Application of Face Recognition Technology in the Field of Consumption and Life_ Taigewang Technolog

Face recognition is a research topic with both scientific research value and broad application prospects. With the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, face recognition technology is ushering in the popularity of application and promoting changes in many fields. Now, face recognition technology is gradually applied to the field of consumption and life. Some time ago in the field of consumption, Taobao launched an unmanned supermarket that uses face recognition technology to collect and pay. Consumers can experience a new way of shopping in the store. When consumers enter the unmanned supermarket, face information, payment information and identity information will be bound together. After selecting goods, they can leave the supermarket from the special consumption settlement channel, Subsequently, no supermarket can automatically settle the commodities purchased by consumers by using face recognition, image recognition and smart price tags, which will automatically deduct money from the binding Alipay account and realize the settlement without sense. Educational life field & lsquo; Substitute class & rsquo;, Skipping classes is a frequent phenomenon in many universities. Introducing face recognition technology into university campuses can scan students in class and find cars efficiently & lsquo; Substitute class & rsquo;, In addition, face recognition technology can help teachers understand students' learning and adjust teaching methods, because face recognition can recognize students' facial expressions and record students' learning status. At present, it has become a general trend to introduce face recognition technology into the campus. Face recognition technology is introduced into the classroom to recognize students' facial expressions, Recording students' learning status will better help teachers understand students' learning situation, so as to adjust the teaching rhythm in time. In major examinations, face recognition technology can also be used to confirm the identity of candidates to prevent bad phenomena such as false certificate examination and substitute examination.

Application of Face Recognition Technology in the Field of Consumption and Life_ Taigewang Technolog 1

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