف السيارات الذكي ، ونظام التعرف على لوحة الترخيص ، والبوابة الدوارة للتحكم في وصول المشاة ، ومحطات التعرف على الوجه و حلول مواقف السيارات LPR .
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