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License plate recognition system is the most advanced management mode of entrance and exit management in the current parking lot system. It is an advanced, applicable, economical and reliable intelligent vehicle access management system developed in combination with people's parking needs and modern advanced technology. Now it has been widely used in all fields of life. The use of the license plate recognition system improves the safety of the traffic system and reduces traffic congestion. Especially in the management of urban traffic, the license plate recognition system plays a role in the monitoring and management of vehicles and realizes the intellectualization of parking. The reason why license plate recognition system has a good market prospect is that it has played a positive role in promoting the planning and development of China's transportation system. License plate recognition system is an intelligent vehicle management system integrating video acquisition, vehicle detection, license plate recognition, voice broadcasting, recognition result analysis, automatic alarm and remote monitoring. It does not need managers to participate in processing, let alone car owners to pick up cards, which effectively alleviates the current problem of difficult parking. Speaking of the license plate recognition system, many people may just understand that it manages the incoming and outgoing vehicles through the capture of the vehicle license plate by the camera, but which application mode is used to realize this recognition, or it should be determined according to the situation of the scene. At present, license plate recognition system mainly has three recognition methods: video recognition, ground coil recognition, video and ground recognition. Video recognition is a recognition mode with relatively small quantities among the three recognition modes. It is mainly used for places where the entrances and exits of some parking lots are close to the roadside or other underground pipelines cannot be cut. Video recognition is a better recognition mode. Generally, the ground induction coil identification is to control the gate opening at the entrance and exit of the parking lot through the ground induction trigger to capture the vehicle license plate number. It has strong stability, but the construction must be carried out according to the guidance of technicians when cutting the ground induction coil. Video ground sense recognition is a combination of two recognition methods, which can be said to be an upgrade. The recognition method is flexible, and the dual recognition mode is more convenient for vehicle management. License plate recognition system plays a more and more important role in parking lot management system. It integrates software and hardware, and has comparative advantages in installation and debugging. In addition, the gradual increase of vehicles naturally speeds up the development of these intelligent devices.

Three Recognition Modes Used by License Plate Recognition System in Parking Lot_ Taigewang Technolog 1

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