The Art of Exposure Compensation | Internal Mechanics of Camera Exposure.

Exposure compensation is a process by which we photographers are able to tell the camera what it should consider as the correct exposure and make adjustments accordingly. Our modern digital cameras are quite smart and they do get things right most of the time. However, there are certain problems still to be resolved.

The Art of Exposure Compensation | Internal Mechanics of Camera Exposure. 1

One of the most important problems is that our cameras cannot perceive what it is looking at. Yes, there are face- and eye-detection technologies available but their applicatios are very limited. Cameras generally tends to follow PRE-programmed algorithms for certain scenarios which can be problematic sometimes.

We will discuss the problem of exposure in this article. It is very important that you have a good understanding of light metering modes and its uses before you read this. All you need to know is right here:Basic Understanding Of Light & Need For Light Metering.

Light Metering Modes | When To Use What & Why?Give them a quick read, they will help you a lot in understanding what we are about to discuss.Lets begin then:The basic problem with our cameras is that it cannot differentiate between different subjects it views and tries to attain the same exposure for EVERYTHING.

The camera just looks at the frame and depending on the intensities of the subjects, determines an exposure setting so that the ENTIRE FRAME is exposed for 18% grey. Think of 18% grey this way; if white is considered 100% light and black is considered 0% light, 18% grey is somewhat in the middle. This is what the camera ALWAYS aims for correct exposure.

The Art of Exposure Compensation | Internal Mechanics of Camera Exposure. 2

I believe you would agree that absolute white snow and a dark black bear are not to be exposed the same way. The snow is supposed to look bright and white, while the black bear should look dark. Our cameras, however, do not understand this and hence the exposure problem.

When does this problem occur?You may now wonder if the 18% grey formula is so outdated and archaic, why do camera manufacturers still use it? The reason is quite simple actually.

The 18% grey rule DOES work most of the time. If you are a photographer who shoots average day-to-day life and not too much studio work, the rule does a wonderful job at exposing most of the pictures quite nicely.The real problem however comes up while shooting extremely dark or extremely bright objects.

For example, a snow-covered landscape or a black cat on a dark night. The basic problem that arises is the camera still tries to expose for the same 18% grey (no matter what it is shooting) and rounds up either underexposing the snow scene or overexposing the black cat.Let me explain why.

As I discussed earlier, the camera cannot perceive what it is looking at. All it can see are various colors and their intensities. So when shooting the snow-covered landscape, the camera looks at the scene and finds it too bright, it tries to bring DOWN the brightness (since it is trying to expose EVERYTHING in the scene for 18% grey) by underexposing the image.

Now the snow wouldnt look white but a little grey. It is the same deal with the cat. In the cat image, the exact opposite happens and the camera finds the black cat too dark and tries to bring it up to a grey undertone thereby OVEREXPOSING it.

The cat too in this case would look a bit grey and not black as it should.AdvertisementHere is the solution:Luckily for us, there is something that we can do. We can not only communicate to the camera that the desirable exposure is not what the camera is selecting for a particular scene, but also choose our own in the process.

This method is called exposure compensation.Now that you know exactly when these situations may occur when your camera light meter reading may be fooled and that may in-turn give you some wrong suggestions for exposure, let us jump in and learn exactly how you can fix it. Fixing the exposure:Before we learn more about the procedure to adjust exposure compensation, you must remember the following:Exposure compensation can ONLY be adjusted while using Semi-Automatic Modes, i.

e.Aperture Priority Or AVShutter Priority Or TVProgram ModeThe exposure compensation cannot be adjusted while using FULLY AUTOMATIC (God almighty, PLEASE for heavens sake get off that damn mode) or the FULLY Manual or M mode. The reason is pretty obvious.

While using the damn automatic mode you are letting the camera take all the decisions for you; so you are NOT allowed to make any changes. The opposite applies when you use the Manual mode, since now YOU are making all the decision and the camera is NOT allowed to override your settings, you have to decide how you want to adjust the exposure compensation. Changing the exposure compensation in manual mode has no effect.

How does exposure compensation work?Let me explain what happens when you adjust the exposure compensation. Suppose you are shooting the snow -covered landscape in Aperture Priority Mode and the snow just comes out UNDEREXPOSED and grey.

What you have to do now is dial down a few stops of exposure compensation (dont worry I will explain later when to dial down and when to dial up).Aperture Priority Mode lets you, as a photographer, set the aperture and in most cases the ISO. The camera in turn selects a suitable shutter speed that it thinks would expose the subject best.

Now when you decide that the snow is getting UNDEREXPOSED and dial down the exposure compensation, the built-in light meter of the camera readjusts its scale for you. If you dial down the exposure by say 2 stops; what the camera does is determine the exposure that it thinks is correct for the image and then OVEREXPOSE it by two stops. I know this sounds very confusing but trust me you will get the hang of it very soon after you use it a few times.

Read this paragraph one more time, you will need it. Try and remember the sequence.Since you are using Aperture Priority Mode here, the camera can independently set its own shutter speed.

The camera uses the shutter speed in this case to OVEREXPOSE the picture when you dial down the exposure compensation. Had you used say Shutter Priority, the camera would have then used the aperture to control and adjust the exposure. Now, if you think about it, it also makes sense why you cannot use the exposure compensation in FULLY automatic or full manual mode.

It works only when the photographer shoots in conjunction with the camera and not independently on his own. Fascinating, isnt it?The tip-off though:The images that you are trying to take may not always be a snowy landscape or a black cat, so how would you know if you need to adjust the exposure compensation on your camera?

Well heres howThe easiest and the most reliable way to check exposure and see if it is okay is to look at the histogram. NO, just looking at the LCD with your naked eyes is NOT good enough. The primary reason being that the LCD may look different in different scenarios like say under the sun, at night, if the LCD is not clean enough, variable brightness of the LCD and dont even try to ascertain exposure if you are working with many cameras at the same time by just looking at the screen.

The histogram is a MATHEMATICAL way of QUANTIFYING the data (about intensities of light) the camera just collected. In case you have not learnt anything in school, learn thismaths is hard but it is precise and accurate; so is the histogram. Just ask yourself the following questions and you will be able to figure out if you need to use exposure compensation:Are there any subjects in your frame which are quite bright or quite dark?

Take a shot and now look at the histogram. Does the histogram tend to gather up at the centerAdvertisementIf the answers to the questions above is yes, you need to adjust the exposure compensation. If you are shooting really bright or near white subjects; say a person with a fair complexion at the beach on a sunny day; the histogram should have a fair part of it accumulated at the right side of it since there is so many bright elements in the image.

If, however, the histogram seems to have all in the middle and a very little at the far right side; it means that the camera has considered the bright elements as too much light and cut down the exposure to bring all down to match 18% grey exposure settings.Rule of thumb:A good rule of thumb to remember is to look for the details. Nowadays if you are shooting RAW and are off by a stop or two you can fix it in post-production but anything more than that maybe irrecoverable.

What you should always be looking for when you are shooting are the details. Just after you take a shot, zoom in and check if the details are visible; especially if the subjects are too bright or dark. See if the weave patterns of a black cotton shirt is visible or if you could make out the feather textures of a white swan.

If however the shirt appears to be a giant black blob, double check the histogram like I asked you to; you may have an exposure compensation issue here.I did NOT discuss how to adjust your exposure compensation intentionally since it varies widely from camera to camera. In some cameras you have to change it through menus and in others, there are dedicated buttons which you can press and then use a dial to adjust it.

Please consult your camera manual for this.Lastly:Always remember there is NO such thing as CORRECT EXPOSURE. It all comes down to what YOU, the photographer wants.

You may want a high key photograph that is nearly all white or vice versa.The camera may wildly disagree with you on that but that doesnt matter. You are the decider, the decision maker.

The camera is just a tool which you use to bring your visualizations to life. So if you think that the camera is not exposing how you would like to have, tell it what to do. Because now you know how.

A little algorithm to remember easy:Bright Subject -> Camera Underexposing -> Dial DOWN exposure compensation.Dark Subject -> Camera Overexposing -> Dial UP exposure compensation. Hope you found this topic helpful.

I know it is a little hard to grasp all of it in one go. I suggest now that you have read the article; find scenarios where you may need to adjust the exposure compensation and then use it. After you use it a few times, re-read this article one more time and you will be all set.

So, go out there and shoot. now, now, now!Originally published at Seventh Light Studio RELATED QUESTION When approaching portrait photography, should one start studying natural light or studio lighting?

Theres no reason not to learn about any variety of lighting that interests you at the same time. If you feel that would be confusing, pick according to which type you find more attractive. Look for classes where you can try a variety of lighting set ups at once.

Often places that rent equipment will have studio lighting classes or trial opportunities. They will set up areas w things like: 5 light studio, single giant octagon, Try reflectors and take example shots between the quality of the light between the gold, silver, and white. You can incorporate that into set or natural light.

The Use of Parking Lot Management System Effectively Improves the Weekly Efficiency of Parking Space
The Use of Parking Lot Management System Effectively Improves the Weekly Efficiency of Parking Space
With the increase of vehicles, most cities in China are facing a common problem: it is difficult to park. In order to solve this problem, some developed cities in China have begun to adopt intelligent parking lot management system parking guidance system. What benefits can the use of parking guidance system bring to people's parking? Can the difficulty of parking be alleviated? The rapid increase of vehicles has brought infinite vitality to the manufacturers of parking lot system, and also continuously improved this technology. A set of intelligent parking lot management system has many functions. Parking guidance system is a subsystem of parking lot management system, which has begun to operate in some cities. Relying on advanced technologies such as radio communication network, wireless sensor network and spatial geographic information, it establishes a unified platform for urban road parking guidance management, realizes computer intelligent management of parking charge calculation, berth statistics, reconciliation and settlement, personnel attendance, and makes real-time statistics according to the number of parking on the road, It is convenient for car owners to know the parking conditions in time, and realizes the integration of charging management and guidance service platform. The parking guidance system can support mobile client query. With the touch of your finger, you can grasp the parking situation of thousands of berths in the city. Car owners can easily find the nearest and most idle parking spot. Compared with manual management, the intelligent parking lot management system enables managers to understand the use of parking spaces in real time, facilitate the timely adjustment of parking spaces, and improve the turnover and utilization of parking spaces. For car owners, the parking time can be used reasonably, and the charging amount can be seen at a glance.
What Are the Characteristics of a High-quality Parking System_ Taigewang Technology
What Are the Characteristics of a High-quality Parking System_ Taigewang Technology
Speaking of the parking lot system, we are all familiar with its use in the parking lot, but in terms of selection, a high-quality parking lot system should not only pay attention to high quality, but also have some of its own characteristics in order to be called a high-quality parking lot system. In fact, how to judge whether the parking lot system is qualified? It must be discussed from several aspects. Reliability and stability: the stability of the equipment is very important to the equipment itself. The reliability and stability of the product are related to the length of its service life. The equipment should have self-protection ability and strong fault tolerance and system rehabilitation ability, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system as long as possible, and can be corrected and recovered as soon as possible in case of system faults. Performance price ratio: the selection of parking lot system is very important. How to choose a more cost-effective equipment? The configuration of each equipment needs to be determined according to the requirements of its own parking lot environment. On the premise of meeting the requirements of the parking lot, ensure that the full set price of the system is low, and then make the system have high cost performance. Degree of compatibility and standardization: compatibility is the key to complete the interconnection between devices of many different manufacturers and different protocols. The system shall be able to effectively communicate and share data, and complete the compatibility and interoperability between equipment or systems as far as possible. The higher the degree of standardization and openness of the system, the longer the service life of the system. A high-quality parking system needs to be selected and judged from all aspects, but more importantly, it meets the use requirements of the parking lot, and may provide people with a good parking environment from all aspects such as parking, payment, looking for parking space and so on.
What Are the Factors Affecting the Development of License Plate Recognition System_ Taigewang Techno
What Are the Factors Affecting the Development of License Plate Recognition System_ Taigewang Techno
As one of the most widely used equipment in the parking lot in the past two years, the license plate recognition system can provide people with a convenient parking environment and can be used as a facade in the parking lot. However, the requirements for the license plate recognition system are different according to people's needs in the market, and there are many factors affecting the use of the license plate recognition system. First of all, the quality of products, no matter what products, our primary consideration is their quality, because product quality is the decisive factor affecting the service life of products. There are many brands of license plate recognition systems being sold in the market, and the quality is also very different. For some manufacturers with brand strength, they have R & D and production conditions, so the product quality is relatively reliable; However, some manufacturers do not have the conditions for R & D and production. In the early stage, they will take other people's parts for assembly and OEM sales, so such products have no quality assurance. Secondly, the price of the product is higher than that of the card swiping parking lot system. Therefore, considering the price alone, the possible advantages of the license plate recognition system are not obvious. From the long-term interests, the license plate recognition system saves manual management and saves manual management costs for the parking lot. Therefore, License plate recognition system is still the need of future development. Moreover, the impact of installation factors on the license plate recognition system. Compared with the card swiping parking lot system, although the wiring and installation of the license plate recognition system is simple, it needs the guidance of professionals to ensure its recognition rate and equipment stability. License plate recognition system is a popular and widely used set of equipment. Its use in the parking lot will give people a high-end and atmospheric feeling, and a comfortable parking environment will also create a good parking experience.
The Problem of Arbitrary Parking and Charging Is Serious, and the Charging System of Intelligent Par
The Problem of Arbitrary Parking and Charging Is Serious, and the Charging System of Intelligent Par
Recently, many citizens reported that vehicles in many sections were parked on the roadside, and some blocked the entrance and exit of the subway, which brought a lot of inconvenience to citizens. In view of this situation, the reporter conducted an investigation and found that an open space at the exit A1 of a subway was full of cars, but this was not a special parking lot, There is a clearly marked parking lot at exit A3, but there are only 20 parking spaces, which is obviously not enough, and this parking lot is free, so it is crowded with vehicles every day. Then, the reporter went to another subway exit and found that there was a p R parking lot not far away. There were many parking spaces, but only a few cars were parked in it, which seemed very cold. According to the administrator of P R parking lot, there was no charge in the parking lot here before, and many vehicles were parked every day. Now the parking charge regulations have been formulated, There is no charge for the car within an hour. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., the car will be parked for 2 hours at 3 yuan per car, more than 2 yuan per hour. For the rest of the time, it will be parked for 1 yuan per hour for a continuous day, with a maximum charge of 12 yuan. Many car owners have expressed their opposition, so few vehicles stop here. The charging standard of P R parking lot should be the same as that of public welfare parking lots such as public institutions and libraries. Therefore, in view of this situation, the city will rectify the random parking on the roadside, cancel some areas that are not parking spaces, and implement some preferential policies for P R parking lot, such as using subway tickets to offset parking fees, so as to encourage citizens to use p R parking lot as much as possible, so as to solve the problem of replacing irrelevant vehicles with parking lots for a long time, It can also solve the burden of changing to citizens, and make full use of the parking space of P R parking lot. Finally, the P R parking lot will be reconstructed, and the intelligent parking lot charging system will be used for charging. The system can automatically implement the parking consumption discount function. For some fixed vehicles, the license plate recognition system will be used, which can save the time for car owners to enter and leave the parking lot. In order to enable car owners to easily find the specific location of spare parking spaces, The installation of parking space guidance in the parking lot will be very important, because sometimes when we enter the parking lot, we will find that we can't find the parking space until we turn around in the parking lot, and sometimes we can't even find it. Therefore, the parking space guidance parking lot system will help us find the parking space as soon as possible.
The Prospect of License Plate Recognition System, an Indispensable Parking System in Intelligent Tra
The Prospect of License Plate Recognition System, an Indispensable Parking System in Intelligent Tra
With the rapid development of urbanization in China, the traffic pressure is becoming more and more severe. Intelligent traffic management has become the general direction of traffic development. In the automotive field, the parking market segment has always been regarded as a trillion cake, especially in the first tier cities. Parking is basically just needed like housing. In view of the pain points of the parking industry, the state has put forward a proposal to speed up the construction of intelligent transportation to better guide citizens to travel; Various parking lot system manufacturers have put forward various solutions conducive to parking lot management; For example, license plate recognition system, parking space guidance system, reverse vehicle search system, cloud parking and other parking schemes and measures. As the basic equipment of the entrance and exit of the parking lot system, the license plate recognition system is the basis for the realization of other systems. At the same time, the license plate number is the only mark for vehicle identification. Only rapid and accurate recognition of the license plate is the premise for the realization of other parking lot management. License plate recognition technology has been applied in the security industry for a long time, and the technology is relatively mature. The application of artificial intelligence improves the accuracy of license plate recognition. In recent years, license plate recognition system is also widely used in expressway, so as to realize the non-stop traffic of vehicles. How to select a set of high-quality license plate recognition system has become the primary task to solve the problem of parking lot management. Considering the quality of a set of license plate recognition system, there are three indicators, namely recognition rate, recognition speed and background management system. Of course, the prerequisite to ensure these is that the system can operate stably and reliably. After years of development, license plate recognition system has become a more mature technology, and is used more and more in parking lots. More convenient parking methods create a good parking environment for people. At the same time, license plate recognition technology will gradually develop to high-definition, integration and intelligence, and continue to play an important role in various application systems.
Parking Lot Charging System Highlights Intelligent New Life, and Meeting Demand Is the Key_ Taigewan
Parking Lot Charging System Highlights Intelligent New Life, and Meeting Demand Is the Key_ Taigewan
After more than ten years of development, the parking lot charging system has developed from a simple vehicle entrance and exit management to a complete parking charging system. Realize the unified management of parking fees through Internet technology, and ensure people's parking safety and parking lot management safety whenever and wherever. The parking lot charging system has experienced several important stages, and its security and management are gradually improved. License plate recognition and wechat payment technology are the latest technologies in the parking lot, which has made a great contribution to the management of the parking lot. In the past few years, the traditional card swiping management method has been adopted in the parking lot, but the card is easy to be copied due to the loopholes in the card management, which has brought great trouble and economic losses to the parking lot management; In order to facilitate management and reduce management cost, intelligent equipment is used to replace some low-end equipment and manual management, so as to promote the application of intelligent parking lot system in various fields. At present, intelligent parking lot system is widely used in all walks of life, such as government departments, intelligent communities, industrial parks, hospitals, schools, airports and other fields. By installing license plate recognition system at the entrances and exits of various places, and setting authority management for all incoming and outgoing vehicles, the parking status of vehicles can be monitored in real time. At the same time, all parking records can be viewed through Internet technology, so that people can park more at ease. The traditional parking payment has brought a lot of workload to the parking lot managers and a lot of trouble to the car owners. Now we have entered the era of mobile payment. With the popularization of mobile phones, the use of wechat payment function in various places has brought great convenience to people's payment. You can pay by paying attention to the QR code in the parking lot, This payment method is a reliable and convenient management method for both parking lot managers and car owners. It not only eliminates the risk of car owners' cards being copied, but also saves the work of card management. This advanced technology breaks through the traditional card management model and can better meet people's parking needs. In the future development, the parking lot charging system will integrate more identification management and payment methods. With the continuous change of people's needs, the parking lot system will also become a more intelligent new life.
Three Key Technologies of Electronic Toll Collection System_ Taigewang Technology
Three Key Technologies of Electronic Toll Collection System_ Taigewang Technology
The electronic toll collection system is often referred to as etc (Electronic Toll Collection). It uses radio frequency identification technology, installs a card reader in the toll station, and installs a radio frequency card in the vehicle, so that the toll station can identify the vehicle within a certain range, and automatically deduct the corresponding fees from the pre bound IC card or bank account without parking payment. It is widely used in highway toll and road and Bridge (tunnel) toll because it does not require manual toll collection and parking card swiping. There are three key technologies to realize the non-stop charging system: identification technology, data transmission and database management, which are described in detail below. In addition, as an aside, the key of the electronic non-stop charging system is charging, not non-stop. 1. The vehicle identification electronic non-stop charging technology adopts radio frequency identification technology. This set of vehicle identification system is composed of card reader and radio frequency card. The card reader is installed in the toll station, and the vehicle is equipped with radio frequency card. They exchange data through wireless for identification. Some people will ask, what if the RF card is dead and can't be identified? Don't worry about this, because the RF card adopts a passive RF card without power supply. It can convert microwave energy into working energy through inductive coupling. 2. Data transmission security is the key to data transmission. In the process of vehicle identification, that is, the data acquisition stage, the transmission speed of RF technology is very fast, only a fraction of a second, and due to microwave radiation and low frequency, it is still guaranteed in terms of safety. In the process of transmitting data to the data center, we adopt the way of special line encryption to ensure the security of data transmission. 3. Database management in the non-stop charging system, the data center has two parts: the system data management unit and the bank data management unit. The system data unit is mainly used to manage vehicle related data collection, cost calculation, system security management, vehicle toll splitting, related report management, etc; The bank data management unit is mainly responsible for handling co branded cards with on-board RF cards, withholding tolls and other services. The management of the database is quite complex. Let's briefly say here that the non-stop charging system adopts the prepayment method. Users need to store the fees in the RF card, which will be automatically deducted in the card when passing through the toll station. At the same time, it can also be bound with bank cards and credit cards to consume in advance. The system will reconcile with the bank regularly.
Taige Wangyun Parking Lot: When Helping the Development of Intelligent Transportation into the "clou
Taige Wangyun Parking Lot: When Helping the Development of Intelligent Transportation into the "clou
The 21st century is a cloud era. Every day, all walks of life will produce a lot of data information every day. When the data gather together, there will be big data. All kinds of big data gather together like clouds. People want to observe the changes of clouds to predict weather forecasts. Gather these data together, process them through powerful computer analysis technology, and share these data anytime and anywhere to make good guidance and decision-making for action. These data need a service software platform. Cloud means sea. Such a software service platform forms cloud in massive data, which is what we usually call cloud technology and cloud service. Taige Wang Yun also came into being under this background. Today, cloud technology has been applied to various industries, providing great convenience for people's life. With the development of intelligent transportation, the timely processing, sharing and analysis of traffic data is very important. The traffic density is very large at every festival, and the traffic pressure is huge. If there is a cloud parking lot, it can process various data of vehicles in various parking lots, play a good role in alleviating congestion points, and avoid flocking to one place. So what is Taige Wangyun parking lot? Here is your inventory. Taige Wangyun parking lot is mainly realized through Taige Wangyun all in one card cloud service operation platform, which brings together platform management, equipment management, LBS application, data center, information center, financial center and third-party system integration. Platform management: the parking lot management system, access control management system, attendance management system, visitor management system, consumption management system, patrol management system, water control management system, parking space guidance management system, license plate recognition management system can share these data on the platform. Equipment management: centralized setting, decentralized management, one-time authorization, full line application, decentralized authorization and safety management, so as to realize the control of parking lot equipment, complete the opening and closing of car stopper and gate, and control vehicle density, which is convenient and fast. Data center: the data information of the parking lot is presented with a clear ladder diagram, pie chart and other visual business data, and the data can also be monitored remotely. Information Center: unified information release and unified card management. Lbs uses the parking space query to reserve the app mobile phone platform to realize the mobile parking lot, so that you can park when you play with your mobile phone. Financial center: realize financial supervision data query. Platform management, plugging loopholes, rapid access, centralized management and improving services. At present, the application and development of cloud parking lot in intelligent transportation is initiated by taigewang. I believe taigewang cloud will do better and better to help the development of intelligent transportation into the era of human cloud.
Several Troubleshooting Methods of Access Control System_ Taigewang Technology
Several Troubleshooting Methods of Access Control System_ Taigewang Technology
There are two kinds of common faults of access control system: 1. Unable to communicate; 2. If the electric lock cannot be locked, how can we solve it? There are two kinds of failure to communicate, one is that 485 access control does not communicate, and the other is that TCP IP controller does not communicate. Communication fault 1: 485 access control does not communicate. The solution steps are as follows: 1. Check whether the 485 communication line has short circuit or open circuit; 2. Measure the voltage at both ends of 485 communication line, and it is normal when it is between 3v5v; 3. Check whether the software port settings correspond to the computer port. 4. Conduct [detection controller] operation on the controller at the interface of the main control console, and observe whether the status indicator of 485 communication converter flashes while operating. 5. Check whether the serial number of the controller has been encrypted (the special encryption tool can be restored). Communication failure 2: the TCP IP controller does not communicate. The solution steps are as follows: 1. Check the communication mode of the controller. Select [small LAN] for LAN and [medium and large network] for cross network segment. When crossing network segments, first set the controller IP to the network IP of the LAN where the controller is located, including IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS server, etc. Then search the management computer for a. Net controller and add it. 2. Ping the IP of the controller at the command prompt to see if the network is connected. 3. If it is a cross network segment, check whether the router port is open or IP bound. 4. Use a line measuring instrument to measure whether the network cable is unobstructed. 5. You can take the controller to the computer and test the communication in a LAN. Ensure that the computer and access controller are free of problems. The above is the solution to the non communication fault of the two devices, and the following is the solution to the electric lock fault. Electric lock fault 3: the electric plug-in lock is not locked. The solution steps are as follows: 1. First check whether the wiring is correct. 2. Use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage at both ends of the electric plug-in lock is above 11.5V. 3. Check whether the magnetic sheet of the electric plug-in lock is magnetic or misaligned. 4. If the above methods fail, return the lock to inspection and maintenance. Electric lock fault 4: the electromagnetic lock is not locked or the suction is insufficient. The solution steps are as follows: 1. Check whether the wiring is correct. 2. Measure whether the voltage at both ends of the electric lock is above 11.5V. 3. Check whether the contact between the lock body and the suction sheet is complete and sufficient. The fixing nut of the lower suction sheet can be slightly adjusted to make the suction sheet have a certain movable space. Electric lock fault 5: the electric plug-in lock or electromagnetic lock is not locked for a long time. The solution steps are as follows: 1. First check the door opening delay setting of the access control. Generally, the door opening delay is set within 6 seconds. At the same time, the delay can be adjusted appropriately according to the speed of the door closer to ensure that the delay is longer than the door closing time of the door closer. 2. Online access control delay adjustment method: A. set the door opening delay on the software. b. Adjust the delay knob of the locking power supply. c. Adjust the time-delay jumper on the side of the electric plug-in lock. (see instructions for details).
Application of Taigewang Intelligent Parking Lot System in Scenic Spots_ Taigewang Technology
Application of Taigewang Intelligent Parking Lot System in Scenic Spots_ Taigewang Technology
Every holiday, the scenic spot will show the phenomenon of overcrowding and many cars in the parking lot. As a key scenic spot, how to plan the construction of the parking lot to meet the needs of tourists to the greatest extent? Taigewang intelligent parking lot system is specially equipped with license plate recognition, parking space guidance, reverse car search and other functions for the parking lot, so that car owners no longer have to worry about not finding a parking space or a car. Nanyang Neixiang County Yamen, as a famous scenic spot in China, has ignited the travel enthusiasm of domestic tourists. In order to meet the parking needs of tourists, the intelligent parking lot in the scenic spot is divided into aboveground truck parking lot and underground two-story car parking lot. There are 500 parking spaces, which are divided into four parking areas a, B, C and D. the parking lot adopts a new intelligent full video parking system, When the parking lot enters the parking lot, the display screen at the entrance displays the total parking space and remaining parking space of the parking lot, accurately takes photos after the vehicles enter, and records the license plate number and mobilization time. When the parking lot is parked in the parking spaces in areas a, B, C and D, when the parking lot inspection system detects that there are vehicles parked on the parking lot, the parking lot indicator light will display different colors, The parking system will also immediately record the location of the vehicle. When the owner returns to the parking lot after visiting the scenic spot and can't find the parking position of his vehicle, the owner can input the license plate number by means of query machine in the parking lot or scanning QR code, so as to quickly see the photos of the vehicle and its location, and provide the optimal walking route; When the vehicle drives out of the exit, with the help of the high-definition camera of the license plate recognition system, the system will automatically check the parking information and payment information, and quickly release the vehicles that do not need to pay. Convenient and high-quality travel services make tourists feel the pleasure of tourism.
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