TGW 全自動駐車誘導システムは、インテリジェントレベルセンサーと識別センサーを統合した自動駐車場管理システムです。これには、インテリジェント車両誘導システム、対テロ防衛システム、およびインテリジェント車両誘導システムなどの一連の安全警告および統計制御システムが含まれています。遠隔監視システム。 人間の介入なしに、車両を駐車場の正しい位置に自動的に誘導します。  これにより、時間を節約し、精度を確保できます。 さらに、暗号化された測位システムにより、大量に車を紛失した場合でも、大騒ぎせずに車を案内してくれます。

超音波駐車誘導カーセンサー 駐車場センサーシステム
超音波駐車誘導カーセンサー 駐車場センサーシステム
駐車誘導システム(PGS) 駐車スペース監視 超音波センサー 駐車スペースインジケーター
駐車誘導システムは、車両が目的の駐車スペースにスムーズに入るように誘導できる表示システムです。 一般的に言えば、駐車場の空いている駐車スペースに車両を誘導するインテリジェントな駐車誘導システムを指します。 検知器が駐車スペースを検知し、表示画面に空き駐車スペース情報を表示します。 ドライバーはこの情報を使用して簡単な駐車を実現できます
Parking Equipment
In recent years, a growing number of people are opting for intelligent parking equipment. The technology can help to guide vehicles to the designated parking area, and it can even shut the garage door to maintain a safe environment. It can also improve traffic operation efficiency.
Parking equipments

The Parking Equipment normally include the entrance and exit dispenser, cameras, and its neccessary accessories. The payment machine, barrier also is the parking equipment which plays an importance role in whole solution.

 Parking ticket dispenser
A parking lot ticket dispenser is a machine used to dispense parking tickets.  It is equipped with anti-jamming and lightning protection and offers an optional voice prompt module for an easy and friendly customer interface.
Auto Payment Machine
Auto Payment Machine is called an Auto Pay Station. It supports the cashless system and is customer-friendly, accepting credit card payments.
What Is An Auto Payment Machine?
An Auto Payment Machine is a specially designed business tool used for the automatic collection of parking fees designed to meet the automatic parking fee collection needs of any location. These machines are used to collect parking fees on a monthly or unattended basis. They are highly reliable and offer a host of features and benefits. Tigerwong has an advanced operating system that ensures smooth and secure payment processes.

Auto Payment Machine is the most convenient way to collect parking fees from your customers. These machines come in a compact, modern design and are ideal for car parks and parking garages.  It automatically charges the drivers of the vehicles parked in your parking lot. The automatic payment machines can be customized according to the needs of any customer and can accept cash or cards. These machines are also user-friendly and offer a range of features for a variety of locations. The advanced design of these machines minimizes user errors.
Parking Lot Ticket Dispenser Machine
Parking lot ticket dispensers are a great way to keep your business running smoothly. Ticket Dispenser Machines are vending machines that dispense tickets in a specific format. A parking ticket dispenser is a machine used to dispense parking tickets. This machine features an industrial design, embedded operating system, and pre-dispense function. It has the ability to connect with an IC/ID card reader and vehicle detector. It uses thermal paper, which is stable and economical. 

The ticket dispenser has several features that make it convenient for users. The user simply inserts the card into the machine and prints out the tickets. This type of machine is very easy to use, and the user can control its output.

It is equipped with anti-jamming and lightning protection and offers an optional voice prompt module for an easy and friendly customer interface. Various advanced functions include an embedded system that allows remote access and a convenient voice prompt module.
Parking Equipment Benefits In Daily Uses
Cost reduction. The Parking Equipment minimizes traditional costs and allows for realistic ROI in a shorter timeframe.

Parking control systems are the ease of installation.Automated parking control systems are easy to install and use.

  The car parking equipment is more user-friendly, can save parking space, and ease the difficulty of parking.

Smart parking equipment can make parking lots safer and more environmentally friendly.

  The features and functionality of parking equipment are critical to the success of any parking management project.

Buy intelligent parking equipment with low price and high technology, lower cost than traditional garage
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