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With the rapid development of economy, there are more and more car owners. However, some parking places still use traditional parking equipment. It leads to congestion and queuing at the entrance and exit, which is more inconvenient in case of extreme weather, while the intelligent parking lot can pass in seconds! The intelligent parking lot adopts a set of automatic identification gate system, which mainly uses the license plate information collection camera installed at the entrance and exit to collect images, and automatically release the vehicle identity through system algorithm analysis. Now, most parking lots have been upgraded to intelligent parking lots. Compared with the traditional parking system, the license plate recognition system can save the process of parking and card collection. At a certain distance from the vehicle, the license plate recognition HD camera can capture the license plate number to enter the parking lot. Automatically open the gate; The gate adopts fast intelligent gate, and the lifting time can be completed within 1 second, which greatly shortens the time to enter the parking lot. At the same time, it can also record the access time and other information of vehicles, so as to realize automatic vehicle management.

Intelligent Parking Lot, Second Pass_ Taigewang Technology 1

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