TillBilly Bringing the Blockchain to Points of Sale

tl;dr: TillBilly is a terminal that connects to a Point of Sale (POS) terminal enabling shoppers to make payments with the Stellar-native BILL token as well as receive receipts, make us of loyalty/reward programs and promotion tools digitally and directly with a NFC-enabled device of their choice.You have probably heard of similar projects before (blockchain or not) and very likely seen and/or used similar terminals at your local retailers before, so why should you care? Take a look at TillBillys whitepaper (or read this article and take my word for it) and you will see that there are a few things that make this project stand out.

TillBilly  Bringing the Blockchain to Points of Sale 1

This article will explain what TillBilly, what its business proposal is and examine the advantages TillBilly promises as well as the risks that can be associated with it. But first, lets start with a little POS 101.What is a POS and why is it importantIf you know why a POS is extremely important to any retailer, you can very well skip ahead.

This will be a very high level breakdown of POS. Wikipedia states: The point of sale (POS) [or point of purchase (POP)] is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. The POS is where and when money and goods actually change ownership.

For most retailers that usually is the register. However, there is a lot more to the POS (alternatively called Point of Service, Point of Return or the above mentioned POP) than simply the completion of a retail transaction and the POS has increased dramatically in significance for retailers. The rise of sophisticated POS software has led to a variety of ancillary functions that can be performed at a POS: inventory management and warehousing, customer relationship management, bookkeeping, report management, membership and loyalty systems to name just a few.

In addition to that, POS placement and design can have a dramatic influence on a customers purchasing decisions:Traditionally, businesses set up POSs near store exits to increase the rate of impulse purchases as customers leave. However, varying POS locations can give retailers more opportunities to micro-market specific product categories and influence consumers at earlier points in the sales think of your local supermarket and how they usually place snacks, chocolate bars and other small, delicious items close to the check-out in order to trigger you to make impulse purchases. Or if you have kids, to beg you to make said impulse purchases for them.

TillBilly  Bringing the Blockchain to Points of Sale 2

Design, implementation and usage of POSs, POS terminal and software has become a major category of marketing and retail business administration. It is a highly competitive market that is in constant change because of influences from a range of factors such as digitization, changes in consumer behavior, technological advances and cost reduction pressure.Enough POS why should anyone use TillBilly?

Simply put, TillBilly is a little terminal that retailers can add to their existing POS that enables customers to pay for goods and receive receipts through any card, phone or wearable that is able to use NFC technology. It promises to reduce costs for customer and retailer, get rid of paper receipts, improve loyalty/reward systems and offer better promotional experiences.These are some pretty hefty goals with seemingly no drawbacks.

As we know, there cannot only be winners and if the retailer gains and the customer gains, who looses?What is TillBillys business proposal?TillBilly aims to directly compete with the financial services providers that make up the debit card cashless payment network.

A cashless payment usually involves banks (on the customer and the retailer side), a payment system provider and depending on the system, card data acquirers/processors. Simplified it looks a little like figure 1:In this example, a customer pays $100 in a store to buy a good of her choice. Using a 2% transaction fee (in reality, transaction fees are usually around 1.

% 3. 5% depending on service and country), the merchant only receives $98, the other $2 are used to pay the service providers. This is where TillBilly comes into play and leveraging the Stellar ecosystem, the goal is to make the transaction look like figure 2:As you can see, in this example not only does the retailer get to keep $99 instead of $98 (or 1% more), the customer receives credit that can be redeemed within the next transaction.

What this picture obscures a little is the fact that of course the banks still exist and participate on both transaction sides. To pick up the thought from the previous paragraph, talking strictly of the monetary perspective now, the retailer gains in the form of lower transaction fees and the customer gains from ultimately paying less because of a cashback system. The market players that lose are the traditional payment system participants.

How does TillBilly work?The simple answer: magical blockchain technology. Generally speaking, this was more or less the original motivation behind Bitcoin and blockchain as a whole: to enable a transaction between to two entities without a trusted third party involved.

Now you will correctly say: wait a minute, TillBilly IS a third party and they ARE taking money out of the transaction. That is 100% true. Their proposal is not to get rid of financial transaction systems but to use blockchain technology to create a cheaper, better system.

Figure 3 shows us how our $100 example purchase would be processed through TillBilly:In order to be able to use TillBilly, the future customer (lets call her Allison, I am tired of Alice doing all the fun things) needs to first top up her account through the TillBilly app that is linked to her bank account. This is where blockchain technology comes in.Opening a TillBilly account opens a twin TillBilly Stellar account.

TillBilly decided to build its transaction system on a two asset model, meaning that there are actually two cryptocurrencies (this time in the literal sense) in play.First, there a token called a fixed value credit asset, which will be used for TillBilly operations. Fixed value means that it will always have the same the same exchange rate (e.

g. $1 = 1 USDC). Credit asset stems from the Stellar concept of trustlines which states that when you hold assets in Stellar, youre actually holding credit from a particular issuer.

Basically, you trust TillBilly to redeem 1 USDC credit asset for $1 and vice versa. In our example that means that Allison tops up her TillBilly account with $100 and receives 100 USDC. The second asset is the aptly named BILL token.

BILL is the currency that the transaction will ultimately be settled in. Allison decides to make a purchase using a TillBilly terminal for $100 USD and the behind-the-scenes transaction process gets into gear. Through the retailers terminal, Allisons purchase has triggered a sell order for 100 USDC on the Stellar own decentralized exchange buying the an amount of BILLS (in our example the exchange rate is 2:1, ergo Allison receives 200 BILLs).

Simultaneously, a buy order for 100 USDC is triggered in behalf of TillBilly, effectively selling Allison the 200 BILLs required. Allison receives the BILLs onto her TillBilly account which are transferred back to TillBilly, thereby settling the transaction. At a decided upon point during the day, the retailers bank account is settled with the USD equivalent from TillBilly.

Similar to the traditional transaction system, the retailer will NOT receive the full $100 that Allison is paying. TillBilly keeps $1 (or 1%) of the transaction as a fee, the retailer will receive $99 of Allisons $100 and Allison will receive $0. 5 worth of USDC back from TillBilly.

That credit can then be used for her next purchase.To stay in out example, Allison puts the good(s) on the counter, the clerk scans the item(s) and tells her that she needs to pay a sum of $100. Allison takes out her device, holds it close to the TillBilly terminal (which will probably light up green for confirmation) and thats it.

Allison receives her receipt on her phone and has just made a purchase using cryptocurrency.This sounds complicated why does TillBilly need two token?With the explained two token model, TillBilly tries to address two central issues regarding cryptocurrencies as a method of payment: FIAT conversion and price volatility.

Even if you already have an account from a FIAT gateway, acquiring cryptocurrency is a lengthy process that can be complicated for non-technically inclined users (at least in May 2018). There are always instant purchasing option e.g.

through credit cards but these options are usually plagued by high fees/bad rates.Regarding price volatility, the by now famous story of Laszlo Hanyecz buying 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC back in 2010 (which celebrates its anniversary at the time of writing) is a widely know cautionary tale of how todays pizza can be tomorrows mansion. TillBilly cannot take away the bank participation (most of us do have a bank account after all, which we use for the majority of our transactions) in order to receive cryptocurrency.

However, since Allison has linked her bank account with the TillBilly app, all it takes is a literal tap of a button. In addition to that she knows (trusts) that 1$ will always be worth 1 USDC, i. e.

that the $1 she has topped up her account with will always keep its 1$ purchasing power.Furthermore, TillBilly is the only market participant that can buy or sell USDC which are exchanged for BILLs when a transaction is actually happening. That means there is no price volatility is using BILLs because they are only bought to be instantaneously used as a transaction settlement.

No HODLing involved. (unless you really want to, TillBilly has a crypto-pro mode which enables users to buy and sell BILLs as they please).So I can pay using my phone what else does TillBilly offer?

As initially stated, TillBilly enables retailers and customers alike to enjoy a few additional functions. I will not go into a lot of detail here but want to quickly mention them because they paint a holistic shopping experience picture. To fully understand what TillBilly has to offer we need to look at those functions from the customers and the retailers perspective.

Said function are digital receipts, digital loyalty/reward programs and digital promotions (see a pattern here?).Customer perpesctiveDigital receipts are virtually indestructible, always accessible (given you have your device on you) and do not take up physical space.

No more frantic searching various pockets when you are asked do you have the receipt? when trying to return an item. TillBilly enables automated categorization in order to get a structured overview of spending and supposedly enables integration with accounting platform in order speed up filling your taxes.

Digital loyalty/reward programs are virtually indestructible, always accessible (given you have your device on you) and do not take up physical space. No more frantic searching various pockets when you are asked do you have your loyalty card when shopping.Digital promotions can reach you based on your location, time of day, past purchases, etc.

and ideally should only be presented to you when you could (and actually want to) use them. Retailer perspective(These point are additional to the traditional advantages of POS software)Digital receipts do not need to be printed therefore a retailer will simply save money. Potentially there are fewer unsatisfied customers who had had a service be declined because of missing receipts.

Digital loyalty/reward programs have very little setup costs and have a higher rate of adoption/usage because the customer will have the loyalty card with them at all times. Digital promotions are data-driven and personalized thereby promising higher conversion rates as well as a better shopping experience for the customer.Additionally, not printing receipts has one very positive external effect: sustainability.

The paper for receipts does not need to be produced in the first place and receipt waste is reduced. So where is the catch?Every product needs to make trade offs between a variety of factors and TillBilly is no exception.

There are a few things that need to be considered potential drawbacks and risks, most of them for retailers and customers alike.TillBilly is a trusted third party handling your transactions and therefore is just as vulnerable to fraud, manipulation and hacking as other third parties. It uses hardware security modules (a dedicated crypto processor designed for the protection of a crypto key lifecycle), Stellars multisignature mechanism and a multi-factor authentication.

That is a high standard of security but nothing is every fully secure. However, that is mitigated by the fact that users are topping up credit and only using the credit to pay. You need to trust TillBilly that $1 = 1 USDC will always be true.

This can easily stop being true for such trivial reasons as TillBilly going bankrupt. When this happens, you will either loose money using TillBilly ($0

There is a very thin line to walk here because there is a huge incentive to use customers transaction data to provide the above mentioned ancillary functions for retailers (or downright sell the data). TillBilly needs to find a middle way between data protection and data exploitation. The utility of TillBilly is directly correlated with network size.

If you can only pay for healthy cabbage snacks at one store in the shady part of your town, adoption will probably not spread. The best payment system in the world is useless if nobody uses it. Customers need to top up their account WELL BEFORE they go shopping.

Depending on bank and country topping up can take a few days. Therefore, should you have no credit left on your account and you really want those cool 90s shades from the mall, you are stuck with traditional payment methods. There is no mention of a recovery process in the whitepaper.

What happens if your device gets stolen/lost? There probably is a process but as the old saying goes: dont trust, verify.TillBilly has a token constraint mechanism that is designed to constrain the supply of tokens, thus avoiding oversupply of tokens into a network where they cannot be used, and as as consequence severely devaluing the token itself.

The mechanism sounds reasonable and sound but as with many mechanisms and assumptions in crypto it is hard to verify until a certain scale has been reached.ConclussionTillBilly offers a deal that no retailer or customer can decline for long: pay less for doing (mostly) the same as you have always done. Cashless, device-driven payments are increasingly adopted and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

TillBilly significantly lowers the entry barriers to cryptocurrencies, if not even downright takes cryptocurrency out of the visible equation for every day financial transactions between retailers and customers, trying to only leave the positive aspects alive. Additionally, it tries to be more than just a payment method by offering customer relationship functions that seem like a perfect natural fit.Naturally, there are a few risks involved as well including a high amount of trust needed in TillBilly and a significant change in customer behavior by having to top up credit well before the actual transaction takes place.

Blockchain based POSs are here to stay because at the end of the day they lower costs for a heavily cost-driven industry. TillBilly is making strong arguments to be a big player in disrupting the POS market. I am not affiliated with TillBilly.

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The opportunity to pay for goods and services simply by attaching a card or smartphone to a POS terminal the best and most convenient thing that fintech has given us in recent years. Thanks to contactless payment technology, the payment process has become as seamless as possible, faster and more understandable for everyone. Thanks to this the cashless segment is so actively growing in Ukraine, and trading networks are improving the quality of service. During the last 5 years, the payment habit of a Ukrainian has changed fundamentally this is wonderful. Is this the limit in streamlining and optimizing a payment? Of course not. I will try to tell you how the current technology is improving right now. Security improvementsEverything is obvious here the more popular the payment technology, the more attempts to crack it. PIN-code has long ceased to be the most reliable way to protect against fraud, and now we see how the payment security technologies are developing as hard as the payment technologies themselves.The most understandable and actively used solution is biometrics. Touch ID, Face ID and their analogues are used for payments in mobile wallets from Apple and Google, and in online commerce thanks to them. This payment confirmation has become widespread. But this doesnt mean it can not be finalized. The most promising technology here is heartbeat authentication, with which several startups are working right now. It is connected with wearable devices but Ill talk about them a bit later.Nevertheless, they also work on the card products themselves the plastic doesnt disappear anywhere, but becomes more and more functional. For example, the upcoming Apple Card: there are no designations on it (card number, CVV code or expiration date). For security reasons, this information is not disclosed even to the cardholder. On a physical map, the number is encoded in a magnetic stripe. In addition, international payment systems are working on a card with built-in fingerprint sensors at the same time, reliable digital identification systems are created on the basis of the blockchain, which temporarily give the business access to an individual payment identifier at the clients request. Simply put, the merchant no longer sends all billing information.Wearable devices focus23 years ago, everyone said that payments would move from card to phone (which partly happened), now there is a real boom in payments on wearable devices. Naturally, the trend began with Apple Watch, in which payments are possible through Apple Pay. With the development of analogues on Android, the technology went to the masses especially when Xiaomi added NFC technology to its Mi Band fitness bracelets (from the gen 3 model).Payment from such devices works in conjunction with a smartphone, which, of course, is more convenient and involves risks of data protection and identification. Now the NFC-practice pay with watch finds its application in rings, keys and, accordingly, new methods of protection . As I said, heartbeat identification is the most promising method.QR codesIt is a little offtopic, but I will still say about QR codes, which have already begun to introduce as an alternative to contactless payments in Ukraine. The main reason is the desire to reach customers who dont have an NFC-module in the smartphone, but have a camera in it. One-time QR generated at a terminal is an excellent protection in which data is encrypted. What stresses QR payments the most is the instantaneousness and low cost of infrastructure deployment. Protection here doesnt require hardware capacity, but only software, as it is, for example, in Chinese WeChat Pay RELATED QUESTION Can a .5 inch steel pipe be used as the barrel of a muzzleloader musket? Generally speaking no. Most Pipe is welded. A rod is pounded lay flat into a bar and that is rolled into a tube. The tube is welded down Itu2019s length making it water tight. Most pipe is good to a couple hundred PSI. A black powder barrel needs to withstand 30,000 psi. Also notice the walls of a bp barrel are 3/8 thick chromoly steel. Itu2019s very strong. Much more so than steel used to make water or gas pipe. Can a . 5 inch steel pipe be used as the barrel of a muzzleloader musket?Can a 0.5 inch steel pipe be used as the barrel of a muzzleloader musket?
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How to Choose the Right Point of Sale Terminal
Investing in good merchant processing services is a no-brainer, regardless of what kind of business youre in charge of. Studies show that companies that accept credit card payments get 22 percent more sales than companies that dont. Accepting credit cards also opens up the door to a wider range of customers, not to mention easier business management possibilities. By getting merchant services for your company, youre doing your company a huge favor. However, getting credit card processing is only half the battle. To truly reap your best profits, you will need to choose the right point of sale terminal for your companys structure. At Slice, we understand how big of a decision this is for entrepreneurs. Thats why we suggest using this terminal selection guide to help you figure out which Clover terminal is right for you. Take a look at each terminal, and you will probably find the right choice to become obvious. The Clover MiniThe Clover Mini is a beautiful little device thats perfect for new retail stores, companies that are tight on space, as well as companies that travel from place to place. This petite, space-saving device offers full POS functionality anywhere that there is wi-fi.A Clover Mini in your arsenal means that you getThe ability to accept virtually any paymentComplete access to the Clover app marketplaceEMV-ready hardware with a QR code reader4-hour battery lifeA built-in receipt printerMobile portability with wi-fi compatibilityA fully mobile designMost new companies love the Clover Mini because its incredibly cost-effective. The Clover FlexIf you are ready to graduate to a bigger terminal with a little more stability, but still arent ready for a full desk terminal, you might be a better candidate for the Clover Flex. This middle-of-the-road terminal offers the best of both worlds in terms of mobility and display potential.A Clover Flex in your arsenal means that you getThe ability to accept virtually any paymentComplete access to the Clover app marketplaceA terminal that can work with most Clover apps8-hour battery lifeEMV-ready hardware with a QR code readerA built-in receipt printerMobile portability with wi-fi compatibilityA fully mobile design that can convert to a desktop version if necessaryThis hybrid model is ideal for companies that might want to go on the road once in a while, but still, have a stationary store most of the time. The Clover StationIs your store or retail center the place where all your business takes place? Do you feel like you need a point of sale terminal system that can do more than just accept payments and schedule employees? You might be better suited for the Clover Workstation, one of the best terminals for highly established companies on the market.A Clover Station your arsenal means that you getThe ability to accept virtually any paymentComplete access to the Clover app marketplaceThe ability to run multiple apps at the same timeEMV-ready hardware with a QR code readerA built-in receipt printerWi-fi compatibilityThe Clover Station is the pinnacle of functionality, and if you want a point of sale that does it all, this is it. Those who get it agree its worth every penny. RELATED QUESTION How has lawn tennis changed in the past 3 decades? The pattern of tennis has changed the same way as a teen grows into an adult. In other words, the world of tennis has changed immeasurably in terms of racquets, commercialization of the sport, courts, dressing codes etcIn the early 1980u2019s the sport witnessed some of the legends such as Joe McEnroe, Bjorn Borg etc so have you ever notice the dressing code? They all wore shorts but tight, lose shirts, long juggling hair, or even cool head bands which by the way is still worn by many. But eventually after tremendous research it was concluded that the tight shorts makes your movement immobile on the court. So now youu2019ll see that the shorts are loose fitting to make them agile. Long haircuts have turned short, women are wearing outfits that suit their needs which was restricted in the previous decades.Now, letu2019s move onto the racquet section. Earlier balls were thrashed with wooden racquets but now this is not the case. Graphite and composite materials constructs the modern racquets. This boosts up the power and since the racquets are literally like feather when compared to the former ones, that gives more balance to the wrists and game. Power and u201cflawlessu201d game is the trend of todayu2019s world. Just like Djokovic or Federer, they are poised and command a great control over the court thumping the ball over the baseline with a blend of top spin maybe. Axiomatic are the unbelievable changes in the gut strings of the racquets and the architecture of the racquet itself. The framesu2019s width has burgeoned and the strings are usually made of cowu2019s meat which topples the ball at a greater height but obviously the surface of the court matters as well which iu2019ll discuss later.The syndication of the sport has changed but in a stagnant fashion. The sport is still revered by all the strata of the society but the poor. The ticket cost is high rather pretty high if you consider all the grand slams. The ATP tours however is still manageable by the lower middle class. The branding as I said is noticeably less when compared to other sports. However the prize money has augmented exponentially over these decades and the status of the women has grown immeasurably.The surface of the courts has arrested the speed of the ball but the forceful forehand shots or backhand gives a better direction to the ball and its technique. The earlier games if you had noticed was fast and less gripping but with time the rallies have turned longer, the players have to run all the way down to the net to hit the ball because of the time lag provided by the same. Spin as I said earlier is ubiquitous these days. Hawk-eye technologyu2019s subtlety has drastically changed the outcomes of many gripping or rather nail biting games. The gusto with which statistics are analysed has helped the players to build themselves well for the upcoming matches. The strength and the weakness of the players are not pre conceived as was the case earlier but is quite ubiquitous.Thank you for A2A!Source-How Tennis Has Changed Over The Last 30 YearsHow has lawn tennis changed in the past 3 decades?How has lawn tennis changed in the past 3 decades ?
Gua De Uso Para Ledger Wallet En Cosmos (desde La Terminal De Linux):
Gua De Uso Para Ledger Wallet En Cosmos (desde La Terminal De Linux):
Esta gua es para configurar la Ledger wallet para su uso con Cosmos, la configuracin est realizada con Ubuntu 18.04LTS.En Linux podemos tener problemas de conexin con el cable USB, si es as aqu estn los pasos explicados en la pgina web de Ledger.Nos movemos por el men en la Ledger con los dos botones, si presionamos ambos a la vez confirmamos, y con uno de ellos nos desplazamos por el men. El primer paso es dirigirnos a la web de Ledger para descargar su App, en mi caso elijo Linux, tambin hay aplicaciones para Windows, Mac OS, IOS y Android.Una vez que hemos hecho click en el enlace nos descarga un archivo llamadoledger-live-desktop-1.9.1-linux-x86_64.AppImage(AppImage es un paquete similar a las aplicaciones portables de Windows. As que un programa con AppImage no se instala sino que se ejecuta y para ello no necesitaremos utilizar los permisos de administrador).Abrimos una terminal en la carpeta en la cual se haya descargado la App y le damos permisos de ejecucin:$ chmod ax ledger-live-desktop-1.9.1-linux-x86_64.AppImageDespus, simplemente tenemos que hacer doble clic en el icono para ejecutar la aplicacin. Una vez abierta, nos sale el mensaje de bienvenida con un botn para empezar (Get started) en el que haremos clic.Aparecer otro mensaje preguntando qu queremos hacer, una configuracin inicial, restaurar Para el ejemplo vamos a hacer una instalacin como un dispositivo nuevo, as que hacemos clic en Initialize as new deviceSeleccionamos el tipo de dispositivo que tenemos, en mi caso Ledger Nano SEn este paso debemos conectar la Ledger al PC, y presionar los dos botones a la vez para empezar.Nos pregunta si queremos configurarlo como un nuevo dispositivo, presionamos el botn de la derecha. En el siguiente paso debemos elegir un pin para desbloquear la Ledger, para ello presionamos los dos botones, e introducimos 8 nmeros.Saldr un aviso para recordar que debemos copiar nuestras 24 palabras de recuperacin, este paso es importante, debemos copiar muy bien nuestras palabras para no tener problemas en un futuro.Una vez que hemos copiado las 24 palabras la Ledger nos pregunta para confirmar las palabras de recuperacin, presionamos los dos botones. En el siguiente paso ir preguntando por las palabras y debemos seleccionar las que nos haya mostrado en el paso anterior.Cuando finalizamos la Ledger avisar que nuestro dispositivo est listo.Presionamos los dos botones para confirmar y veremos el primer men de la Ledger, desde este paso podemos continuar en el ordenador, nos har unas preguntas y comprobar que la Ledger sea un dispositivo original. Hacemos clic en Check now para realizar la comprobacin de que es original y en el dispositivo tendremos que presionar el botn derecho para confirmar.Despus introducimos una contrasea para evitar el acceso desde el ordenador y hacemos clic en Continue.El siguiente paso es para compartir datos annimos (o no, quien sabe). Como muestra ya tenemos nuestro dispositivo listo para usarlo, ahora podemos hacer clic en Open Ledger LiveLa primera vez que iniciamos el dispositivo aparece un men, en la parte izquierda seleccionamos Manager, comprobamos que el firmware del dispositivo est en su ltima versin.Necesitamos tener instalado en el ordenador gaiacli, en la terminal escribimos:$ gaiacli version -longDebera mostrar lo siguiente (cuando se escribe esta gua es la ltima versin estable):Instalando la App de Cosmos en nuestra Ledger:Para poder ver la Aplicacin de Cosmos en la Ledger debemos hacer clic en el icono del engranaje de arriba a la derecha, despus seleccionamos Experimental features y marcamos Developer modeUna vez en el men Manager buscamos Cosmos, en mi caso voy a elegir la ltima versin (1.5.0), y hacemos clic en Install:Cuando ha finalizado nos aparece un mensaje en la pantalla del ordenador, podemos apreciar en la pantalla de la Ledger que ya aparece Cosmos y su logo. Dejamos conectada la Ledger y abrimos la App de cosmos.En la terminal de nuestro ordenador, escribiremos los siguientes comandos para aadir una nueva wallet de Cosmos en nuestra Ledger (sustituir wimel por el nombre que queris darle a vuestra wallet):$ gaiacli keys add wimel -ledgerEn la Ledger nos aparece un mensaje de aviso para aceptar la cuenta creada, presionamos el botn derecho de la Ledger para confirmar y nos crea la wallet.Comprobamos que la wallet se ha creado correctamente escribiendo en la terminal:$ gaiacli keys listConfigurando la conexin con un nodo de Cosmos:Configuramos gaiacli para usarlo, bien con nuestro nodo o con un nodo de terceros. Podemos seleccionar nuestro ordenador como nodo principal o usar un nodo externo, en el ejemplo vamos a usar el nodo de DelegaNetworks.Para configurar nuestro nodo como principal:$ gaiacli config node tcp://localhost:26657Para configurar un nodo externo:$ gaiacli config node que gaiacli recuerde la cadena actual de Cosmos (actualmente cosmoshub-2), escribiendo en la terminal:$ gaiacli config chain-id cosmoshub-2Comprobamos que nuestra wallet existe y tiene fondos con el comando (sustituye por la tuya):$ gaiacli query account Haciendo una transaccin desde la Ledger:Comprobamos las wallets importadas en nuestro ordenador con el siguiente comando:$ gaiacli keys listLa transaccin se realiza con el siguiente comando, tendremos que aceptar la transaccin en la Ledger:$ gaiacli tx send cosmos14maa2kdtcdctlhl32cfszv3ypwswuup47Xgd57 500000uatom --memo=FirstHowTo --chain-id=cosmoshub-2 --from=cosmos16jg9hvs45jvzdys7py64y4ydlzylakmqjnrwjk --fees=5000uatomPero vamos a explicar ese comando para entender cada uno de los parmetros:=> gaiacli tx send cosmos14maa2kdtcdcCon este comando usamos gaiacli para hacer la transaccin, despus de l, aadimos la wallet a la cual queremos enviar los fondos (el destino) en nuestro caso cosmos14maa2=> 500000uatomLa cantidad de ATOMs que queremos enviar, cabe recordar que 1ATOM es igual a 1,000,000UATOMs. => memo=FirstHowToEl campo MEMO sirve para aadir informacin en la transaccin, sta informacin quedar registrada en la blockchain.=> chain-id=cosmoshub-2Este indica en la red que queremos hacer la transaccin.=> from=cosmos16jg9hvs55jvLa wallet desde la que realizamos la transaccin. => fees=5000uatomEl FEE (la comisin) que queremos pagar por la transaccin (podemos modificarlo).Delegando fondos con nuestra Ledger:Cuando se hace una delegacin (stake) el validador no tiene ningn poder sobre esos fondos.Las delegaciones bloquean los fondos por un mnimo de 3 semanas, para poder hacer uso de los fondos tenemos que liberar los fondos (unbond). La transaccin para delegar fondos se hace escribiendo lo siguiente en la terminal:$ gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper1uutuwrwt3z2a5z8z3uasml3rftlpmu25aga5c6 400000uatom --from=wimelComo antes vamos a explicar la transaccin:=> gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper1uutuwCon este comando usamos gaiacli para delegar nuestros fondos, seguido de la address del validador, en nuestro caso cosmosvaloper1uutu=> 400000uatomCantidad que queremos delegar (como antes en UATOMs)=> from=wimelDesde la wallet que queremos hacer la transaccin.Obteniendo las recompensas de nuestra delegacin:Obtenemos las recompensas de nuestra delegacin con el siguiente comando:$ gaiacli tx distr withdraw-all-rewards --from=wimelExpliquemos la transaccin:=> gaiacli tx distr withdraw-all-rewardsUsamos gaiacli para obtener toda nuestra recompensa.=> from=wimelLa wallet creada/importada en nuestro ordenador desde la qu realizamos la delegacin. Como liberar (unbond) los fondos de nuestra delegacin (Stake):Una vez que hemos delegado (o realizado el stake) nuestros fondos permanecen bloqueados por un mnimo de 3 semanas, para poder mover esos fondos tenemos que liberarlos.Realizamos la transaccin con el siguiente comando:$ gaiacli tx staking unbond cosmosvaloper1uutuwrwt3z2a5z8z3uasml3rftlpmu25aga5c6 400000uatom --from=wimelComo antes vamos a explicar que hemos hecho:=> gaiacli tx staking unbond cosmosvaloper1uutuwrUsamos gaiacli para liberar (unbond) nuestros fondos, seguidos de la address del validador cosmosvaloper1uutuwr.=> 400000uatomLa cantidad que queremos liberar (como antes 1ATOM=1,000,000UATOMs)=> from=wimelLa wallet desde la que hicimos la delegacin (stake)Espero que esta gua les sirva de ayuda. RELATED QUESTION What is the use of tube in a cycle tyre? How are tubeless tires made? I am just giving the answer of how are tubeless tires made?There are two major constructional difference between inner tube tire and tubeless tire .Some Rubber allows gasses to move through them More or less easily. This is known as permeability of Rubber to gases. Butyl rubber vulcanizates gives excellent impermeable property to gases. That's why an inner tube made from butyl rubber is used along with non tubeless tire.In case of tubeless tire,The inner tube is integral within the tire known as inner liner. Generally inner liner layer of tire is made from Bromo butyl or Halo butyl rubber.Tire bead is the pert of the tire that contacts the rim on the wheel .The bead is typically reinforced with steel wire and compounded of high strength ,low flexibility rubber. Bead seats tightly against the two rim flange on the wheel.Bead alsoprevents circumferential movement of tire .In case of tubeless tire special care is taken for bead design to make bead and rim fittings u2018airtight'Tubeless tires have continuous ribs molded integrally in to the bead of the tire so that they are forced by the pressure of the air inside the tire to seal with the flanges of the metal rim of the wheel. This ensure that a tubeless tire holds air without leakage.What is the use of tube in a cycle tyre? How are tubeless tires made?
Global Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal Market
Global Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal Market
According to a research report published by Azoth Analytics in June 2019, the Global Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal Market was valued at USD 64038.11 million the year 2018. Globally, the market for POS terminal has been growing at a swift pace on the back of escalating focus of manufacturers to adapt to latest market trend and incorporating POS systems that help in providing convenience of payment to customers in major economies of the world such as China, Germany, US, India, South Korea, France among others supported by changing preferences of consumers to shop online rather than going to offline markets with growing smooth access of internet and increasing penetration of smart phones globally.The Azoth Analytics research report titled Global Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal Market has analysed and segmented the Point of Sale (POS) Terminal Market by Value (USD Million). The report has also further analysed the Point of Sale (POS) Terminal Market By Product Type (Fixed and Wireless/Mobile), By Component Type (Hardware and Software) and By Applications (Retail, Healthcare, Restaurant, Hospitality and Others). The Global Point of Sale (POS) Terminal Market has been analysed By Region (North America, Europe, APAC, ROW) and By Country (US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Italy, China, Japan, India, South Korea) for the historical period of 20142018 and the forecast period of 20192024.Global Point of Sale (POS) Terminal market is primarily driven by growing urbanization and major initiatives taken by government in developing countries and implementing various policies and providing various offers on cashless transactions in order to attain complete digitalization backed with relaxed FDI policies so as to attract investments in the region. All these factors are driving a considerable growth in the market for Global POS Market during the period.Fixed POS, Hardware POS systems and Retail Industry, under their respective segments, have been witnessing growth at a notable rate over the past few years as major global leaders such as Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, are investing in Ecommerce industry and online market place supported by increasing consumer disposable income and burgeoning demand for multi-functional POS systems that can perform various applications other than just accepting payments. These factors are fuelling the Global POS Market during the period. Amongst the regions, Asia Pacific accounts for the largest regional share in the Global POS market in 2019. Key factors driving the robust growth rate of Asia Pacific region include escalating adoption of POS that run on latest technology by retailers supported by major economies of the region such as India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, are experiencing rapid urbanization, improving infrastructure, relatively young population and rising per capita income, which has been anticipated to accelerate the POS market growth during the coming years RELATED QUESTION What is the problem we found in LiFi? LiFi is the concept mostly thought for the hospitals and other medical facilities for to the lack of EMI with the sensitive medical equipment.LiFi was offered several times to use the broader carriers frequencies in the near infrared light spectrum around 900nm or so, instead of the 2.4 or 5 GHz as in regular Wi-Fi.The idea was also to built in the LiFi transievers into the LED light bulbs. All the attempts did actually fail. The reason is obvious - blocking the light path with the non-transparent objects, including the human bodies, thus making impossible to keep the stable data transmission links.What is the problem we found in LiFi?
Smart POS Terminals Technological Advantages
Smart POS Terminals Technological Advantages
Everything that we use in our business from manpower to the equipment, we aspire for it to be of superior quality. And for this purpose, we take extraordinary measures to consider the pros and cons of each product and service. From the lighting that we use in the offline stores to the machines that are used for production, every element that is used in the business operations is given a deep thought. Hence, from this logic, the benefits of using a smart POS terminal should be highlighted too, shouldnt they?Well, if you ask us, then we believe that they should. This is so because if you will study the benefits of using the smart POS terminal carefully, then you would know about all of its advantages. This will enable you to make the optimum utilisation of the device, which, in turn, will aid you in enhancing your business. So, if you are interested in this feat, and you would like to know more about the Smart POS terminal, then you have come to the right place. Hence go, let us now begin the lesson!What are the benefits of using smart POS terminals, and why are they called smart?The list of advantages include: It could accept all payment typesThe Smart POS terminal device is designed to accept all the card payment types like conduct less payment, swipe payments, and also the chip in pin payments. This proves beneficial when you are using this device for payment acceptance in a store or restaurant. It can scan QR or bar codes. A Smart android POS terminal is more than just a tool to accept payments. It is much more. The smart POS terminal comes with a camera, and with this device, it is possible to scan codes. So, if you are a cashier who has just made a sale and you want to scan the QR or bar code, then with the smart POS device doing so is possible and very much comfortable. It solves connectivity issues. Today almost all the smartphones come with dual SIM functionality, and so does the Smart POS terminal. The Smart POS device has a space for dual SIM cards at its back end where you can insert two SIM cards in order to have access to better and more stable connectivity. This helps you in ensuring a smooth payment process. It has essential accessories. This device comes with a camera that can aid with facial recognition of staff members, and it also has a fast processing printer to print receipts. Along with these two accessories, a Smart POS terminal also comes with a long-lasting battery that is supposed to provide service for at least 24 hours. It could embed a scanner.The Smart POS machine can be embedded with a scanner using which the merchant can allow payments with fingerprint authorisation or if you need to have an additional security feature, then you can also use this feature to authorise employees. So, these are some of the benefits of using the smart POS terminal device that makes it unique and perfect for use from a business point of view RELATED QUESTION How does 2018 look like for the healthcare technology industry? Based on end user the market is segmented into surgical centers, hospitals, clinics, Clinical Research Organizations (CRO), research and diagnostics laboratories and government and defense institutions.The Clinical Research Organization (CRO) end user section is foreseen to develop at the highest CAGR amid the estimate time frame as it renders support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries in the form of research services.Furthermore, it also supports universities, research institutes and government organizations. The hospitals, surgical centers, and clinics section is anticipated to be the biggest market in 2017, as this segment is needed for the efficient management of patients, medical equipment and employees.The IoT Healthcare market was worth USD 18.49 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach approximately USD 206. 71 billion by 2023, while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.76% during the forecast period
Recording Substantial Adoption in Full-service Restaurants (FSR)
Recording Substantial Adoption in Full-service Restaurants (FSR)
The unprecedented growth of global restaurant market share is evident from the rising adoption of advanced payment solutions in various application segments such as quick service restaurants (QSR), full-service restaurants (FSR), among others.Improving economic conditions, a rapid increase in the number of employed people is propelling the need for fast and readily available food options. There has been a rise in the total number of food outlets across the globe serving different kinds of food to the customers. The key benefits of deploying a restaurant POS terminal include effective management of labor, correctly tracked sales, stronger business reports, improved security, hassle-free transactions and reduced customer waiting queues.Modern-day point of sale software is changing the face of restaurant industry owing to the level of service it enables a business to offer. With the deployment of latest technologies restaurants can develop a culture that is built on quality service, influencing restaurant market trends. Evolution of fine dine restaurantsFull-Service Restaurant or FSR is an establishment with a considerably broad menu along with tables, counters and a wait staff. These establishments provide snacks and meals for immediate consumption primarily on-premise, though they offer takeout service as well. Various segment types include fine dining, casual dining, family-style and upscale dining. Increasing disposable income among people and the demand to try different food items, along with the demand for improved ambiance is driving the preference for fine-dine restaurants. A digitalized payment terminal is required for fine dining restaurants to facilitate smooth functioning as well as to offer quick payment solutions to customers.Frequent product enhancementsIndustry players are targeting restaurants with a huge customer base, where the need for effective sales and inventory management solutions is necessary. Restaurant POS terminal providers render advanced solutions that are customizable based on the operation of the restaurant. It helps the food outlets to manage their payments, sales, and stocks using a single solution, reducing the cost of installing various systems.Key market players include PAR Technology, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. , Micros Systems and Toshiba Corporation, among various others. Constant product developments are a major factor supporting the development in restaurant point of sale terminals.For instance, Tillpoint- a U.K. based software company developed a multi-award winning ePOS and Business Management system for restaurants. The platform comprises of a wide range of more than 25 included apps that allows the restaurant to run all the areas of business from a centralized, affordable and a complete all-in-one network solution.Prominent features of the completely scalable POS technology include table management, table reservation, menu management, kitchen display system, staff management, timesheet, and tableside ordering, and numerous others.Rising urbanization in Asia PacificAn evident rise in urbanization in emerging economies in Asia Pacific is leading to an unprecedented rise in the number of restaurant outlets. Various regulations have been established by the governments in these countries regarding the use of cashless technologies to eliminate cash handling costs, reduce risks and to facilitate easy management of information.The digital India initiative launched by the Government of India with an aim to transform the payment preferences towards cashless, transparent and paperless solutions is one such example. These solutions include POS (Point of Sale) systems, UPI payment, mobile banking, internet banking, bank credit, and debit cards, among others. Highly appreciable efforts undertaken by major companies to introduce advanced solutions to the mainstream food market have accelerated the commercialization potential of restaurant RELATED QUESTION What are the features of a TEE type strainer? The T-type filter has a lightweight body design, which can provide a larger open screen area, which has high resistance to corrosion and freezing damage.The holder design of the T-type filter simplifies maintenance because the holder can be easily held in place by a stainless steel fixing wire through the drain connection. Simply remove the screen with pliers and it can be easily cleaned or replaced. Here are the Features of T Type Strainer -u2022tLow weightu2022tCompact sizeu2022tBottom plug for waste disposalu2022tLow filtration areau2022tMade out of Forged Tee and FlangesWhat are the features of a TEE type strainer?
Pundi X Successfully Completed Its Integration Support for Verifone X990 to Enable Crypto Payments i
Pundi X Successfully Completed Its Integration Support for Verifone X990 to Enable Crypto Payments i
Pundi X has successfully completed integration support of its XPOS module on X990 made by US-based Verifone, one of the largest providers of traditional point-of-sale (POS) terminals in the world, to allow a wider network of retailers to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.With this integration, shops and retail outlets using the Verifone X990 with XPOS module activated will now be able to process cryptocurrency payments alongside traditional transactions.The XPOS module enables the Verifone X990 to accept leading cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, KCS, KNC, XEM and NPXS as payment options. Customers may also easily top up or spend cryptocurrencies at any retailer with the Pundi X Verifone X990 installed.Our mission of making blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone has just taken a huge leap forward thanks to our partnership with Verifone, said Zac Cheah, Co-Founder and CEO of Pundi X. With our XPOS software in Verifones POS terminals, consumers will be able to experience safer and more seamless transactions using all major cryptocurrencies. Were excited to work with Pundi X in integrating its innovative technology within our devices, said Yiannos Papadopoulos, Asia Pacific President, Verifone. Having blockchain technology in the X990 will revolutionize how our partner retailers transact with a new generation of customers carrying cryptocurrencies.Seamless crypto transactions as easy as buying bottled waterVeriFone X990 is VeriFones latest Android-based point of sale terminal. Through the XPOS module installed, the Verifone X990 will function just like the XPOS, as all of its features will be installed in the traditional terminals. Consumers with Pundi XPASS cards or the XWallet app will be able to transact with retailers using the X990 just as they would with XPOS partner merchants. The XPOS will automatically provide an exchange rate between fiat and cryptocurrencies during the transaction, making it as seamless as possible for both consumers and merchants. The XPOS integration is an essential step to link the Pundi X payment ecosystem with one of the most extensive payment networks in the world. To have XPOS module in X990 and other upcoming Android-based POS models, merchants will be required to contact their local VeriFone or Pundi X distributors for installation.Verifone consistently ranks among the top distributors and providers of POS solutions. It has shipped over 30 million products, which range from integrated POS systems to countertop and PIN pad devices, to more than 150 countries.About VeriFoneVerifone is transforming everyday transactions into new and engaging opportunities for merchants and consumers at the last inch of payments and commerce. Powered by a growing footprint of more than 35 million devices in more than 150 countries, our people are trusted experts working with the worlds best-known retail brands, financial institutions and payment providers. Verifone is connecting more products to an integrated solutions platform to better meet the evolving needs of our clients and partners. Built on a 38 year history of uncompromised security, we are committed to consistently solving the most complex payment challenges. RELATED QUESTION Which is preferable, marble flooring or vitrified tiles for a ground floor? Marble tiles: Marble is a dense, porous stone with a high water absorption rate. It is a naturally occurring stone formed from calcite, dolomite or limestone. They are used for their visual appeal and glossy look as floor tiles.Vitrified TilesVitrified tile is a ceramic tile with very low porosity. They are often used outdoors due to their water and frost resistance. These tiles are the most sought after floor tiles for bedroom and living room.According to their basic features, Vitrified tiles are more suitable than Marble tiles. Here are a few points on why vitrified tiles are better than marbles.Advantages of Vitrified Tiles Over MarblesVitrified tiles are Time Savers as it takes very less time to lay these floor tiles but installation process for marble is more time consuming and labor intensive.They have more strength and scratch resistance than marble or granite which are more prone to breakage. Marble tiles are also strong but not as strong as Vitrified and are not scratch resistant.Despite their high durability and strength, vitrified tiles are thinner and light in weight. Marble tiles are usually bulky and heavy.Vitrified tiles are non-porous due to which they are totally spill resistant and stain resistant. But marble tends to react very easily with most substances. Marble reacts with even dilute acids causing stains.Vitrified tiles are made by machines in large scale, due to which these tiles are more affordable when compared to marble. The cost of marble, being a naturally occurring material, is more than vitrified tiles.Therefore, it is clear why Vitrified tiles are a better choice for being floor tiles than Marble.Thank you for reading my answer.Source:
CardPointe now Has an Equipment Manager
CardPointe now Has an Equipment Manager
by Taylor HavlischWeve done it again. Added something great to CardPointe. With each update to CardPointe, we add something that will make running your business a little easier.This time, that something is called the Equipment Manager.Its a corner of CardPointe where you can keep track of all the equipment you order to process payments for your business. To get there, just log in to CardPointe and visit the My Account section. You can access the tracking information for your shipments and even make address changes for equipment youve already ordered. Now, pay close attentionthis is also the place where youll go to securely activate your new devices. IMPORTANT NOTE: Dont forget that when you receive your equipment in the mail, you have to activate all devices within your CardPointe account, before you can start using them. This is a security procedure to ensure that a device has not been intercepted and set up by a malicious third-party. Luckily, CardPointe makes activation easy. Just log in, visit the My Account section and click the Device tab. There youll see listed, all the devices for your account. Just click the Enable button next to the ones you want to activate and youre ready to start processing!If youre not familiar with our devices, the CardPointe Terminal is one of our most popular. It comes in two versions, the Ingenico iCT220 and the Ingenico iCT250 (with a color display), both of which are countertop terminals perfect for retailers, restaurants, and other small shops.Check out this video for details on setting up the CardPointe terminal after its been enabled.If youre a current merchant with us and you need to place an order for a terminal or mobile device, you can visit the Marketplace tab in your CardPointe account, or just go directly to shop. cardconnect. com and start filling up your cart!Other New Features: AVS Thresholds & Receipt Tip LinesWere really excited about the addition of the Equipment Manager to CardPointe, but thats not all. Weve also added the ability to enter a dollar amount threshold for Address Verification System (AVS) mismatches. For transactions that fall under the defined threshold amount, theyll be authorized and voided if theres a mismatch. Anything that goes over the threshold will be verified before an authorization is attempted.And one more thing. If you wish, you can now add tip lines to your receipts! If you have the tip adjust setting enabled in your CardPointe account, you can then visit the Administration tab once youve logged in to CardPointe. The in the Receipts tab, you can check the box next to Tip Lines and click save. Doing this will add a line for your customers to add tips to printed receipts.To learn more about the recent updates to the CardPointe platform, you can always check out the detailed release notes in our Support Center.If you think this all sounds pretty cool, and you want to start processing with us, you can head straight to our Signup form to get a conversation started: cardconnect. com/signup. Originally published at cardconnect. com. RELATED QUESTION Is wood an engineering material? Engineered wood is also known as man-made wood or composite wood, and these are quite popular in recent times due to their cost effective and ecofriendly properties. These woods are formed of composite materials manufactured by binding the strands, fibers and particles all together with the help of suitable adhesives. These engineered woods can be made by utilizing wastes such as sawmill waste, rice straw, sugarcane bagasse, wheat straw and other wood wastes thus making them cost effective and environment friendly. Engineered wood is mainly used as a substitute to hardwood and concrete. In many construction building projects, the products of engineered wood are used as an alternative of steel in beams. One of the advantage offered by engineered wood products is that it can be designed as per the demand and custom specifications of the end user. The main users of engineered wood products are construction developers, architects, designers etc. Promotion of green life and regulations concerning deforestation has led the global engineered wood market to expand with a decent pace.Engineered Wood Market: DynamicsGovernment norms and regulations such as Bharat stage emission standards or European emission standards regarding CO2emissions are driving the market for engineered wood at whole different level. Owing to the factors like cost efficiency, enhanced quality, waste reduction and environment friendly nature, the engineered wood market is expected to witness significant growth in the market. There are certain innovations in the technologies and machining systems have been developed in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the products which are expected to further drive growth of the market.Request For Report Sample@
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