How to Install the Access Control? How Can It Be Standardized_ Taigewang Technology

How to install access control? How to install access control is the norm? I believe this is a problem often encountered by many construction personnel. Last time, we briefly introduced the selection of access control location and the idea of selecting cables. This time, we will make a specific introduction to the installation process of access control system and the specific installation of equipment. Before that, let's talk about the laying of pipelines. Access control system can be divided into local pipeline and system pipeline. Local pipeline generally refers to the wiring of card reader, controller, electric lock and before opening the door; System pipeline refers to the connection between controllers and power lines. The laying of local pipelines and system pipelines can be crossed or parallel, but the following points should be paid attention to. In order to avoid signal interference, the power line and signal line shall pass through pipes respectively, and the distance between the two pipes shall be more than 30cm; The power supply shall comply with the specifications. Generally, 220V AC is supplied to each access control point through the management center. If the nearby power supply is adopted, pay attention to the relevant specifications; For future maintenance and commissioning, pay attention to marking when threading, and the connector shall be placed in the junction box. Well, having finished the precautions for laying pipelines, let's take a look at the specific installation of sensing head, controller, electric control lock and other equipment. Installation of access control sensing head the following points shall be paid attention to in the installation of sensing head: pay attention to dust prevention during installation and try to avoid dust entering the sensing head; The sensor head shall be installed as close as possible to the control door; In order to avoid interference, the installation position of the sensing head shall be far away from the magnetic field. If it is installed on a metal object, the metal shall be cut off and padded up by about 2 cm. In order to facilitate future maintenance and installation, the wiring in the wall hole shall be neat and orderly; In order to avoid man-made damage to the greatest extent, the access controller should be installed indoors, and the installation position of the controller should be as close to the sensor as possible, generally about 120 meters; For the selection of controller screws, the controller mounting panel shall be fastened with self tapping screws; After installation and commissioning, the controller shall be locked to ensure safety. When installing and transforming the door, the power line and control line shall be laid in advance, buried in the door or door frame, and a certain length shall be reserved to access the electric lock. During installation, the electric lock and lock catch shall be tested and debugged, the bite shall be accurate, and it can expand and retract normally when opening and closing the door; The installation of electric control lock shall not be simple. It is required to lock the door smoothly. For example, the female lock and male lock shall be able to close the door without obvious looseness; The plug-in lock or electric clip lock shall be flush with the corresponding door or door shaft after locking; The magnetic lock should not feel obvious impact when closing the door vigorously. It is better to install the door closer.

How to Install the Access Control? How Can It Be Standardized_ Taigewang Technology 1

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