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In the rapidly developing information age, mobile Internet makes our daily life rich and colorful. Now almost everyone has a smart phone. Mobile phone has become an indispensable part of people's life. Intelligent access control system takes advantage of the opportunity of the great development of mobile Internet and smart phone, It provides a feasible solution for the occurrence of forgetting and degaussing of access card. So what is intelligent access control? Intelligent access control mainly uses the server to realize remote communication by combining the traditional access control function with the mobile Internet. You can swipe your mobile phone directly without taking a card out of the door. The access control system is composed of cloud management platform, access control terminal equipment and mobile application. Intelligent access control system provides top-down hierarchical authority management; Personnel registration information and access records are uploaded to the server in real time. Secure encryption algorithms are used for data transmission, storage and transmission links between cloud platforms, access control terminals and mobile applications to ensure the security of sensitive data. Secondly, the system authority is clear and the visitor authorization function realizes dynamic tracking. Through the allocation of user authority, different operation and query modules are authorized to perfectly match the demand level of management and security. At the same time, the automatic network comparison function of personnel classification and white list can achieve real-time dynamic tracking and active alarm prompt. The system can call the property, complain and apply for repair, and the owner can open the door with one button. The owner can directly call the property with one button in the mobile app. There is no need to go to the property management office, which is not limited by time and region, so as to improve the owner experience; Complaints or opinions can also be raised, which are accepted by the background of the property company and replied in time, which helps to improve the service quality of the property to the owner and enhance the owner's experience; The owner can control the access control to open the door by clicking the one button on the page. There is no need to carry the access control card, which is more convenient for travel and better experience for the owner. For more information about license plate recognition system, parking lot management system, parking lot charging system, parking lot gate, access gate system, cloud parking lot and other functions, please consult Shenzhen taigewang Technology Co., Ltd. for details, and the preferred partner for parking lot operators.

Access Control System in the Era of Mobile Internet_ Taigewang Technology 1

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惠庭以停車場系統 「以客戶滿意為宗旨」 的服務理念,堅持以 「市場需求為導向。 發揚光大中國的崗亭行業! 自成立以來,隨著經濟的蓬勃發展,農村基礎設施的日新月異,我們要本著 「重合同、守信用、嚴謹負責」 的服務態度,獲得客戶的信任和支持! 公司堅持信譽,始終追求品質,注重服務,精心贏得市場,講求專業,以智慧引領潮流! 它可以代表一個城市的形象。 交通崗亭是站在所有道路上的崗亭。 停車場系統也方便與警方管理交通秩序。 隨著社會發展,交通崗亭退出了歷史舞台,交通崗亭民警改為以動態巡邏為主。 但隨著農村交通狀況的變化,交通擁堵現象時有發生,交警需要在重點路口、重點路段全天執勤。 因此,交通崗亭可以為執勤交警提供一個 * 方便、舒適、快速的停留位置,以便及時處理情況,並能迅速向附近發生交通事故的區域快速反應。 應用範圍廣: 也適用於既有建築的裝修和節能改造。 金屬雕板可廣泛應用於市政建設、公寓住宅、辦公大廳、別墅、園林景區、舊樓改造、崗哨等眾多工程領域。 該建築材料適用於新型磚混結構、框架結構、鋼結構、輕型房屋等類型的建築內外裝飾。 外牆保溫裝飾一體板正成為越來越多牆體保溫裝飾建材的首選。 廣泛用於高速公路收費站停車場系統和停車場系統管理車輛出入。 路門崗亭也隨處可見。 它用於管理車輛訪問。 道門崗亭的材料也是多樣化的不銹鋼、鋼結構、金屬雕板、防腐木材和電鍍鋅板... 其中,* 稀有不銹鋼閘門崗亭和鋼結構閘門崗亭。 外觀採用特殊技術處理。 不銹鋼閘門崗亭由304不鏽鋼製成。 它由精工製造,經久耐用。 它類型獨特,種類繁多,美觀大方,穩定耐用。 鋼結構閘門崗亭主框架由鍍鋅方鋼製成。
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車牌識別一體機 “引領智能停車新時代」 -- Tigerwong
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